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Rate insurance companies and insurance brokers that you have done business with and compare more than 14917 insurance providers from around the country. You can use the filters below to compare insurance companies based on important factors such as the types of policies they offer, their proximity, and ratings from other customers. When you identify an insurance provider that you’d like to learn more about or do business with, you can get in touch with them directly using the contact more
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Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance
  • Description Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a one-stop shop for insurance needs. We provide business insurance, home and auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. As a Trusted … more
  • Policies Business, Car, Disability, Health, Home, Life, Long-term Care, Travel
  • Telephone 864-527-0424
C.T. Lowndes & Company
  • Description C. T. Lowndes & Company is South Carolina's oldest insurance agency, serving the Lowcountry of S.C. since 1850. At C. T. Lowndes & Company, you can purchase insurance policies from one of … more
  • Policies Boat, Business, Car, Disability, Health, Home, Life, Long-term Care, Motorcycle, Renters
  • Telephone 800-551-3817
Gage Insurance
  • Description Gage Insurance is an independent insurance agency located across from the Bi-Lo center in Greenville, SC. We offer a full line of insurance products for your commercial and personal needs. These coverages … more
  • Policies Boat, Business, Car, Disability, Flood, Health, Home, ID Theft, Life, Motorcycle, Personal Articles, Professional Liability, Renters, Umbrella
  • Telephone 866-932-8947
Griffin-Owens Insurance Specialists
  • Description Griffin-Owens and Associates has been serving the needs of families and businesses in the Herndon, Reston and Sterling areas since 1981. Christian Griffin founded the agency as a scratch agent for … more
  • Policies Business, Car, Disability, Flood, Health, Home, Life, Long-term Care, Motorcycle, Personal Articles, Professional Liability, Renters, Umbrella
Cooke Insurance Agency
  • Description Founded by Scott Cooke, Cooke Insurance Agency or C.I.A, was developed to help facilitate you, the insured, to make payments, find a quote, contact us, or to get more information about our … more
  • Policies Business, Car, Flood, Home, Renters
  • Telephone 864-585-6898
Academy Insurance Agency
  • Description Academy Insurance Agency Inc. is a local full service independent insurance company managing the insurance needs of 4,200 individuals, families and businesses in Northem Virginia. Since 1965, we have served customers … more
  • Policies Business, Car, Disability, Health, Home, Motorcycle
  • Telephone 703-777-2920
Donigan Insurance Agency
  • Description At the Donigan Insurance Agency we are continuously working to provide the individual coverage you require when it comes to protecting your auto, home, business and family. At the Donigan Insurance we … more
  • Policies Boat, Business, Car, Flood, Health, Home, Life, Motorcycle, Professional Liability, Renters, Umbrella
  • Telephone 315-428-8600
Steadman Agency
  • Description The company, founded in 1897, is an independent property and casualty insurance and risk management firm. The firm specializes in home, auto, property, marine, umbrella, wind and flood insurance for their personal … more
  • Policies Boat, Car, Flood, Home, Motorcycle, Professional Liability, Umbrella
  • Telephone 843-723-4001
Cliff Heath Insurance
  • Description Trust. In a word its everything that embodies purchasing insurance. Ever paid for a promise? That’s what insurance is in a nutshell. Insurance companies spend millions advertising their promises but … more
  • Policies Boat, Business, Car, Health, Home, Life, Motorcycle, Personal Articles, Renters, Umbrella
  • Telephone 843-766-6316
Alliance Insurance Services
  • Description Alliance Insurance Services is an insurance agency that maintains an office in Washington, DC. Alliance Insurance Services, Inc. is an independent insurance agency that represents outstanding insurance companies such as The Hartford, … more
  • Policies Business, Car, Flood, Health, Home, Life, Personal Articles, Professional Liability, Umbrella
  • Telephone 202-638-1010

Help others find the best insurance providers by sharing what your deciding factor was when choosing your insurance provider

April 15, 2014
Photo of stephen_mcmadu
I have been looking for a great insurance company for my car for a while as the one I have has been ripping me off. A friend told me to get on wallethub that I would meet a lot of people on here who give great reviews on different products and I would not be disappointed and I have to confess I was able to see a good insurance company on here. Better rates and more coverage.
April 15, 2014
Photo of bryanmcwethy
I have Esurance car insurance and have been with them for 5 years. Once I turned 18, I wanted to get my own policy and Esurance was easily the most helpful insurance company. I felt that going with a company that wasn't as major as the State Farm's and GEICO's of the industry would provide me with better customer service and cheaper costs, and I was right. When I called to inquire about insurance policies and to get a quote, the sales representatives were more than happy to help me and even provided me with rates that other competitors would offer someone with my driving record. Their rates matched and surpassed those of other companies and because of that I signed up immediately. Their service was second to none and made me more than happy to sign up.
April 11, 2014
Photo of EADutton
I had Assurant Insurance for three years, but no longer do due to the fact that they would not accept the form of payment that I wanted to use. I had renters insurance with them, so it wasn't a large amount. The representative did not bat an eye and just said "Ok". No reason why, no trying to get me to stay. Thank goodness I never needed them to file a claim.
April 10, 2014
Photo of narumi
Hi, I am Narumi, I want to give my testimonial. I have been with Farmer's insurance for 8 years and I wouldn't change it for anything. A co worker from my job told me about farmers insurance when I was with Amica insurance.My sister and I were driving back home from our road trip 4 years ago. I drove a 2009 Ford expedition to my home state California. We were headed from Texas when my truck suddenly started to feel like it was rambling on rocks.We pulled over to the side of the road to find out the issue was our tire that had gone flat on the right side of my vehicle. I had no family in the state we were in. Thanks to my insurance company. There was back up for me that day. i will not regret for the things they have helped me with.
