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Regions Bank Review Rate: 5

We have been banking with Regions bank for nearly 7 years and we have found their service to be reliable, convenient and trustworthy. We love the convenience of online b…

Reviewed by: @sherrielee

Commonwealth Credit Union Review Rate: 1

The credit union stole money from a deceased person's account. After jumping through all of the required hoops and making numerous calls, a manager finally responded to…

Reviewed by: @samrogers

The Huntington National Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been with Huntington for 5 years and have received outstanding service. From times where I have over-drafted, to when I lost my bank card, they've always been reli…

Reviewed by: @BarbarellaJean

Case Credit Union Review Rate: 5

When I first started considering CASE Credit Union as my new banking institution I was frustrated and tired of banks taking my money for all sorts of fees. I heard from a…

Reviewed by: @jssica_kuchar

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

I have been a customer to BOA for over 10 years. I have really had no issues that I can recall. They're customer service department is always very helpful and polite.…

Reviewed by: @CGreen

LAFCU Review Rate: 5

As a member of LAFCU I am treated with respect and care. I have financed three of my cars through LAFCU throughout my life. I opened my account with them when I was 17 y…

Reviewed by: @witgens2

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Rate: 5

My son has this as his first checking account. It has been very easy for him to use and he doesn't always have to go to the physical bank. It has been a good introducti…

Reviewed by: @brambleberry

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 2

I have been a long time Bank of America customer. I have their core checking plan. I at one time had an unexpected withdraw and my account was overdrawn by a very small a…

Reviewed by: @katiepants

USAA Bank Secure Checking Account Rate: 5

I've had a checking account with USAA for about 5 years now. They used to only allow members of the military to join and become a member, but they recently opened their s…

Reviewed by: @gumby12

Alpine Bank Review Rate: 5

Alpine Bank has always been great. Their staff at all locations are very nice. Most staff knows customers by name in some of the locations. Would recommend to anyone. I h…

Reviewed by: @rebe924

Allstate Insurance Review Rate: 5

Allstate really came through for me when I was rear-ended and had to have body work done on my car to fix the damage. My claims rep was great with making sure that I cou…

Reviewed by: @meghan_chandler_121

American Family Insurance Review Rate: 5

I was a customer of American Family Insurance for several years. I had both Home and Auto insurance and loved being with this company. My agent was great and kept me in…

Reviewed by: @bajohns99

The General Insurance Review Rate: 4

I seen The General Insurance commercials like everyone else on T.V. When I first got out of the Navy, I was low on funds and I wasn't sure which insurance to get on my ne…

Reviewed by: @xxkaliboyx

OMNI Community Credit Union Review Rate: 1

We have been members of this credit union since it was Kastco. We were very happy at first, but the service in the last few years went downhill dramatically. If we have p…

Reviewed by: @teresajohnson1

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have been a customer of Farmers Insurance for the past 7 years. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Farmers as a company, but I think that the reason I have…

Reviewed by: @ryannkchase

BB&T Review Rate: 3

I've been with BB&T for over 15 years now. They were a great bank in my home town and the ladies in the office were always easy to work with. It seems that over time they…

Reviewed by: @evoult

Liberty Mutual Review Rate: 5

I did business with this company for many years.The customer service is awesome.No hassels when filing a claim or adding other information to your policies..They go abov…

Reviewed by: @Aaliyahsmamaw

PNC Review Rate: 4

I have had a checking account with PNC Bank for over 20 years. I have always found them to be very helpful and able to answer any questions that I may have. The ability t…

Reviewed by: @BR44425

Fifth Third Established Account Rate: 5

I've had my Fifth Third Established Account for almost two years now, and I have to say that it's been a great banking experience all around. Some people may see the $15…

Reviewed by: @lukeqv322

Travelers Insurance Review Rate: 4

I've been using Travelers for years. I've actually only needed them once, when I got in a fender bender, but when I did they were there. Service was quick, courteous, a…

Reviewed by: @ramonmoralesjr

Actors Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I''ve been using Actors Federal Credit Union for ALL of my banking needs since 2002. That year, I closed my checking and savings accounts with all other banks, tired of…

