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Dirk Deverne Potter
  • Law Firm Jacobs, Anderson, Potter, & Chaplin, LLP
  • Description Mr. Potter obtained his law degree from the University of California, Davis in 1982 and was admitted to the California State Bar in December 1982. Mr. Potter obtained a degree … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy
  • Office 20 Independence Circle, Chico, CA, 95973 map
  • Telephone 530-342-6144
Lauren Marie Clark
  • Law Firm The Law Office of Lauren Clark, L.L.C.
  • Description During law school, I worked with criminal defense attorneys, but also decided to explore my options. As it turns out, my favorite jobs were always at firms that used the law to … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Tax, Foreclosure
  • Office 975 Market Street , Suite 209, Fort Mill, SC, 29708 map
  • Telephone 803-335-3746
Botum Saomony Chhay
  • Law Firm Wolff & Wolff
  • Description Botum was hired by the firm in 2006 as an associate attorney because of her interest and background in the area of bankruptcy. She enjoys working in all phases of a bankruptcy … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Tax, Foreclosure
  • Office 8861 Williamson Drive Suite 30 , Elk Grove, CA, 95624 map
Timothy Casey Theisen
  • Law Firm Law Offices of Timothy C. Theisen, P.A.
  • Description Tim Theisen has been a sole practitioner with his main office in Anoka, concentrating in consumer debtor work with a dash of family law, since 1992. He has offices throughout the metro … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Tax, Foreclosure
  • Office 229 Jackson Street, Suite 105, Anoka, MN, 55303 map
Arnold Sheldon White
  • Law Firm White & Fish, L.P.A., Inc.
  • Description White & Fish, L.P.A., Inc. provides sophisticated legal services, capable of competing effectively against any adversary. We have nearly 60 years of combined experience. … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Foreclosure
  • Office 1335 Dublin Road, Suite 201 (C), Columbus, OH, 43215 map
Charles F. Kennedy
  • Law Firm Charles Kennedy, P.C.
  • Description Prior to practicing law, Mr. Kennedy worked as a CPA helping individuals, families, small business owners and farmers with income, estate and payroll tax issues. Today, as an attorney, his law practice … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Tax, Foreclosure
  • Office 2405A Cales Drive, Arlington, TX, 76013 map
Diane L. Drain
  • Law Firm Law Office of D.L. Drain
  • Description Diane Drain's background and achievements: Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A. was founded in 1990 by Diane L. Drain, counselor and attorney-at-law, an Arizona native. Ms. Drain has over forty … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Tax, Foreclosure
  • Office One East Camelback, Suite 550, Phoenix, AZ, 85012 map
Cristopher Brian Hatch
  • Law Firm Tate, Bywater & Fuller, PLC
  • Description Chris joined the firm as an associate in January 2010. His concentration is in civil and criminal litigation, including but not limited to: business and real estate litigation, family law, criminal … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Business Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Foreclosure
  • Office 2740 Chain Bridge Road, Vienna, VA, 22181 map
Sheronda D. Dobson
  • Law Firm Law Offices of Sheronda D. Dobson, LLC
  • Description In December 2008, Sheronda D. Dobson started her own law practice dedicated to representing people in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. She offers knowledgeable and effective representation to all of her … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Tax, Foreclosure
  • Office 2930 Prospect Avenue E, First Floor, Cleveland, OH, 44115 map
Raeon R. Roulston
  • Law Firm Consumer Law Center, Inc.
  • Description Raeon Roulston's background and achievements: Raeon R. Roulston is a licensed attorney admitted to practice in the State of California. His practice is dedicated exclusively to representing consumer debtors in bankruptcy, stopping … more
  • Specialties Bankruptcy, Foreclosure
  • Office 12 South First Street, Suite 1014, San Jose, CA, 95113 map

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