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Woodforest National Bank Review Rate: 1

My account was easy enough to set up, and depositing money was simple. Withdrawing money was a problem. It took three tries for me to get the debit card mailed to me. Thr…

Reviewed by: @arielle

Ally Bank Review Rate: 4

I have Ally's Interest Checking, Online Savings, and Money Market accounts. I'm happy with the free checks and ATM fee reimbursements. They also have an online chat and a…

Reviewed by: @warrenthomasking

BBVA Compass Review Rate: 4

BBVA Compass is actually a Spanish Bank (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) and I have had really good experiences with them. When I opened my checking account with them; a…

Reviewed by: @dearsister

Teachers Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I originally had a mortgage through another financial institution and was looking to refinance because the payments were too high. There's a local TCU quite close by, so…

Reviewed by: @skepte_cist

Esurance Review Rate: 5

I have been a customer of Esurance for over 3 years now. I'm not very insurance savvy, but Esurance has been more than supportive and explanatory as to how my coverage wo…

Reviewed by: @aliceacedia

Capital One 360 Checking Account Rate: 5

I love the ease in which to use the 360 online option. I've been a customer since it was ING, and I was worried that the transition would be rough, but it's been great. I…

Reviewed by: @nikitaraqs

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 5

I really enjoy having Erie insurance for my Car. They have fantastic customer service and have great concerns for my customers. I was in a car accident 3 months ago. I…

Reviewed by: @tjs1974

BB&T Review Rate: 5

I've been with BB&T for four years. They have been a great bank to have a checking account with. They charge some account maintenance fees if you want to use a financ…

Reviewed by: @markymark

Bank of America Review Rate: 2

I have done business with Bank of America for years, and had boasted about it regularly but, six years ago, I closed my account. The service had deteriorated, and my bala…

Reviewed by: @dddebj

The General Insurance Review Rate: 5

I currently have The General Car Insurance. When I was in an accident in April of 2014, the insurance company quickly took care of the needs for the other person's car. T…

Reviewed by: @mtyler1

GEICO Review Rate: 5

I have had Geico for over 10 years and have nothing but great things to say about them. Between their rates, customer service, and promptness in resolving issues beats al…

Reviewed by: @leecunha521

Freedom United Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I have never had a problem with the credit union until recently. The issue now is that put holds on checks when they are deposited, even though the account has never had…

Reviewed by: @beccala15061

GEICO Review Rate: 5

I have been with GEICO for over seven years. My first consideration when I selected GEICO to be the insurance provider for my automobile was the cost. I compared quite a…

Reviewed by: @HHollisBaker

GEICO Review Rate: 5

I love this company they show that they really care about what is going on with the customer instead of just being a big name company. I also like the way they show inte…

Reviewed by: @kris_molina_96

Bobby J Jenkins Review Rate: 1

Rude dude. Hung up on me when I called to ask him about insurance. Not sure if he's still selling insurance but pretty sure he's not someone you'd want to do business w…

Reviewed by: @atticuspeek

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 5

The application process and getting your home and yard toys insured as well as your car is a piece of cake with Farmers Insurance. This company has been helpful on numero…

Reviewed by: @tadpole

Fred Loya Insurance Review Rate: 3

I was in the process of trying to switch insurance companies. I saw an ad for Fred Loya insurance and decided to give them a call. The woman on the phone first was very v…

Reviewed by: @jenni_mayhue

Jonathan Rundlett Review Rate: 1

This man is a liar and a cheat. He is deceptive and should be avoided at all costs. He will manipulate his costumers to meet his selfish ends. He will provide misinfor…

Reviewed by: @Eddiemunster

DEXSTA Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been an account holder with DEXSTA since before it was opened to the public, and all I can say is it has always been an amazing bank. They are excellent in catchi…

Reviewed by: @coleylane

Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I had an issue with my account being overdrawn. I had gotten gas at a gas station the day before my paycheck was due to be direct deposited, and I only had about $30 in m…

