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Vermont State Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

In a small state like VT, finding a flexible credit union was a task. My sister recommended this bank to me and I couldn't be happier! Every visit or phone call is person…

Reviewed by: @keishapollard_thesunshinegirl

Statewide Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Statewide for several years and they are by far the best experience I have ever had with a checking account. Friendly service and they know who I…

Reviewed by: @JCBulldawg

Tinker Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

Checking accounts here are about average for banks in general, Application for checking account is verified thru ChexSystems. Debit card is sent via mail in 7 business da…

Reviewed by: @mrlightrail

Cbi Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

This is a great place. Their customer service is exceptional. I have been a member since I was a kid. Tellers are professional, and more than will to assist you. It’s…

Reviewed by: @horaiyu

Triangle Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I joined Triangle Credit Union five years ago and I have never had a service charge or banking fee assessed to me. I have had five years of great banking, great customer…

Reviewed by: @deannfahey

CapEd Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

There are some good and bad things about this credit union. The website is a bit behind in options and the deposit a check from a picture takes forever to deposit. The pe…

Reviewed by: @the_tracie_turner

Warren Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Warren FCU for 15 years, and I have been consistently satisfied with the products and services offered. I have also been very happy with the quali…

Reviewed by: @squish1432

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 5

My family and I are long time and LOYAL customers to Farmer's for our car insurance. Farmer's prices are unbeatable. We've get the best deals with them and would not cons…

Reviewed by: @raw_blossom

Liberty Mutual Review Rate: 5

Several years ago I had car insurance with Liberty Mutual. At the time, my car was 3 years old and the rates were very fair. I submitted one claim for a windshield replac…

Reviewed by: @thrifty

SECURA Insurance, A Mutual Company Review Rate: 5

We have had Secura Insurance for several years after it was recommended by our financial advisor at our bank. It has been an excellent partnership. I have only good thing…

Reviewed by: @hmartin107

Foremost Insurance Review Rate: 5

I had Foremost insurance for my mobile home. When my home burnt down, Foremost was very helpful and relieved much of the financial difficulties that I faced. They paid a…

Reviewed by: @jschne06

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have had Farmers car insurance for a year now, and I am very pleased with them. I have been with two other insurance providers previously, and while I didn't hate them,…

Reviewed by: @archisa2

Utah Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I got this bank when I was 16, and still have it. It is such a helpful Credit Union, and I love it. Before I got with this bank my parents were with it for a very long ti…

Reviewed by: @courtney_wilson_90226

First National Bank Texas Review Rate: 5

I have had my account with this bank for well over 6 years. I am very careful to never overdraw my checking account and have only had it happen on this account once. My h…

Reviewed by: @Blackdahliadoll

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 5

I recently had to call on my insurance when a rock hit my windshield and caused it to need replaced. I called the day after the rock hit my windshield and explained the s…

Reviewed by: @wilson522

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have had Nationwide Insurance as my car insurance for about two years now and have only had to file a claim once. It was due to hitting a deer and the process was simpl…

Reviewed by: @heather_thompson_779

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I used to have Bank of America, and there were so many breaches at times that they would cancel my card, and I would have to go into a branch to get a new one the same da…

Reviewed by: @HAZEL34

Sharon DeVol Review Rate: 1

One star is one too many. Next to impossible to get a hold of, and when on the off chance that I could....never a straight answer. Was never able to close due to multiple…

Reviewed by: @trav147

PNC Review Rate: 1

This bank is awful! They charge you $7 a moth for just having the account and then they will rearrange you deposits and debits as to take to make it appear that your acco…

Reviewed by: @lori_suchan

Aberdeen Proving Grounds Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I was originally with a standard bank and felt like switching to a credit union would be better for me in the long run. Simply coming into the location made me feel very…

Reviewed by: @ovoxoforever

Commerce Bank Review Rate: 5

Commerce Bank is my favorite bank I've ever been with. Their business is wonderful in every way. The employees are friendly and super helpful. I am so satisfied with this…

