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Green Dot Review Rate: 5

I had trouble with a transaction with my Green Dot account. They gave me all the tools I needed to clear up the transaction. They got my tax refund posted a day earlier t…

Reviewed by: @southerndork

Banterra Bank Review Rate: 5

I am Banterra customer for 10 years now, I really love how friendly their staff and online customer support care is. I can call them anytime or go to their office and the…

Reviewed by: @ps20090

Academy Bank Review Rate: 2

Academy Bank is convenient to me because they're located in most Walmart stores in Colorado. However, the interest rate is horrible on a savings account at just 0.05%. Pl…

Reviewed by: @officialjustinsnowden

Integra Insurance Group Review Rate: 5

I've been using Integra Insurance Group for many years (not sure the exact number of years) for my auto insurance needs and I can attest that they are top-notch when it c…

Reviewed by: @JeffinAZ

Integra Insurance Group Review Rate: 5

We have used Integra Insurance Group for all of our insurance needs for 10+ years. Dan Hiralez and his associates have provided us with the best insurance at the best pr…

Reviewed by: @PeggyinAZ

Webster Bank Value Checking Rate: 4

I have had this account for around 15 years. It was set up for me when I was a child and I have carried on using it through out my young adult life. I enjoy having the ab…

Reviewed by: @jacksonHIT

Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Rate: 4

I have had this account for a little over a year. It is nice because of all of the online features Wells Fargo has to help you keep up with your account. The website and…

Reviewed by: @jcoats

PNC Statement Savings Rate: 5

After being a satisfied PNC customer for many years (I was with National City at the time of the takeover, and, surprisingly, I'm a bigger fan of PNC than I was of Nation…

Reviewed by: @whuser13754268

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I recently switched to Navy Federal from USAA and I have to say I love Navy Federal the fact that they are a credit union means they are non profit organization unlike US…

Reviewed by: @aaron_sthilaire

Turnkey Auto Group Review Rate: 5

I appreciate all of your help today. You were amazing, I could not for one second be more of a satisfied customer. You are an amazing asset to your company with your abil…

Reviewed by: @annamartina1

Wescom Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I actually really dig Westcom. They don't have a ton of branches all over but they ones they do have are really good all around- very nice and professional staff, free sn…

Reviewed by: @awepoidsfad

Associated Federal Employees Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a client of Associated Federal Employees Federal Credit Union for 10 years and use it as my primary banking institution. Their products are above par and hav…

Reviewed by: @processed

PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 5

PNC has been a great company to my family and I in all aspects. We have had our accounts since before they bought out National City and were worried about what changes w…

Reviewed by: @Browning2015

Fifth Third Preferred Checking Account Rate: 4

I have had a banking account with Fifth Third for nearly a year. I had no big troubles with the Fifth Third bank so far. The staff is always very pleasant and helpful. A…

Reviewed by: @olga_zhuravleva_1238

Capital One 360 Checking Account Rate: 5

I opened this account with ING 360 several years ago. I liked it when it was with ING, and I like it now with Capital One. I have never had any issues. The website is ve…

Reviewed by: @jleighjohnson

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 5

I absolutely love Ally Bank. I have a checking account with them and I am very happy. They are always available if I have any issues or need help, which is so convenient.…

Reviewed by: @elle119

Oregon Community Credit Union Review Rate: 4

When I applied for the OCC W.O.W. checking account, I brought a piece of personal mail as a proof of address. I was told that this was insufficient to prove my residency…

Reviewed by: @pennytrue

Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Rate: 3

I like Wells Fargo because that's the main ATM where I live. I also kinda hate it because I just got my first job, it was seasonal but since I'm 18 I can't just walk over…

Reviewed by: @dcashninjabunny

The General Insurance Review Rate: 3

You get what you pay for. Super cheap rates at an exchange for meticore service. If you've had trouble in the past due to several claims chances are The General will get…

Reviewed by: @leslie_okane

Kemba Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with Kemba Credit Union for about two years now and couldn't be happier since switching from a large national bank chain. Since the beginning, I've kept all m…

