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Tad Harrison Kincaid Review Rate: 5

Very professional and courteous, went above and beyond to get the job done! Including,, a few trips to our house for pick-ups, and making himself available for all our qu…

Reviewed by: @michaelp1

Kurt F Felker Review Rate: 1

This guy calls me once a day. Sometimes three times daily. He calls from unknown numbers, executive suite numbers and his occasionally his own number. I've asked/told…

Reviewed by: @felkerannoysme

Gesa Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I contacted Gesa Credit Union about getting an auto loan, because they had good rates and I'd heard great things about their customer service. The loan agent I worked wit…

Reviewed by: @littlevagabonds

Century Bank Review Rate: 5

New Mexico Based Bank with Stellar customer service and unconditional free checking. I have been a customer for the last 10 years. They still have that small town custo…

Reviewed by: @LoanSharky

Purdue Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I love having a credit card with Purdue Federal Credit Union!! I have never had a bad experience with them. They make making payments easy and when i applied for my credi…

Reviewed by: @alexkaywilliams

U.S. Bank Premium Checking Account Rate: 5

I like my US Bank account. I actually first got to know the bank with my child support payments as that is the bank they automatically send it through. While using the fe…

Reviewed by: @neeshiekins

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

I opened this account rather last minute. I was getting ready to close on my house on the day I opened the account. The bank I was using was an online only bank and the m…

Reviewed by: @rosec1

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Rate: 3

I just opened up my account a few days ago, the set up for online banking was quick and easy. Im a little frustrated that the banker at my branch didnt tell me that the d…

Reviewed by: @amandac051987

Fifth Third Bank Review Rate: 3

I give the company an overall rating of three stars because of the current problem I have been having with my bank, and the lack of a simple resolution. Instead of having…

Reviewed by: @ucm2010

Old National Bank Everyday Checking Rate: 5

Honestly, I had a lot of trouble finding a good bank account due to some poor decisions I made in my past. Basically, I was on Chexsystems, and it was just nearly impossi…

Reviewed by: @tylers1

PNC Virtual Wallet Student Rate: 5

I have had nothing but good service with PNC. No monthly fees, overdraft protection, and ATM reimbursement really help out as a college student who doesn't have much cash…

Reviewed by: @joshh1

Comerica Bank Review Rate: 5

I have had a Comerica Savings account since I was 10 years old. No matter which branch I go into, the clerks are always very friendly and helpful in solving any problems…

Reviewed by: @gbaby1

Bank of America Interest Checking Rate: 4

Bank of America has been mostly great. Their overdraft fees often cause me problems, but the branch is close to my house and the staff are always good-natured. I like tha…

Reviewed by: @kennethh1

Bank of America Interest Checking Rate: 3

I've used Bank of America exclusively for a number of years. What I like about it is how available its locations and ATMs are. Even in remote areas you can still access a…

Reviewed by: @TB_Star

TF Metals Report Review Rate: 5

Craig Hempke tells us why the markets move as they do. His analysis goes far beyond simple chart reading and drawing of nauseous pitchforks, bollinger bands, fibonacci re…

Reviewed by: @drjerome

Kendra Gonzalez Review Rate: 5

Kendra was the best!!!! Highly recommend her!!!!! She made things very easy and was incredibly helpful..... Next time I need assitance I will definitely ask for Kendra ..…

Reviewed by: @Mykeyb

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

Considering the complexities & needing more & more info, I felt like it was filed pretty quickly. My communication with Katrina & Justin were clear, concise & understood…

Reviewed by: @EugeneK

Bradley S. Grevious Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of this organization for over 7 months. Mr. Grevious has flown me and colleagues to San Diego and to Chicago. We have completed a giant deal with…

Reviewed by: @Dorsey

Scott Huntington Review Rate: 5

I wanted to give Scott and his team a big THANK YOU! Your team got me from offer to close in 22 days. The timeline is simply shocking!!! Throughout the entire process…

Reviewed by: @libbyhegel

South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I often contact the bank whenever I am going out of town to notify them of my travel plans in order to prevent my debit card getting frozen while doing transactions out o…

