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Gregg Rakofsky Review Rate: 1

I have difficulty him getting back to me. every time I write or call him he doesn't return my call. What could be done with this problem because I don't know if it could…

Reviewed by: @loyal

Wells Fargo Value Checking Rate: 4

Overall, I was and still am completely satisfied with this checking account in which I had over four years. I was referred by a former business associate and got some kin…

Reviewed by: @danieljsephlee

U.S. Bank Premium Checking Account Rate: 4

I've had a U.S bank checking account for over 4 years, For the most part i have been very happy with it. The people are friendly and very helpful. I did have one issue wi…

Reviewed by: @rachael_gilligan

Trustmark National Bank Free Business Checking Rate: 4

The worst problem I had was that somebody stole from my account. I used my debit card at a burger king and they used my account information to buy groceries. I was really…

Reviewed by: @grant_hendrix_92

USAA Bank Secure Checking Account Rate: 5

I love USAA. The best part is that you can take a picture of a check on your phone and deposit it into your checking account. Their phone app is great and easy to use. I…

Reviewed by: @lisa_j_lange

Wells Fargo Way2Save Checking Package Rate: 4

I really like banking with Wells Fargo. I can always send money from my checking account to my savings account, but it is a little irritating that they send $1 dollar fro…

Reviewed by: @Susan0908

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 4

I have used ally for years now. The only problem was, when I got married and changed and changed my last name, in order to withdraw funds into a checking account under my…

Reviewed by: @jennifer_wickwire

First Bank Review Rate: 2

I am fairly new to this bank and it was not easy right from the beginning. I joined this bank because it was closer to where I worked at so it made sense to me to begin b…

Reviewed by: @wbaumjr

Fifth Third Preferred Checking Account Rate: 3

I have been using fifth third for many years. At one point I had several overdraft fees that compounded themselves into bigger overdraft fees. Needless to say I was very…

Reviewed by: @noblitorator

Wells Fargo Way2Save Checking Package Rate: 4

I like it. Its pretty easy to use, and the only thing I've had an issue with is the mandatory transfer from checking to savings each month. On the bright side, you can tr…

Reviewed by: @jmck10

Capital One 360 Checking Account Rate: 4

I love this checking account because the monthly interest paid is better than savings accounts and there are absolutely no monthly fees. I do wish that there was an easie…

Reviewed by: @hlcjones

Chase Total Checking Rate: 2

My experience with my Chase checking account has been more negative than positive. Some of the reasons are my own doing and some of them are from Chase's policies. I, l…

Reviewed by: @godsmackgirl39

SunTrust Bank Student Checking Account Rate: 4

For the most part I have no problems with my Suntrust checking account. The one major issue I have is that when I needed to change my mailing address (in order to be sent…

Reviewed by: @zariella11

Eastern Bank Free Checking Rate: 4

Eastern Bank is the first bank that I have set up a checking account with. Everything has been awesome, except for a couple of fees here or there (for me not making the m…

Reviewed by: @BankTank

Regions LifeGreen Checking for Students Account Rate: 5

I've only had one bad experience with Regions, and it wasn't even anything that was their fault. Other than that, everything has gone great with them. What happened was t…

Reviewed by: @jcobb93

Citibank Basic Banking Checking Rate: 3

While Citibank will usually keep your money safe, if something goes wrong, you're all but out of luck. There was a breach in my account once and the person who got my inf…

Reviewed by: @muslimgauze

Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account Rate: 4

I've been with Wells Fargo for 20 years, and about 10 years ago they offered to convert my checking account into the PMA account, which would give me more benefits and op…

Reviewed by: @robivey

MVB Bank Review Rate: 4

I like this bank but I have had a couple problems with the checking process. The biggest problem that I have encountered is having my online checking hacked twice and our…

Reviewed by: @wvboarder

Chemical Bank ChemBasic Checking Rate: 5

Can't beat banks actually based in your own state. I had a problem with my checking account once. I went to pull some money out only to find that there was a hold on my…

Reviewed by: @AmateurCritic2

Affinity Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Began banking with them after college (late 90’s). Was super easy getting an auto loans, awesome rates, I still recall. The dealer was amazed and wanted to get an acc…

Reviewed by: @corelist

Citibank Review Rate: 4

Citibank checking account is great! I had questions about how to accumulate points in their Thank You Points Reward Program and called Citibank customer service for answe…

Reviewed by: @MoneySaver

Bank of America Regular Savings Rate: 5

The Bank of America savings account has many benefits. I like the on0line access, the rewards that you get. At least monthly I go online and select from a wide range of r…

Reviewed by: @robaloha.

