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Matthias Mendez Review Rate: 5

Matthias is a very nice man. He treats me like a person and strives to get the best rates for me. I like that he works for Bank of America because their corporate status…

Reviewed by: @Clifford

Silvie Thang Review Rate: 5

Silvie Thang is easy to work with and the loan products she has are competitive with other mortgage brokers. She is quick and responsive, and her requests for information…

Reviewed by: @hardtosay

Lisa Bailey Review Rate: 5

When I went in to get a mortgage loan I knew I wanted to go through my current credit union and they always had great rates and have fit my banking needs for years now. W…

Reviewed by: @Ixodic

MarkTillman Review Rate: 4

Overall good / average, but I did experience times when there was just DEAD SILENCE. I would have appreciated better communications and setting expectations that everyth…

Reviewed by: @leongarc121

STAR Community Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been a member at STAR Community Credit Union for practically my whole life. My parents got me an account there when I was ten (or around then) and it's been wonder…

Reviewed by: @shannon_sullivan_7796

Chase Review Rate: 5

I enjoy the Chase Total Checking account. It is quite simple to manage. With a minimum of $500 deposited each month, the service fee is waived. There are not really many…

Reviewed by: @skyliah8907

Wells Fargo Way2Save Checking Package Rate: 4

I like my account with Wells Fargo. I don't have any complaints. When I did have an issue with my account their customer service was very understanding and helpful. I'…

Reviewed by: @gabriellecoats

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 5

I opened an account with Ally after they picked up my mortgage on my home. The checking features they offer compared to my old bank really make my life easier. With no mo…

Reviewed by: @sweitzerm

Capital One Review Rate: 4

I joined Capital One after they bought Chevy Chase bank in the Washington, DC area. I am quite pleased with their CapitalOne 360 product, which I use extensively. The onl…

Reviewed by: @StephenQ

NEFCU Review Rate: 4

Late one evening while reviewing my account online ( here in the USA) I discovered that my debit card had been used on that very day in Mexico in some sort of "cantina"…

Reviewed by: @momof3

Meritrust Credit Union Review Rate: 2

I have had multiple issues with Meritrust Credit Union. When I first signed up everything was great. About 3 months after I opened my checking account my identity was sto…

Reviewed by: @jennifer_sparks_754

Har CO Maryland Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 2

I was at Harco Credit Union since I was a child and my mother opened an account for me. I had no problem with it for the most part; I even opened a CD while I was there.…

Reviewed by: @ssmith91

Redstone Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have banked at Redstone Federal Credit Union since I was 15 and had my first job. I am still using them 12 years later. They are always quite helpful wether it is with…

Reviewed by: @tastark06

SPE Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

SPE was (and IS!) amazing. They offer some amazing savings and checking accounts (with rates up to nearly 5% through the Kasasa program) and ease that is unmatched by a…

Reviewed by: @yial671

Pima Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I began banking with PFCU in 2013. I had just bought a car that was financed through the union. I appreciated the service there so I closed all my accounts elsewhere and…

Reviewed by: @nich0le004

First Community Credit Union Review Rate: 1

This bank is a joke, they do so little for their members. If you bank here you can expect nothing in return. Over the last 5 years they have had 2,353 members file for…

Reviewed by: @Moneytalk

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I love the Pentagon Federal Credit Union. It's open to service members and immediate family of service members. Over the years I've used them, I've had nothing but good e…

Reviewed by: @maxj1

Suncoast Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I had my first credit card with Suncoast FCU and had a great experience for the first year of having it. However after sometime, I stopped receiving my statements (althou…

Reviewed by: @michaelnellys1

M&T Bank MyChoice Checking Rate: 1

This is a garbage bank with unhelpful staff that attempts to charge fees for everything. That, apparently, is their business model. And don't expect customer service to…

Reviewed by: @mattrbenner

Advantis Credit Union Review Rate: 4

My biggest issue when using Advantis was when I left a card from another credit union in the Advantis ATM for a short period of time (maybe twenty minutes). They have one…

