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The Bancorp Bank OnePoint Checking Rate: 5

I started out with The Bancorp Bank when I was in college and haven't looked back. I don't pay any fees and there's no minimum balance. They send me text alerts that I've…

Reviewed by: @paula_fugate

Regions Bank LifeGreen Checking Rate: 4

I have been using Regions Bank for about 3 years now for my checking account needs. One of my main reasons for choosing Regions was that there were many locations here in…

Reviewed by: @dayton_dodge_3

Chase Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Chase my entire life and still use my original checking account from when I was in High School. It has been an amazing experience. I have had my…

Reviewed by: @jaylanonymous

BMO Harris Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been with BMO Harris bank for about 6 months now. When I first opened the account I had set up all my direct withdraw payments to come out on specific dates but s…

Reviewed by: @megan_v_tucker

BB&T Review Rate: 4

I've been a member of this bank for a few years now and have recently gotten in touch with customer service. My husbands debit card was no longer functioning properly an…

Reviewed by: @acge05

Staci M Jones Review Rate: 5

I know you are a very caring, wonderful, insurance agent. Others should be calling you to get the full attention to detail as you did with me. I made the mistake of movin…

Reviewed by: @midnitedawg

University Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 2

I had an account with this credit union 6 years ago. My then minor child (16) was allowed to sign on my account. I changed banks and must have left a balance owing on thi…

Reviewed by: @krisalane

Chase Premier Plus Checking Rate: 5

I have been a Chase Premier Plus Checking member for years. When using my card there are no withdrawal fees. Chase is the bank that i have been banking with for years t…

Reviewed by: @bobby7685

Ally Bank Review Rate: 4

Ally Bank is an online only bank that gives better than average rates on CDs. The customer service isn't always great (I had trouble logging into my account online, and…

Reviewed by: @jackt

MetroBank Review Rate: 5

Compared to savings account that I've had with a well know bank, MetroBank has delivered the utmost satisfaction in meeting my checking and savings need. My current savin…

Reviewed by: @pierced6perfreaktion

Merrimack College Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

While initially I was skeptical, I tried Merrimack College Federal Credit Union since it was my first Credit Union that I'd ever been able to get into. The staff was very…

Reviewed by: @Penguinturker

Community Trust Bank Review Rate: 5

My parents banked here so this is where I decided to start banking as well. I opened an account with them after I got my first job and have been a satisfied customer ever…

Reviewed by: @JT1974

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

I’ve had Bank of America now or about 3 to 4 months now and I love it it’s easy to access my money and they don’t charge a high fee in order for me to use the bank…

Reviewed by: @desiree_clark_583

Bank of America Interest Checking Rate: 3

Bank of America Savings Accounts pay a very small interest rate but they charge no fees and have no minimum balance requirement. I use the account to save money for any p…

Reviewed by: @jenny24

HSBC Review Rate: 3

I've worked with HSBC for a few years now and while they aren't the only bank on the block they are one of the few who don't overwhelm you with fees. The application proc…

Reviewed by: @Beltway

Regions Bank Review Rate: 2

I have been using a Regions Checking account for almost 10 years. A few weeks ago I had accidentally run my account down to $0.00 but did not overdraft. My direct deposit…

Reviewed by: @knightr1

Chase Total Checking Rate: 5

I have had nothing but good times with Chase checking. I find they have very convenient services and a very easy to use mobile apps and web sources to access my account.…

Reviewed by: @MeNYR

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

I joined Bank of America when I turned 18. I had $100 to deposit and went to the bank. My customer service experience was very pleasant straight from the beginning. When…

Reviewed by: @josh320

Webster Bank Review Rate: 5

I've had Webster Bank for about 7 years after switching from several other banks being unsatisfied. I've never had a problem here, and they're always willing to help if…

Reviewed by: @Vampyres_Rose

Taylorsville Savings Bank Review Rate: 5

I have had several accounts with this bank. Their checking account is excellent and they have several options to choose from. I have never had a problem with this bank. T…

