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Peter Huffman Review Rate: 5

As a senior executive of a local San Diego company, I have been exposed to a variety of investment professionals throughout my career. My wife and I were referred to The…

Reviewed by: @jstrackner

University Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

When my debit card suddenly stopped working, I was in a panic! I called ufcu right away and they told me my card number had been used to make purchases across the country…

Reviewed by: @ivegottheitis

Eglin Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First, I want to say Eglin Federal Credit Union is amazing. I will start by saying I currently live in Georgia do to a military move. I tried to apply for a car loan onli…

Reviewed by: @dbojoey

Niu Employees Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been a part of the Niu Employees Federal Credit Union since I was 13 years old. My mom worked at NIU so we were able to get savings accounts through her. I love i…

Reviewed by: @shloft

Wauna Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Wauna for a couple years now, I switched from Bank of America and am very happy that I did! I love the local branches, the bankers are always fri…

Reviewed by: @thatratgirl

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First of all, let me just say WOW! I have never seen a credit union more reliable, and safe with your money with not only low interest rates but extremely wonderful custo…

Reviewed by: @tylaaa69

MEFCU Review Rate: 5

I had never banked with a credit union prior to signing up with MEFCU and, after joining, I can't believe I waited this long! I have used many different banks througho…

Reviewed by: @MatthewB2

Boeing Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) has been a great credit union to deal with. The people at the bank could not be any nicer or more helpful. My branch is right up the…

Reviewed by: @abraham_tov

American First Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I was in a really big bind and American First Credit Union came through quickly for me! I needed a car loan immediately and I applied for the car loan through American Fi…

Reviewed by: @mel_pearson_31

Holy Name Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have never had any real serious problems with HNCU. I always receive prompt and courteous service. The only time I've really had any trouble would be when I e-mail them…

Reviewed by: @tesunshine

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of this credit union for over five years. Through them, I have a credit card and a car loan. I also used them to consolidate my credit card bills. I…

Reviewed by: @Missy.Callahan

Teachers Credit Union Review Rate: 3

While this is one of the best Credit Unions I've been with, I do have a serious problem with employees and customer service. Calling into any bank should be fairly quick…

Reviewed by: @dillonwthomas

Partners Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I work at Disney in Orlando, FL and Partners has been my savior ever since I started banking with them. They always are able to assist me on time and my biggest problem…

Reviewed by: @SuperCutie

Central Insurance Companies Review Rate: 5

My wife and I insure our home with Central Insurance, but I have to disclose that they were not our first choice. We tried Allstate, who was very encrypted about what was…

Reviewed by: @glenn.davisiii

American Modern Insurance Group Review Rate: 1

When I first signed up with American Modern their prices were great for home insurance, my house was out of state and was a rental, very easy to sign up and pay very help…

Reviewed by: @sinmas19

21st Century Insurance Review Rate: 4

I have had 21st century insurance now for several years, there are a pretty decent company. My husband locked his keys in his truck. Luckily our coverage, covered road si…

Reviewed by: @katie_rodriguezbratzke

Amica Insurance Review Rate: 5

I've had Amica insurance for over 14 years and could not be happier with the level of service and value they provide. The representatives are always friendly, knowledgea…

Reviewed by: @mdblakeslee

Commerce Bank myRewards Checking Rate: 5

I have been with Commerce Bank for just over a year now and look forward to many more to come. The last company I banked with was initially free but after 6 months I star…

Reviewed by: @BBake08

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 1

I used this bank for my personal checking and savings for years. Upon arrival one day I noticed a "No Guns" sign on the door. This meant that I could not enter…

Reviewed by: @wrathchild3777

Capital One Rewards Checking Account Rate: 5

I thought it was going to be a nightmare trying to get my checking account with any bank because after I married my credit report and identity had apparently gotten cros…

Reviewed by: @thtweety

First Entertainment Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First Entertainment was the first bank I ever used. I have never had any problems with them and have always felt secure in banking with them. The only thing that did end…

