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SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 5

We have been banking with Suntrust for about ten years. Every time I walk into a Suntrust branch it is a positive experience. Tellers and bank officers are always knowled…

Reviewed by: @jdpotts1

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

Bank of america allowed me to make a profile and use my first deposit to pay for the account charges. This enabled me to make a account without putting any cash on it the…

Reviewed by: @phoenix_marquez_7

SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 4

I have had a very pleasant experience with SunTrust banking. As a current college student, I mainly chose SunTrust as there is a location right on campus. The bank caters…

Reviewed by: @rebo001

Capital One Review Rate: 5

I signed up with capital one for a checking account back when they had a special offer. I believe i got like 50 bucks or something to try it out. Anyway, I'm glad I did b…

Reviewed by: @crackerjack

Bank of America Core Checking Account Rate: 4

For some reason Bank of America always gets a bad rap but I guess that's for people who have tons and tons of money or something. I've had my bank account since 2009 and…

Reviewed by: @sasha_ilic_330

U.S. Bank Premium Checking Account Rate: 5

I have been a member of us bank for years i like that my monthly fee is waved because I use direct deposit. I also like that there are branches in most states. once when…

Reviewed by: @maranda_brannon

Clearview Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

One of the best credit unions I have ever dealt with. Their online banking makes it easy to do almost everything from your desktop. I can move money around and manage my…

Reviewed by: @botcher99

Chase Total Checking Rate: 4

I have had a Chase Total Checking Account for a year now, and I have had no customer service problems. It has been hard to keep the $1500 minimum in the account, but Chas…

Reviewed by: @roberta_wrightlantz

Capital One High Yield Checking Rate: 4

I originally signed up for Capital One Checking after having a Capital One credit card for 10 years. I was unhappy with my bank's customer service and low interest checki…

Reviewed by: @talks2much

Sturdy Savings Bank Review Rate: 4

I am new to sturdy savings bank they just bought the bank i was with but so far things we are working on getting things in order thankfully they left all the bank accoun…

Reviewed by: @hcbiz

Barclays Online Savings Account Rate: 4

This savings account is incredibly simple to sign up for, since you do so through your Barclays online banking website. It is also amazingly easy to transfer money betwe…

Reviewed by: @sarah_behling_10

Pinellas Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

My husband has a truck loan througth this credit union and they are the worst company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is terrible. When dealing with these pe…

Reviewed by: @jdouglas10

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 4

This account is fine for my needs. I liked it when I had a direct deposit going into it every two weeks. However, I am no longer working, and it bothers me that I have to…

Reviewed by: @astover

Sallie Mae Bank Online High-Yield Savings Account Rate: 5

I like this account because it offers a much interest rate than brick and mortar banks. It's also very user-friendly - I'm able to move money from my checking account to…

Reviewed by: @caryl_pierre_7

Nationwide Bank Review Rate: 5

I have a savings account under Nationwide Bank which I opened over five years ago. While I am not earning a huge amount of interest on the account, what I am earning is a…

Reviewed by: @christina_gee_3979

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

I chose bank of america for its low interest rates and found myself to be pretty pleased with this company. Although the application process was a pain and could have bee…

Reviewed by: @bunbundaisy

Jim Mundy Jr. Review Rate: 5

I have been with Jim Mundy for several years now and can say that he is one of the most helpful and professional insurance agents I have ever known. He takes care of ever…

Reviewed by: @Paigemac1

Mark Rossmiller Review Rate: 5

I have been a State Farm customer for 30 years. I moved to Florida in 2004 and went with the Apollo Beach office. A couple of years later, Mark took over the agency. Ab…

Reviewed by: @seaden

Darren Bryant Review Rate: 5

The last time I went and talked to Darren about my health insurance policy he was courteous, effective, and polite. He carefully explained what kind of insurance policy w…

Reviewed by: @some1pleasant

David Gillespie Review Rate: 5

I have used Shelter Insurance since I was 16 and now I am 32 years old. I have never had any problems with them. For half that time David Gillespie was my insurance agent…