Reviewed by: @dbbolick

Wells Fargo Value Checking Rate: 2

I was relatively unhappy with this account. I was promised that overdrafting from my savings account would not cost me money at all. Little did I know, it was costing me…

Reviewed by: @brabus34343434

PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 5

In the past, I have banked at a few other banks. After moving, I decided to switch banks. I started an account with PNC, and I have been pleased ever since. They are ther…

Reviewed by: @katewool

First Citizens Bank and Trust Company Free Business Checking Rate: 5

I was scared that getting my first checking account would be hard. In the past I only had a joint account with my husband, and when we divorced my credit score took a hit…

Reviewed by: @BlogsAngie

PNC Performance Checking Rate: 4

My only complaint with this type of checking is the disappearance of PNC Points. I originally had a regular, plain checking ( I'm not sure what PNC calls that as it was N…

Reviewed by: @andrea_denise_18

Chase Review Rate: 5

I have never had a problem with Chase. It was very easy and painless to sign up for a checking account. Anything you need to do can be accomplished by either calling them…

Reviewed by: @easj1991

Ally Bank Review Rate: 5

I reopened up my checking account with Ally Bank from 2 years ago when I had a very bad experience with online check fraud. Gladly, I was not responsible for any overdraf…

Reviewed by: @getfi3ry

Chase Total Checking Rate: 2

I had a very good view of Chase and was very happy with my checking account until I had a deposit held for verification out of the blue. I never had this issue before and…

Reviewed by: @Monty_007

Chase Review Rate: 5

Chase is a great bank and opening my checking account there was fast and easy. Customer Service in the branch itself was great and I really have rarely had a problem. T…

Reviewed by: @vstressedmom

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

I recently moved to England on a six month business trip and found myself locked in a battle with the Bank of America online checking system. All I wanted to do was trans…

Reviewed by: @mrwolfson

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 3

Ally is a great alternative to regular banking institutions , but beware of the challenges that accompany it. It's very hard to deposit money, and you aren't allowed to…

Reviewed by: @627steve

Eileen Collins Review Rate: 5

Eileen was a tremendous help in assisting me to lower the payments for my homeowners insurance. We were previously with State Farm, but after some problems with their ter…

Reviewed by: @JMCobos

Capital One 360 Checking Account Rate: 4

I've had a good experience with my new Capitol One 360 checking account so far. I've completed the tasks for my $50 bonus and I look forward to receiving it! I'm very i…

Reviewed by: @mh888

Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account Rate: 4

I have had the Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account for several years. There are pros and cons to any checking account, but I have been reasonably satisfied. Having P…

Reviewed by: @walter_plucinski

Ally Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Ally for over two years and I am more than satisfied with them. I get interest payments on my checking, which is rare. Their customer service dep…

Reviewed by: @rachel_k_wolfe_1

Soo Co-Op Credit Union Review Rate: 4

Overall, this is a really good place to get a checking account, but the main downfall is that the bank is local so you won't find them all over the country. I also feel l…

Reviewed by: @dimonwolf

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

I cannot praise USAA enough. I have never had better experience with any other bank. If you are in the military or eligible for a USAA account, I would highly recommend g…

Reviewed by: @jayw288

PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 4

Recently, I just applied for an trial online service. It turns out to be a scam. I tried to contact them to cancel the service but most of time, there is no reply. Finall…

Reviewed by: @TinCS

Fidelity Bank Review Rate: 5

I had accounts with this bank for years before I eventually moved and no longer had convenient access to a branch location. Fidelity Bank always handled my accounts with…

Reviewed by: @lizabeth283

Capital One Review Rate: 5

So, I just recently signed up for the Capital One 360 checking account. They were running a promotion to recieve $100.00 to open up an account. After having the account f…

Reviewed by: @kf141282

Regions Bank LifeGreen Checking Rate: 3

I've had my checking account with Regions for 7 years now. When I first got it, I was receiving direct deposit so I didn't have monthly fees. However, now I do and it's a…

Reviewed by: @catisalive