April 9, 2014
Photo of powerhouse3
I have nationwide insurance. I went with these guys because all my family have them. they are not very cheap but they are very easy to work with. now my rates are high and I wouldn't mind getting lower rates. so if there any car insurances. that anyone could suggest. my ears are open. overall nationwide is a great company to be with. they do take care of you. I haven't had very many great experiences with them, but I haven't had any bad. I do feel that rates should go down more often.
April 7, 2014
Photo of tomb457
I have been with Nationwide for almost 20 years and they are the best and most reliable home insurance company that I would ever use. Whenever I call the office and have a question, a real person is there and not an answering machine! That in itself is great. When we were experiencing a terrible storm, lightning hit a part of the house, which did not cause a fire, but knocked out all of our electronic equipment. It was a scary situation. I called right away from my cell phone and they sent a rep over on the same day and we received a check for the lost equipment and to have repairs done. The other amazing thing is that our rates did not go up, partly, I feel because we have been customers for so long.
April 7, 2014
Photo of mommydanford
I have had Foremost for 7 years now and 4 years ago we had a robbery in our home. We were out of town and noticed what had happened when we returned home. We have never had anything like this happen to us and after contacting the police I called Foremost to file a claim. The agent helping me was very nice and helpful throughout the entire process. We unfortunately were not able to get our things back but we were able to replace them within 2 weeks. I expected this process to be a long one and painful, but it was just the opposite. I have chosen to stay with Foremost because of the kindness during a tough time and because our policy amount didn't change because we filed a claim.
April 4, 2014
Photo of wyntier
Nationwide is really easy to deal with when you have questions. The customer service people always take their time to make sure they answered all your questions, you feel like they really care about you as a person. I had an unpleasant experience with another insurance company that really left a bad taste in my mouth, but Nationwide has been wonderful and really seems to care about the clients. I would definitely recommend this company to anybody who wants a reasonably priced insurance company with great coverage.
April 3, 2014
Photo of toolman
I have had Nationwide for over 7 years and have been very happy with them. I had in the past other companies and was not happy with them. Their customer service people when you contact them are always nice and understanding when you ask them questions and you might think that they are dumb. They make you feel like you are they only customer, but you know you are not. They always talk to you like you are a friend. I like that because others always made me feel like they really did not care and only wanted my money. I will always tell people about my experience with Nationwide.
April 1, 2014
Photo of six2three
I believe that perhaps the important qualities that a car insurance company should have are respect for the consumer and qualified/pleasant customer service representatives. As a consumer of Nationwide, I believe that these criteria have been met well in all of my numerous experiences with them. I previously had other insurance options, which after a number of unpleasant experiences I decided to switch. After a number of years, I cannot speak highly enough of Nationwide’s auto insurance customer service and policies.
March 31, 2014
Photo of cgdetes
For our home owners insurance we have Liberty Mutual. They are a great company for us. They offer us a lot of great discounts and they are always available when you need them. If they are not open and it's a non emergency they get back to you as soon as they open the next day. If you have an emergency they have a special number. I love that they are accessible and that they seem to care about getting my family a great deal.
March 31, 2014
Photo of lily_orret
For more than ten years Nationwide has been my insurance company and I´m very happy with it. It is a very serious company and features an excellent customer service. I think the best asset an insurance company should bear, besides the normal insurance coverages, is the easy and fast response to claims, and Nationwide provides an excellent claim response.
March 28, 2014
Photo of Deville
I have Farmers insurance for both of our cars and our home. I work with them because I have found them to be the most reasonable (cost wise) for the coverage we need. They have always been very responsive to answer questions or help straighten out any claim we have ever had to make. They are available 24 hours a day, should the need arise. If you are in the market for insurance I would definitely give Farmers a look!
March 28, 2014
Photo of shalaeha
I have nationwide car insurance. I am a recent graduate, and it has become my responsibility to pay for my own things, and one of those is car insurance. I went through the process of 'auditioning' insurance companies, and Nationwide was the only company that I spoke with that held my hand through the entire process of how auto insurance works. They were not the 'cheapest' company that i spoke with, but their customer service was by far much better than any of the other companies, and for me that's an attribute i love in a company. I know that if i ever have any questions, they will be able to answer them for me, and be able to explain in layman's terms everything i need to know.
March 27, 2014
Photo of JustMeJIm
I want an insurance company that will give me one of the best rates available, which I can contact 24 hours a day, and provides roadside assistance. I want a company without a lot of hassle if there is a claim. I'm using 21st Century Insurance and so far, I have no complaints about them whatsoever.
March 27, 2014
Photo of blam19
The most important characteristic of an auto insurance company is affordable insurance. Nationwide by far was the cheapest of all the other insurance companies. I compared my quote with all the other companies and saved at least $20 from the other companies around my area. Another thing is the quality of their customer service. This is definitely something you have to look for, and nationwide has that to prove it. They were really helpful with my car accident and helped me get through every step of it and I was able to claim the money to fix it within about a week. They gave friendly advice and their staff was just amazing.
March 25, 2014
For my car's and renters insurance, I was using Farmers Insurance. I'm saying "was" because when I purchased a new 2013 Hyundai Sonata, Farmers raised my insurance instead of lowering it. I have no tickets and the Sonata had way more safety features than my previous car. When I called my rep she couldn't really give me any explanation so I told her I was going to leave. To make a long story short, I went to GEICO and I'm now saving $900 a month! I stayed with Farmers for my renters insurance because they were actually cheaper than GEICO.