Reviewed by: @alsantti

FirstMerit Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been with First Merit Bank for about a year now. They are a good bank and seem to be adding new features quite often. They recently added mobile banking options so…

Reviewed by: @gino22

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 4

How friendly and the way you took good care of us, you made sure we had the proper paper work we needed, however, when my garnishment came, I gave my paper work you could…

Reviewed by: @LarryT

Darren M Gallo Review Rate: 1

I recently received a phone call from Mr. Gallo. Since I am on the no call list I told him I would report him to Consumer Affairs for violating this. I am approaching M…

Reviewed by: @sjemee

Arthur Melvin Ousley Jr. Review Rate: 1

This is the absolute worst Banker I have ever come into contact with. There should be a lower rating. He will request you send him the same documents over and over. H…

Reviewed by: @VeryUpset

Alliant Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Alliant is great! First, because they haven't paid BILLIONS of fines for fraud, unlike ALL of the money center banks. Second, their iPhone app is great. (Well almost gre…

Reviewed by: @roby886

Auburn University Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I've had this account since I was in high school. The customer service is great but I've never been able to figure out the online system. I don't live in my hometown anym…

Reviewed by: @somaybeido

Progressive Review Rate: 5

I've been with progressive for almost a year. I really appreciate the continuous discounts they offer and how easy it was to obtain coverage. My favorite thing about my p…

Reviewed by: @vicktoriaa1

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 3

After I purchased a new car and contacted Erie they began attempts to remove me from my parents insurance and start my own plan which would have doubled the yearly costs…

Reviewed by: @wrpdndprsd

AAA Insurance Review Rate: 5

First off, let me say thank you to Becky with AAA! We attended a Sesame Street Live event last weekend and it was fun, by the way, surprisingly. So, after the show we all…

Reviewed by: @toyatay85

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I had to start shopping for auto insurance when I moved to a new state. Of course when I moved my premium with my other insurance company skyrocketed. I was shopping and…

Reviewed by: @justinb2

AAA Insurance Review Rate: 2

When I had my car accident back in 2011, AAA did absolutely NOTHING for me! I called in a hit and run, on my way to work that morning and did everything the right way. I…

Reviewed by: @brendanb1

Progressive Insurance Review Rate: 4

I have been with progressive since 2008. I have always had prompt and great service from this company. A time when my bills were piling up, I called to have my due date f…

Reviewed by: @hallow

Chase Total Checking Rate: 5

I signed up for the Chase Total Checking account back in October when I moved to Texas for job-related purposes. I really wasn’t sure which bank to open an account with…

Reviewed by: @franconation

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've been with NDFCU for over 15 years. I no longer even live near to any branch locations, but refuse to change services. 90% of the time they have GREAT customer servic…

Reviewed by: @thatgirl

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

PSECU is a fantastic credit union for a few reasons. First is that they will reimburse you up to $20 a month if you use ATMs not on their network and have to pay a fee. T…

Reviewed by: @aarons1

Suncoast Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Suncoast Credit Union since 2006 and have never found a reason to be unsatisfied. This truly feels like my credit union and has always been there…

Reviewed by: @2blog4arturo

1st Bank 1st Free Checking Rate: 5

I have a checking account with 1st Bank 1st Free Checking. There are no crazy fees to worry about causing your hard earned money to disappear from you account every month…

Reviewed by: @soapypenny

American Modern Insurance Group Review Rate: 5

We were having a hard time finding an insurance company who would insure our home at a decent, fair price. American Modern Insurance Group offered us great coverage at an…

Reviewed by: @jessicav1

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 4

Solid checking account and customer service. Very friendly and personable when calling in for issues. Good online experience and interface. Nothing incredible in terms…

Reviewed by: @nathan.mormann

Franklin Federal Savings Bank Review Rate: 4

I have had a savings account with Franklin Federal bank since I was about ten years old. Their customer service is always prompt and friendly. I have used this bank to ma…

Reviewed by: @elizabethh1