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Mike Arntz Review Rate: 1

Customer Experience: Mr. Arntz is the most unprofessional person I've ever spoken with. My first contact with Mr. Arntz by phone he was yelling, and screaming at me.. tel…

Reviewed by: @kkt3454

Fulton Bank Review Rate: 5

The customer service is amazing. I felt as though I had just walked into a family home that also happens to take care of my money. All bankers treat you as a friend rathe…

Reviewed by: @vynubadri

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I really like the SECU! They have always been nothing but helpful to me. I love that the tellers actually get to know you and you are treated like an individual rather th…

Reviewed by: @klehle

Dollar Bank Review Rate: 5

I needed to open a checking account and they were willing to work with a person such as myself who hadn't had the best credit history and is trying to make right in her l…

Reviewed by: @Wilson

Usaa Federal Savings Bank Review Rate: 5

My husband and I have been members of USAA Federal Savings Bank for years. You can not ask for better customer service! It is very rare to have a problem, but if you do…

Reviewed by: @IreneA

United Southern Bank Review Rate: 4

I joined this bank two years ago and have only had two problems with them, both quickly resolved. The most recent problem I had was when I made a cash deposit, the money…

Reviewed by: @alexandriabeasley1

TD Bank Review Rate: 5

I am a huge fan of TD Bank. The hours of operation are great--I love that they stay open until 7 on most days and are open on Sundays as well. They really are one of the…

Reviewed by: @epittman

Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Heritage trust offers personalized and individual attention. I have taken a personal loan with them a couple times and have been a customer for over 17 years! I will not…

Reviewed by: @sdalpiaz

Veridian Credit Union Review Rate: 5

From the first time I opened up my bank account at Veridian I have been happy. I went in for a credit loan as well and was approved within minutes with no problems. I als…

Reviewed by: @AsmirDzopa

Alliance Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Alliance Credit Union is a wonderful credit union. You can become a member is you live in the 3 surrounding counties. They have terrific, low rates on all loans and highe…

Reviewed by: @pcrews

I. H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've been a customer with I.H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union since I opened my first checking account. I have a checking and savings account, as well as multiple CD's.…

Reviewed by: @vdrews

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 4

I liked how I was able to get answers when I had questions. I was able to get answers without havin…

Reviewed by: @dawnr

Capital One Review Rate: 5

I have been using Capital One 360 Checking before it was owned by Capital One. There are several reasons why I like this account. First of all, there is no minimum deposi…

Reviewed by: @davel

Associated Bank Review Rate: 5

We had an issue with an account being hacked and the money being drained from the account. Not only did we find a branch with a manager open at a grocery store on a Sund…

Reviewed by: @Sanders

Ally Bank Review Rate: 5

I was nervous about buying a car on my own for the first time but ally made the whole process super smooth. The whole application process was painless. Also, anytime I ne…

Reviewed by: @taylor818

EMI Health Review Rate: 1

This is the WORST possible insurance company you could have for health care. I signed up for the best available policy through my work. It became a secondary insurance fo…

Reviewed by: @cherispear

Wells Fargo Way2Save Checking Package Rate: 5

This checking account is amazing! I was given one for free at the age of 15, and I am now 19 and still using it. The advisor who set it up for me was courteous and friend…

Reviewed by: @bm850796

Capital One Review Rate: 5

Overall, I have not had any issues using Capital One credit cards. Although I've had some alarming questions such as why my minimum payment was so high when viewing my on…

Reviewed by: @smecke0488

Woodforest National Bank Review Rate: 4

Customer service is amazing, people there are really helpful, curteous and always nice. Service is pretty quick and professional. I have never encountered any problem wi…

Reviewed by: @elicearea

USF Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I prefer credit unions over traditional banks so when I learned that the University I attended had their own I was excited to open an account and give them a try. I live…