Reviewed by: @bluzeus

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 4

Ever since getting out of school, I’ve been a member of SECU – and couldn’t be happier. I don’t do much banking outside of the state, so I’ve never had a proble…

Reviewed by: @hifi_hokie

Cornerstone Community Financial Review Rate: 4

I joined CC Financial for the sole purpose of consolidating my student loans. Upon graduation I had 60,000$ worth of student loans, the majority through Sallie Mae. Despi…

Reviewed by: @steph_cathey_o

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I've been a member of Grow Financial for over 20 years and have no plans to change banks. The customer service is always spot-on and you're always greeted with a smile. T…

Reviewed by: @Enchntress

Credit Union 1 Review Rate: 5

Credit Union 1 is my favorite place to do my banking. The employees are kind and always know exactly what to do. They have helped me several times when I've had a problem…

Reviewed by: @Tsutski

Synchrony Bank Review Rate: 1

My wife and I opened an account at a furniture store and the card was controlled by Synchrony back in 2011. After I paid it off in 2012, I closed the account. At the end…

Reviewed by: @tsullivan

Clarksburg Area Postal Employees Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

CAPE Federal Credit Union has excellent customer service and provides a personal experience to every member that walks through the door. Loan rates and dividend rates are…

Reviewed by: @sarah_lynn_carr

Alliant Credit Union Review Rate: 5

My Grandmother opened an account in Illinois with Alliant Credit Union for me years ago, so that she could start a savings account for me and she could put money in it w…

Reviewed by: @francarter

Ulster Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

A few years ago I began looking for a good bank to use. I was tired of big banks and wanted something more personal, less fees, better service overall. A friend recommend…

Reviewed by: @fantafanx

The Bubba Show Review Rate: 5

Todd (Bubba) Horwitz is one of the most enjoyable people to listen to that you ever heard! He is a real Pro in the Investment game. The experience and willingness to sh…

Reviewed by: @c95la2

Zach Lawrence Review Rate: 5

Zach was awesome to deal with. He is very down to earth, and is not uptight like some other mortgage officer I've dealt with before. Zach made sure my wife and I unders…

Reviewed by: @TheMan23280

John Gonzales Review Rate: 5

We loved working with John! He was extremely respectful and polite, and got us a great rate. He answered all our questions, no matter how big or small. Working with John…

Reviewed by: @propertyvirgin1

JD Brayton Review Rate: 5

JD was Helpful and Knowledgeable about the process, and was quick to offer multiple options and solutions to our needs. He walked us through the process, and offered us m…

Reviewed by: @patch

The Bubba Show Review Rate: 5

Todd (Bubba) Horwitz is one of the most enjoyable people to listen to that you ever heard! He is a real Pro in the Investment game. The experience and willingness to sh…

Reviewed by: @c95la2

Capital One Review Rate: 4

My experience with Capital One Bank has been pretty good. They offer great rates on mortgages, and car loans. They are indeed helpful when you have a problem. I spoke to…

Reviewed by: @Willhepp23

Webster Bank Review Rate: 4

Webster Bank has excellent products for checking and I've same checking account for over a decade now. On the rare occasions that I went below the minimum amount necessa…

Reviewed by: @manzo75

Greylock Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

This bank offers fee-free checking and an excellent online banking platform. The bank is extremely reliable, with frequently updated transaction reports and clear mailing…

Reviewed by: @sax366

Texas Tech Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

After having a savings account at this credit union for a few years, I decided to open a checking account as a personal spending account. The application process was ver…

Reviewed by: @jalbritt

SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 5

I had been looking for a good bank for a long time. I needed one with no fees or hidden charges. Good customer service and things like that. A friend recommended SunTrust…

Reviewed by: @magicman22

Geoffrey W Murvin Review Rate: 1

Geoffrey previously worked at Merrill Lynch until Merrill Lynch became part of Bank of America. He left a message for me shortly after saying that he was now going to b…

Reviewed by: @climatic22