Reviewed by: @bee360

FirstLight Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

FirstLight Federal Credit Union is one of the best credit unions out there. I had to open a secured credit card for some credit problems and they were nothing but helpful…

Reviewed by: @mirojero

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Rate: 4

I am generally a big fan of PNC Bank, and I really like my Virtual Wallet account. As long as I've been in the US I've never had any issues with it, and it's really great…

Reviewed by: @erin_case_96

Lake Trust Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I opened my account with Lake Trust about 4 years ago and love them. I've never had an issue with their services and the tellers are always helpful and friendly. I even…

Reviewed by: @thepixiecat

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 4

Ally bank is a pretty unique bank, perfectly equipped for the digital nomad. If you own any type of online business, I highly recommend this bank. I have several accounts…

Reviewed by: @rhaynelyte

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

I used to use a regional bank until I happened to move. I signed up for a Bank of America checking account and savings account as the nearest branch was right down the ro…

Reviewed by: @nickolas13

USAA Insurance Review Rate: 5

The worst experience with USAA I have ever had with my checking account is when they sent me a new debit/credit card because my account had been flagged as being compromi…

Reviewed by: @laura_dones

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 3

I have been with Bofa for many years, but just recently had my account switch to the core checking, from the student. It basically the same thing besides the charge, whic…

Reviewed by: @OverEasy070

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I've had a checking account (and other accounts) with Wells for the past 12+ years and have had almost exclusively good experiences. On more than one occasion I've eithe…

Reviewed by: @Eliciay

U.S. Bank Standard Savings Account Rate: 5

I love my US bank. My saving account is free no min. There is no fee to transfer from my savings account to my checking account which is great. My old bank use to cha…

Reviewed by: @DigitalZen

SunTrust Bank EZ Checking Rate: 4

Overall the checking account is very good. Minimal fees and online bill pay included in the account. One thing that I do not like about this checking account and Suntrust…

Reviewed by: @orwell1984

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Rate: 5

I like the idea of having online bank accounts. They are so convenience for me to manage. Not having to go to a local branch or stand in line, or any of that nonsense. Ha…

Reviewed by: @Hozer00

Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Rate: 4

I was given a savings account when I opened a free student checking account, and rarely use it, but I leave money in this specific account because it has overdraft protec…

Reviewed by: @vale_samantha

Evantage Bank Rewards Checking Rate: 5

I could not possibly be happier with my Evantage Bank Rewards checking account because it has given me an easy place to store money that I can spend at any time, all whil…

Reviewed by: @cdeek

Water and Power Community Credit Union Review Rate: 2

During my time with the Water and Power Community Credit Union, I was not happy with the overall customer service experience. When dealing with their employees they were…

Reviewed by: @smokeybear35

Capital One 360 Savings Account Rate: 4

Overall I'm very happy with the Capital One 360 savings account - I've been a customer since 2008 when it was still part of ING. I like that they've improved the login sc…

Reviewed by: @kendra_anspaugh

Wells Fargo Value Checking Rate: 4

I like banking with Wells Fargo since there is always an ATM around to use and plenty of branches to go to in person. The account is very basic and not a lot of bells an…

Reviewed by: @BAinOrangeCo

Claes A Clarke Review Rate: 1

I met with him twice. His knowledge seems very shallow. A subscription to Money Magazine would yield you more knowledge. He graduated from Santaluces Community High Sc…

Reviewed by: @StephenWest

Joseph P Delargy Review Rate: 1

Have not had a good relationship with Ameriprise. They are not interested in making you money, but rather enriching themselves through undisclosed, nuisance fees. If you…

Reviewed by: @bomer

Homesite Insurance Agency Review Rate: 5

Overall, my experience with Homesite Insurance has been wonderful. Straight line winds shredded our roof and did damage to other parts of our property. Within a few days…

Reviewed by: @stephrb

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 4

I have had auto and home insurance with Erie for several years now. I have always been pleased with the very personal service through our agent, although at times he has…

Reviewed by: @kacy_mcmullin