Reviewed by: @becksters74

Bank of America Review Rate: 3

I have a checking account with Bank of America. First and foremost, I find it extremely frustrating that they only have Monday through Friday customer service, with limit…

Reviewed by: @gerodr

Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account Rate: 2

I was a Wells Fargo customer very briefly. I quickly closed my account after being fed up with the constant up-selling. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the drive up te…

Reviewed by: @matteonl

Stella M Desantis Review Rate: 1

I was shocked to learn about this adviser's history per the SEC ans FINRA. You should always thoroughly research and review your adviser to see whether you want to work…

Reviewed by: @JohnInv

TD Bank Review Rate: 2

It may just be the branch in my town, but every time I visit the branch, it always takes me so long to do anything. I cannot stand that there is a limit at the ATM, if I…

Reviewed by: @virginiah

Eastern Bank Review Rate: 4

I have had an eastern bank account for years. It is very convent and there is about one on every street corner. The only thing I don't like is that they offer such lower…

Reviewed by: @shahinss

Educators Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I changed banks 3 years ago to ECU (Oak Creek, WI branch) and am very satisfied. The workers there were very enthusiastic about me joining the bank and very helpful. I re…

Reviewed by: @coxjl17

The Huntington National Bank Review Rate: 4

I've had a savings account with Huntington for over 10 years. I've never paid a maintenance fee on my checking or savings account. There is also a grace period if you ove…

Reviewed by: @lesliem

Susan T Sklar Review Rate: 1

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER. She is without a doubt one of the most manipulative and unprofessional agents I have done business with in the state of Florida. Everything m…

Reviewed by: @countryg

Travelers Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have had insurance for my home through Traveler’s since I bought my house. The company and their representatives were excellent at working with me to explain the mea…

Reviewed by: @wasass512

New Jersey Casualty Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

When we first started looking for home owners insurance, we looked at a number of different companies. We had been using New Jersey Manufacturers for years for our Auto…

Reviewed by: @ferris1496

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance Review Rate: 2

My experience with farm bureau in Tennessee was horrible. They of course we're about the cheapest out there I had been a customer with them for my auto insurance for year…

Reviewed by: @jj112482

Direct Auto Insurance Review Rate: 4

My experience with Direct Auto has been mostly positive. I like the friendly service that I receive at my local office.When I a tornado came through my town last October,…

Reviewed by: @kehendrix

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I LOVE Nationwide. My agent, Shelly, has been amazing with me. She was super helpful with walking me through my renters quote step by step, and she made sure that I was a…

Reviewed by: @fwootton

Credit Karma Review Rate: 4

Overall, I have had no issues with Credit Karma. The reports they provide are very thorough and accurate. They also supply you with a specific glossary for the terms used…

Reviewed by: @Syrinx

Credit Karma Review Rate: 4

I have used Credit Karma for a little over a year. It inspired me to do something about my credit to make it better. I like the fact that I can check on my credit score…

Reviewed by: @Ginevarose71

Credit Karma Review Rate: 5

Credit karma is so easy to use and it is so accurate also!, Anytime i want to check i can just easily sign in and they keep me posted with emails month to month . I love…

Reviewed by: @brianna_moore_338

Progressive Review Rate: 3

I originally chose Progressive because the rates were pretty good, especially given the coverage (liability only). However, we were in a car accident where both parties w…

Reviewed by: @lynnp

Credit Sesame Review Rate: 5

Credit sesame is one of the best free credit reporting sites out there as far as I am concerned. It is just as good as the paid ones. It does have upgrades only if you…

Reviewed by: @judyw1

Shelter Insurance Review Rate: 3

Me and my husband chose to go through Shelter Insurance for our car Insurance. The company was kinda easy to get started with except they would not let me sign up online…

Reviewed by: @Cheteerotter87

Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account Rate: 4

Wells fargo pma has a great checking account. One of the best things about this account is the great interest rate. This encourages me to always keep as much money as I c…

Reviewed by: @marcs