Reviewed by: @xina4581

The Summit Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

When my husband and I were purchasing a car for our oldest son, we were having trouble getting financing around the Thanksgiving holidays. Not only did they stay in touch…

Reviewed by: @tracymorrow

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

PSECU is one of the best credit unions I have ever dealt with. I have been a member for over 15 years and I can honestly say that I have no complaints or worries. I can…

Reviewed by: @pinkiepie

Middle Tennessee Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I hadn't really had any issues with this bank since I first got an account, until recently that is. Apparently my account was compromised and I had multiple fraudulent c…

Reviewed by: @sylver882488

FD Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

My late husband belonged to this credit union and after we obtained our marriage license, I opened a basic checking account through my husband's affiliation and connecti…

Reviewed by: @Sorrytate435

Crestico Review Rate: 5

I just completed a refinance transaction with Houtan over at Crestico Funding, i have to say i am very impressed by the customer service and level of professionalism and…

Reviewed by: @hassangholi

MetLife Review Rate: 5

5 years ago our house burned down and our Met Life agent was there bright and early the next morning ready to go over every detail very carefully and walk us through the…

Reviewed by: @dmreeve

GEICO Review Rate: 4

I have had my car insurance through Geico for more than ten years. It has always been very easy to add or subtract a car or make any necessary changes. Several years ag…

Reviewed by: @summer_foovay

The General Insurance Review Rate: 3

I recently acquired car insurance through the General.com and my experience was ok. I was quoted a reasonable price for my driving record which was definitely blemished.…

Reviewed by: @kimberlea_rodriguez

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 3

I have had nothing but problems with Farmers Insurance in the 6 months that I've been a customer. When I first signed up, it took over a week before I could even print ou…

Reviewed by: @masha_coffey

Crestico Review Rate: 5

By far one of the most knowledgeable, professional and reliable mortgage broker's that i have worked with.rnrnIf you are looking for fastest, easiest and most affordable…

Reviewed by: @delaramkababi

Texans Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I'd run into a problem with a magazine subscription scam while with Texans Credit Union. I called and asked for their advice; they suggested that I close the old account…

Reviewed by: @mia_bills_58

Community Choice Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I applied for a vehicle loan a couple weeks ago. Initially, I completed the application online. The loan officer who reviewed my application took 3 days to get back to me…

Reviewed by: @mollyfreed

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have been a customer with nationwide for almost 2 years. I ran into a problem recently with my auto payment. I called Nationwide up promptly to ask if I could stop this…

Reviewed by: @cass_seidman

Publix Employees Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Once when my card was obtained by fraud I am suppose to have the protection against such activity. It was not easy as it should have been to get my money back which upset…

Reviewed by: @shortcake_johnson_7

Safeco Insurance Review Rate: 4

Safeco was a very pleasant company to do business with, they heard my needs and matched me with a company to serve me. I chose car insurance, setting up my insurance and…

Reviewed by: @cupidconsignmen

Capital Bank MyWay Checking Rate: 3

As a current customer of this product and this company, I would like to say that while Capital Bank's Myway checking account is one of the easiest accounts to set up, it'…

Reviewed by: @hblevin2

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 5

I have Ally for a checking account as well as a car loan and they are AMAZING! They have a minimal overdraft fee, no monthly account charges. They also have Ally perks wh…

Reviewed by: @christinamoring

Patelco Credit Union Review Rate: 4

CAFE-Y doesn't work anymore for membership eligibility. See their membership eligibility page - you need some link to their service area or their eligible businesses. Cal…

Reviewed by: @carlh

Old National Bank Review Rate: 3

I became an Old National company when they bought out my previous bank, Integra (whom I absolutely loved!). My savings account was transferred over automatically so I di…

Reviewed by: @hamdinger125

USAA Bank Secure Checking Account Rate: 5

I absolutely love my USAA checking account! This bank is entirely online, but don't worry about the lack of physical locations. I can deposit checks via the app on my iPh…

Reviewed by: @greenthumbs