Reviewed by: @taysiff

M&T Bank Review Rate: 1

Convenience are priorities one, two, and three regarding my personal banking experience. As the absolute ONLY function of a bank is storage. In the particular case of a b…

Reviewed by: @4turks

America First Credit Union Review Rate: 3

For a credit union they are okay. The biggest issue with America First and that a lot of people do not know, is that they are acting like a bank, more than a not for pr…

Reviewed by: @brendas1

Monarch Bank Review Rate: 3

Earlier this year, my credit card # was potentially compromised. The bank neglected to call me to tell me that they were cancelling my card, which led me to have multiple…

Reviewed by: @jaihawkk

Twin Rivers Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had a checking/savings account here going on 11 years. I've never had a problem that couldn't be solved with a five minute phone conversation. I like that the em…

Reviewed by: @AyAyGi

Bank of America Review Rate: 1

I was in the hospital for 6 months while I was fighting cancer; extremely ill. My son who was 7 at the time and didn't know what he was doing, charged $600 to my debit ca…

Reviewed by: @sumnic411

Webster Bank Review Rate: 5

Webster bank is a phenomenal bank that has only offered me the best possible customer service at every juncture. Any time I had issues It was always settled in a timely a…

Reviewed by: @brian_fleury_3

Boeing Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I had already signed up online with BECU, transferred my funds from an old account and everything. It was extremely easy to do. When I noticed my debit card had not arr…

Reviewed by: @julieberry

NMTW Community Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I love everyone who works at this bank, they're super friendly, sharp and intelligent people who are great at what they do. It's the reason why I haven't switched banks d…

Reviewed by: @efswin

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

As we all know bank of america is nations leading financial institution, I could say it is also the best financial institution. I have a checking and savings account and…

Reviewed by: @rashmich

The Bancorp Bank OnePoint Checking Rate: 5

I started out with The Bancorp Bank when I was in college and haven't looked back. I don't pay any fees and there's no minimum balance. They send me text alerts that I've…

Reviewed by: @paula_fugate

Regions Bank LifeGreen Checking Rate: 4

I have been using Regions Bank for about 3 years now for my checking account needs. One of my main reasons for choosing Regions was that there were many locations here in…

Reviewed by: @dayton_dodge_3

Chase Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Chase my entire life and still use my original checking account from when I was in High School. It has been an amazing experience. I have had my…

Reviewed by: @jaylanonymous

BMO Harris Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been with BMO Harris bank for about 6 months now. When I first opened the account I had set up all my direct withdraw payments to come out on specific dates but s…

Reviewed by: @megan_v_tucker

BB&T Review Rate: 4

I've been a member of this bank for a few years now and have recently gotten in touch with customer service. My husbands debit card was no longer functioning properly an…

Reviewed by: @acge05

Staci M Jones Review Rate: 5

I know you are a very caring, wonderful, insurance agent. Others should be calling you to get the full attention to detail as you did with me. I made the mistake of movin…

Reviewed by: @midnitedawg

University Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 2

I had an account with this credit union 6 years ago. My then minor child (16) was allowed to sign on my account. I changed banks and must have left a balance owing on thi…

Reviewed by: @krisalane

Chase Premier Plus Checking Rate: 5

I have been a Chase Premier Plus Checking member for years. When using my card there are no withdrawal fees. Chase is the bank that i have been banking with for years t…

Reviewed by: @bobby7685

Ally Bank Review Rate: 4

Ally Bank is an online only bank that gives better than average rates on CDs. The customer service isn't always great (I had trouble logging into my account online, and…

Reviewed by: @jackt

MetroBank Review Rate: 5

Compared to savings account that I've had with a well know bank, MetroBank has delivered the utmost satisfaction in meeting my checking and savings need. My current savin…

Reviewed by: @pierced6perfreaktion