Reviewed by: @rodabod21

Richard Downie Review Rate: 5

I've had Richard Downie since I moved to Oregon 15 years ago. He's saved me money on bundling my house, cars. He's always there when I need him. He's helped me insuran…

Reviewed by: @jacqui37

Tabatha Smith Review Rate: 5

I always feel like the people back home at my local State Farm treat me like family. Our insurance agent always knows our name when we walk in the door and seemed genuine…

Reviewed by: @artman225

CAP COM Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have used Cap Com FCU for more than 3 years now. They have great customer service and the front desk worker always has a smile on her face. Recently however Cap Com my…

Reviewed by: @garth_cole_5

Lancaster - Depew Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I had a great experience with Lancaster Depew Federal Credit Union. I have had auto and personal loans through them. Their customer service, amicable and knowledgeable re…

Reviewed by: @adamsanders2

Chase Total Checking Rate: 4

I've had this account for almost 10 years. I was not always charged a fee but when you are, $12 can really sting. It's not easy to maintain over $1,500 in a checking ac…

Reviewed by: @dexdiamonds

Arizona Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I grew tired of the big banks with their unnecessary fees and horrible customer service. A few co workers of mine recommended I check out Arizona Federal Credit Union. Th…

Reviewed by: @crystallight21

Tinker Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with Tinker Federal Credit Union for more than 7 years and have had three different car loans with them. Tinker is always looking for ways to save me money wi…

Reviewed by: @melissa_jenningslawson1

USAA Bank Review Rate: 1

I have had numerous problems with them since I joined while in the Navy. I love that they give free checks, and waive atm fee's but I hate that there is no way to deposit…

Reviewed by: @mrparks116

MAX Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I love doing business with MAX Credit Union. I think they are the best financial institution in town, ready to help if you are looking for a loan or to even open a saving…

Reviewed by: @donjuan1m

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I am a closing coordinator for a new home builder. Over the last several years I have had several buyers in my pipeline who banked with NFCU; these buyers were diehard co…

Reviewed by: @Kismet0705

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have had Erie Insurance since I was 16 years old when I was on my parents plan. I have used Erie for my vehicles, Renters and now home owners insurance. The service, pl…

Reviewed by: @dtesta75

Travelers Insurance Review Rate: 5

Travelers has always had the most affordable home owner's insurance - I've gotten quotes from several other insurance carriers in the past, and they're always astronomica…

Reviewed by: @gamelan

Foremost Insurance Review Rate: 5

My experiences with Foremost have been nothing but the best. We were originally signing up with American Family Insurance, and because that quote was too expensive for us…

Reviewed by: @kasia.music

USF Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

This credit union is a very good one. The only major problem I have had is the fact that they charged me an overdraft fee after I setup my account so that I would not be…

Reviewed by: @tiana_a_turner

Saint Mary's Health Plans Review Rate: 5

I had a Saint Mary's Health Plans PPO for an insurance provider up until last year when my company had to switch to another provider for the ACA, and I was overall very p…

Reviewed by: @L.M.S.

21st Century Insurance Review Rate: 2

I was with 21 Century for car insurance for about three years and I have since found that almost ALL other insurance companies are cheaper than this one (I recently switc…

Reviewed by: @Eprzsapo

Esurance Review Rate: 4

My husband and I used Esurance for our car insurance on both of our cars for several years. Overall, we enjoyed the service. The sign up was extremely simple and easy. We…

Reviewed by: @princessdenise

Safeco Insurance Review Rate: 5

I joined Safeco Insurance summer of 2013. The application process was easy to get through and I was approved right on the spot. The price I pay for my insurance it a ve…

Reviewed by: @linda686

The Huntington National Bank Asterisk-Free Checking Rate: 5

I love my account with Huntington Bank. The Asterisk-Free checking is great. No fees, and I love the 24 hour overdraft protection. It is very helpful in case I get in a l…

Reviewed by: @kmthomp29

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 2

We recently made a claim for windows that had bricks thrown through them. I could not be more displeased with how Nationwide handled the claim. It took them a very long t…

Reviewed by: @cbroph