Reviewed by: @nitesun

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Of Arkansas, Inc. Review Rate: 4

Farm Bureau Insurance is probably as good as any other insurance around. Although, since I've used Farm Bureau insurance since I began driving, it's really difficult to…

Reviewed by: @sharon_s_poole

East OH United Methodist Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of the United Methodist Financial Credit Union (formerly East Ohio United Methodist Credit Union) for the past six months and I cannot recommend thei…

Reviewed by: @ckirsch714

Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

ELFCU is a top-notch credit union. The customer service staff is friendly and efficient. We had a dispute on our checking account over a debit charge we did not recogni…

Reviewed by: @Pdj79

Boeing Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with Boeing Employee's Credit Union for the past 7 years and could not be happier. They have always helped me solve any situations that come up. I recently go…

Reviewed by: @bab427

California Bank & Trust Review Rate: 5

The most serious issue I have with California Bank and Trust is the lack of ATM's. I know it is a regional bank, and therefore I should accept the fact that it doesn't ha…

Reviewed by: @dmmartin243

SunTrust Bank Everyday Checking Rate: 2

I'm with Suntrust and i wanted to stop a check. The fees to stop a check were much to high. It shouldn't be that much to stop a check. I also lost checks and account inf…

Reviewed by: @whuser13738228

The General Insurance Review Rate: 5

I just recently purchased a used car after nearly a year of not having one. I tried to get insurance with another company but due to a previous accident and ticket they c…

Reviewed by: @mondomondoman

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I have been a Wells Fargo customer since 1986, yep - 28 yrs! I have nothing but good things to say about this bank. I have a checking account with a debit card and Bill…

Reviewed by: @SacramentoLP

Chase Review Rate: 3

I was previously a customer of Chase Bank. I am no longer a customer, because they voluntarily closed my account, without my notice and reported me to check systems. My g…

Reviewed by: @jeremylarkin44

BancorpSouth Bank Review Rate: 3

The biggest issue I had with BancorpSouth was the fact that they locked all of their online customers out of their accounts online. Everyone I knew that had an online acc…

Reviewed by: @jodi_heyy

Wells Fargo Value Checking Rate: 4

I like wells fargo value checking for their efficacy and trust . It is an honer to feel peace of mind that my money is secure and just for my reaching at the end of every…

Reviewed by: @apple_pond_5

First Community Bank Review Rate: 4

Overall a great and personable bank, First Community Bank of Northern Michigan does have its flaws. The most serious issue I have faced with the bank, while living in two…

Reviewed by: @Fellow42

Wells Fargo Way2Save Checking Package Rate: 4

I opened my account at Wells Fargo this year and have had a pretty good experience so far. I moved across the country and needed a national bank. The customer service a…

Reviewed by: @mgraves57

Regions Bank Review Rate: 5

I used to use Regions when I was living in Ohio. Unfortunately, they do not have any branches where I am living now. Overall all banking with Regions was a great experi…

Reviewed by: @kristy_stovicek

Citibank Review Rate: 4

Customer service for Citibank has generally been excellent, and all other services have also been great. My biggest complaint is that they don’t always live up to their…

Reviewed by: @xdreamiigrl

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

On many occasions, I have had an issue with Bank of America where unauthorized charges are posted to my account. I faced this issue a month back when unauthorized transac…

Reviewed by: @psp11148

Regions Bank Review Rate: 2

Unfortunately, I have not had an ideal experience with Regions over the four years I’ve banked with them. First, the debit cards they provide are cheap and wear easily…

Reviewed by: @spartanbrucey

Arvest Bank Free Blue Checking Account Rate: 5

My Arvest banking experience has been amazing. This is true specifically for my checking account as well. No monthly fee or minimum balance restrictions. Easy online t…

Reviewed by: @destjohn

TD Bank Review Rate: 4

I really do love TD Bank and I have been banking with them for years now. I remember my first bank, when I was in high school, was a BoA, and it was just the absolute wor…

Reviewed by: @queen_amandala