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Gateway Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Gateway Community Federal Credit Union is the most helpful, accommodating, personable credit union, or bank for that matter, that I’ve done business with. While banking…

Reviewed by: @jra3785

Lake Erie Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've definitely had a pleasant experience with Lake Erie Community Credit Union. They've been in business since for almost 70 years which, in my opinion, bolsters the con…

Reviewed by: @11713c

U.S. Bank Standard Savings Account Rate: 3

I have been using this account as my basic day to day savings account, and it is pretty standard. There are no outstanding features, though the ease and immediacy of tra…

Reviewed by: @kaisermikeb

UW Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I LOVE UW Credit Union. Since the day I opened my account almost eight years ago, I have had nothing but positive experiences. A great example was my experience trying…

Reviewed by: @bckelley

PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 2

I have the PNC Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend checking, but I'm here to talk about the growth (savings account). The interest rate is, like most accounts availabl…

Reviewed by: @DrewStephen

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I recently relocated to North Carolina from out of state and, after doing my research, decided to open an account with NC SECU. It was by far the easiest experience I've…

Reviewed by: @mnsmith049

First Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

After finishing college, moving to Oregon and joining Americorps I was not left with much money. Coming from a larger city I relied on public transportation, but as soon…

Reviewed by: @jesort

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Rate: 5

I opened my savings account with Ally a few months ago and so far everything has been excellent. Their site is easy to use and extremely user friendly. When I had to call…

Reviewed by: @samantha_grant_75

Ball State Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I signed up for BSFCU in my freshman year of college because of the convenience of location and no fees for opening up a checking account as well as no annual fee. What I…

Reviewed by: @evie_hiles

Alkeon Capital Management, LLC Review Rate: 1

As a former investor, I have seen that Alkeon has been so clearly underperforming as to be concerning. The returns, especially this year, have been well below benchmark.…

Reviewed by: @sprp2000

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

After researching online I contacted this company today and purchased an extended warranty. Myagents name was Michael and we was polite and took the time to make sure I u…

Reviewed by: @Becca42

The Huntington National Bank Review Rate: 5

I remember a particular day I got to the bank and it was completely busy with a line outside ready for when the bank opened its doors. I was frustrated thinking to myself…

Reviewed by: @waymj01

The Bancorp Bank Review Rate: 4

Where to start? The Bancorp Bank's prepaid Achieve Card is not only easy to apply for and receive, but also to use online. There are never any overdraft issues, as this…

Reviewed by: @cindy_shirar

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I have had nothing but positive experiences with the Wells Fargo branch my wife and I became members of once we got married. Following getting married we combined our acc…

Reviewed by: @brian_shaw_1460

Washington Federal Review Rate: 5

I always get friendly service when I go in. They are very helpful and they always want to help me with my problems. They also helped me download the mobile banking app fo…

Reviewed by: @ashley.marie

Commerce Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Commerce Bank now for 4 years since going to college and haven't had a single issue to complain about. Opening the account was painless and easy…

Reviewed by: @willb136

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been a USAA customer for years and I have never had a bad experience yet! When I got married, they helped me get off of my parents account and added my husband to…

Reviewed by: @DroddyJ30

Five Star Bank Review Rate: 5

This bank is wonderful! After being frustrated enough with my old bank to switch to a new one, Five Star was wonderful. The application process was easy and quick. There…

Reviewed by: @morgan_mathews_315

Guaranty Bank Regular Savings Rate: 5

I have had nothing but a pleasure being a Guaranty Bank customer. My local tellers are all very knowledgeable and helpful. Also, their terms for any of their accounts se…

Reviewed by: @mikek1

TD Bank Review Rate: 5

I opened up a checking account with TD Bank recently. I also have a debit card connected to this account. My experience with them so far has been excellent. When I got a…

Reviewed by: @abcdefgxerin

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with TVCU for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it. They offer great checking accounts with overdraft protection that is very beneficial for young adult…

Reviewed by: @wickedestofintentions

Intercorp Credit Union Review Rate: 5

We have had accounts with Intercorp for years, but most of my experience has been banking with them from afar after moving away from Amarillo. Though they have a very sm…

Reviewed by: @janel_holt

Woodforest National Bank Review Rate: 1

I had a checking account with Woodforest several years back. I was in college out of state and my sister also had an account with them. Transferring funds would be much e…

Reviewed by: @catherine_joseph_918

Associated Bank Review Rate: 3

I have to say the biggest problem I've had is the overdraft charges they make, I had an experience when our account overdrafted and they used the biggest charge first so…

Reviewed by: @myoung62599

Bill Rozek Review Rate: 4

My overall experience with Bill was fantastic. I had way less then perfect credit and he took time with me months in advance to walk me through the cleanup effort in ord…

Reviewed by: @birdfan83

Jana Capua Review Rate: 4

I purchased my first home last year and had the pleasure of working with Jana. I had been pre-approved by another bank prior to looking for homes, but found their custom…

Reviewed by: @jonna_vercellini

Mary McCullough Review Rate: 5

Mary was very pleasant and answered all my questions professionally and with confidence. I felt very comfortable discussing options with her. She made me feel important e…

Reviewed by: @HollyTurk

Andy Cardina Review Rate: 3

This loan officer did successfully help me obtain a mortgage. That being said, could have been more helpful with confirmation of student loan payments with the student l…

Reviewed by: @bwsawyer

Ryan Gelardi Review Rate: 5

Ryan provided us with the education we needed as first time home buyers and it allowed us to make a diligent decision in which loan we would chose. Throughout th…

Reviewed by: @vcabarloc

Jeff Drerup Review Rate: 5

We were referred to Jeff by my sister-in-law, who had used him to buy her home three years prior. He had a very flexible schedule and we met with him initially to go over…

Reviewed by: @caitlink

Zirieff Travis Jackson Review Rate: 5

Travis was excellent, he has great listening skills. He kept us updated through out the whole process and did not give us any false promises. Travis did all paperwork qui…

Reviewed by: @faithdm510

David K. Baer Review Rate: 5

David has always been a very helpful and approachable loan officer, I cannot speak highly enough of him and would be happy to refer anyone towards his services. I have fo…

Reviewed by: @rob_brennan_39

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

After not being able to afford a new car, I was concerned about how long I was gong to be able to keep my 2005 Toyota on the road before I started to have trouble with it…

Reviewed by: @sandyp1

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

I very rarely get online and write reviews but I felt like I had to after an experience I had. I purchased a contract from them back in February for my 08 Honda Accord an…

Reviewed by: @AmyMadison341

Amy Huellmantel Review Rate: 5

An amazing person first and foremost...Extremely intelligent and always seemingly has her client's best interest at heart...Because at the end of the day, we all want eth…

Reviewed by: @Jdavis

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

I was researching all my options before I made a purchased, and I am really pleased that I choose TurnKey Auto Group. They saved me a bundle on my auto repairs! I highly…

Reviewed by: @doug1234

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

I bought a policy from one of their administrators EFG. I only had one calm since and must say it was paid immediately but what was real cool was the roadside and rental…

Reviewed by: @puldoggy14

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

Turnkey auto group definately helped me out with my 02 mercedes benz. I knew when i bought the car that it was time to start seeing problems because it had 130k miles. I…

Reviewed by: @traviswilson24

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

Turnkey Auto Group is one of only 11 companies in the United States that is a certified member of the Vehicle Protection Association. Turnkey is Also an accredited member…

Reviewed by: @johnd1

South Jersey Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I began using this credit union through work using them for a savings account only. After using them for a year and wanting to switch from my (td) bank (where my checking…

Reviewed by: @donna_decinque