American Express High-Yield Savings Account Rate: 5

After landing a new job in my career last year, I decided to seek out a savings account that would provide me with good returns in order to help myself down the road. I…

Reviewed by: @Awalker

NetSpend Review Rate: 5

I have enjoyed NetSpend for quite some time now. The few times that I have had to call customer service the reps have always been very helpful and I feel have gone above…

Reviewed by: @mistyangel77

Charles Schwab Bank Review Rate: 5

I'm a person l who hates banks with a passion. They charge ridiculously high interest rates to borrowers while giving ridiculously low interest rates to depositors. The…

Reviewed by: @glen_ahern

Chase Review Rate: 2

Chase has been an absolutely terrible experience for us. I'm used to community credit unions, which are ALWAYS helpful, friendly, have reasonable fees and legitimately ca…

Reviewed by: @grekit

Ally Bank Review Rate: 5

I have positively loved my Ally Savings account. The iphone app is very convenient, call wait times are listed on the website and the app, and customer service on the fe…

Reviewed by: @rmmahoney

Regions LifeGreen Checking for Students Account Rate: 5

I have never had anything but good experiences with regions. They were my first bank, and always helped me get over the hurdles of first time banking. I had two incidents…

Reviewed by: @amy_brooks_54

SAFE Credit Union Review Rate: 2

I'm not a fan of Safe Credit Union. They are always busy (at least at the times I go in) and most of the time, their staff doesn't seem like they even want to be there. I…

Reviewed by: @TNAJackson

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 4

I have had the BOA core checking account for about 5 years now. It's not too bad. I really dislike the 12 dollar maintenance fee if you do not have direct deposit or do n…

Reviewed by: @Journey521

Delta Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Writing a full review gets you 10X the Wallet Points as submitting a rating because we want to reward more detailed, helpful insights.Writing a full review gets you 10X t…

Reviewed by: @ramon

GEICO Review Rate: 3

While for the most part my coverage has been exactly as expected, there has been a complication. After the first month they called me up and basically told me that some o…

Reviewed by: @Alexson

State Farm Review Rate: 4

We switched from Geico to State Farm and it has made a world of difference, especially in our wallets. We saved $70 dollars a month. That includes two cars, renters insur…

Reviewed by: @realadyred

State Farm Review Rate: 5

My husband and I have been with State Farm for several years. They hold policies on our home and car. February, 2014 our home burned down. We lost everything. When the ho…

Reviewed by: @diannae

Unitrin Advantage Insurance Company Review Rate: 4

Over all I would have to say that dealing with Unitrin was painless. Over the course of my 5 years of dealing with them I only had 1 problems. When I originally signed u…

Reviewed by: @Mellow

State Farm Review Rate: 5

I can recall one time in particular that I was in an accident. I was at fault, but my vehicle was badly damaged while the other driver was able to drive away. Thankfully…

Reviewed by: @jerry_mcmackin

Plymouth Rock Assurance New Jersey Review Rate: 4

Plymouth Rock Insurance Company has overall been a very good company for me and my family. We changed insurance within the last year looking for a better rate with our d…

Reviewed by: @valv22

American Commerce Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

I have had this insurance since 2011 and in 2012 we had hurricane sandy where it rip my roof off, American Commerce Insurance really helped me and made my claim a walk in…

Reviewed by: @oneofakindchop

Travelers Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have dealt with Traveler's Insurance for my vehicles since 2009. The premiums are not as expensive as the competitors out there. I support small businesses. I have been…

Reviewed by: @shegetsfierce

Arkansas Employees Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I am a long time member of Arkansas Employees Federal Credit Union, in Little Rock, AR. My first sentence says a lot, that I am a member, not just a customer. As a member…

Reviewed by: @llatimer