Reviewed by: @whited4

Generations Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've been a member of Generations credit union for five years, ever since I moved to "Little Washington" with my husband Michael and our dog Pepper. At first I only joine…

Reviewed by: @jleblanc

ORNL Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I joined ORNL federal credit union back when everyone was angry at the big banks for losing all of their money giving out bad home loans. They were offering good interes…

Reviewed by: @turklurker

Lowe's Review Rate: 1

Shame on Lowes! People did you know that once you order carpet from Lowes, they hire private non-citizens to install your carpet? Well, they do! Yes, they do. I'm a seni…

Reviewed by: @ShameOnLowes

Chase Premier Plus Checking Rate: 5

I was forced to switch to Chase when we moved to Denver because Bank of America doesn't have any branches in Denver. I was really surprised by that and couldn't believe t…

Reviewed by: @amberhallum

Finvasia Financial Services Pvt Ltd Review Rate: 5

Love Scalpert, Finvasia's technical analysis trader platform. And their per crore pricing structure is awesome and cost effective... Would say, the best or the only hone…

Reviewed by: @nitingoel948

Telhio Credit Union Review Rate: 1

HORRIBLE credit union- save your money and stay away! I also have an account with CS Bank and have NEVER experienced any of the multiple issues I have experienced with T…

Reviewed by: @Shellie

Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account Rate: 4

I have had this checking account for 11 years, and I've been very happy with it. The account earns a tiny bit of interest (.01% for me because I don't keep much of a bala…

Reviewed by: @suzanne_lewis_37

U.S. Bank Gold Checking Package Rate: 4

Although I like all of the perks that come with this account, including free foreign ATM fees and online bill pay, I am regularly annoyed by the fact that every month my…

Reviewed by: @mezzanane

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I recently had a water pipe leak in the front yard. The cost to fix it was $5400 an amount that I was not ready for since I had already spent about $10k in home improveme…

Reviewed by: @trozariowo

Farm Bureau Financial Services Review Rate: 5

FBFS offers package policies that bundle home, auto, & liability coverage, and we get a discount for having life insurance with them too. We were able to also get coverag…

Reviewed by: @amy25

PNC Standard Checking Rate: 4

I have used PNC since they were National City Bank. I feel that they kept their same morals and principals when they converted. Each time I have had an issue it was dealt…

Reviewed by: @danzig

Marine Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

My family has used this bank for at least 17 years. The customer service is wonderful. We have never had one problem with them. Anytime we need them for a loan, for examp…

Reviewed by: @kimmer19

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 5

My wife and I have been US Bank customers for a number of years. So, we decided we should go to them first when shopping for mortgages. The shopping stopped there. The cu…

Reviewed by: @analog909

Wells Fargo College Combo Checking Rate: 1

My experience with the Wells Fargo student account was not good. There are too many hidden fees for various things that can really eat up a students finances. We don't ha…

Reviewed by: @aerojuana

Kentucky National Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

I've had two homes protected by Kentucky National Insurance. What I like best is that they take the time to simplify the process and make it easy for me to understand wha…

Reviewed by: @athenaeum

Capital One Review Rate: 4

Over all, my experience with Capital One has a been good. I opened a checking account and a savings account online, so that I could save paper while making it easier for…

Reviewed by: @threadweaver

Whitaker Bank Review Rate: 5

My wife and I have had a personal checking account with Whitaker bank for about ten years. As a small business owner, I have also relied upon Whitaker to handle my bankin…

Reviewed by: @Tangelo91

Jules Berlin Agency Inc. Review Rate: 5

My wife Bronwyn and I have been insured with Fireman's Fund through Jules Berlin Agency for six or seven years now. We haven't had to experience the claims process other…

Reviewed by: @nararabbit

Latrecia N Howell Review Rate: 1

Find an EDUCATED person to ADVISE you in your personal financial affairs. Look into the history of the person offering their professional financial advice, compare it to…

Reviewed by: @restitution1316

Valley National Bank Review Rate: 5

I'm currently have an account with this bank and although it's mainly in the tri-state area, I actually find them very helpful. Their service is really fantastic and my l…

Reviewed by: @princeshohae