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David A Zeledon Review Rate: 1

I spoke with David Zeledon recently and was not happy in the end. He was was unfriendly, rude and a bit unprofessional. He was way off. I am surprised this guy has a job.…

Reviewed by: @Markwahl1

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

Their rates are affordable and not to mention the service is 100% personable. 100% Guaranteed customer experience, like interest rates, fees and credit limits, which are…

Reviewed by: @shirleyy1

Harbor Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

I've had Harbor Insurance for the past 4 years. I only signed up with them because they were the cheapest rate I could find after calling everyone in town. I am on a real…

Reviewed by: @scorpiomsbhvn

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 4

A few years ago I was looking for a descent priced auto insurance company. I have now been insured through Farmers insurance for 2 years. I paid under $100 for full cover…

Reviewed by: @adambcheat

EXIT Mortgage Review Rate: 1

This mortgage company pre-approved a buyer for my house that had no business being approved. Because the buyer was pre-approved by Exit Mortgage, we entered into a 3 mont…

Reviewed by: @merylf1

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 4

I've had Erie Insurance for two years. I first got Erie Insurance because I just wanted to change it up as I had always been with Allstate and didn't very many good expe…

Reviewed by: @Griffin

AAA Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have both held AAA insurance and had to deal with them as the "other guy" in a car accident. I must say that the experience was pleasant on both accounts. The custo…

Reviewed by: @clintd1

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Review Rate: 4

West Bend Mutual Insurance provides some of the most competitive rates. I purchased my coverage through an independent broker and have received great customer service in…

Reviewed by: @michaels1

Gary Dibona Review Rate: 2

Represents his and financial institutions best interest over yours. Be very Careful!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…

Reviewed by: @arthurc1

Fort Sill Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with Fort Sill Federal Credit Union for a few years now. I haven't had any issues with them. They are very respectful and friendly when doing business with m…

Reviewed by: @crusher55

Community Financial Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have used Community Financial for over 10 years and have had an overall great experience; everyone who works at both the Plymouth and Northville locations are very nice…

Reviewed by: @nmbailey298

Community Financial Credit Union Review Rate: 4

My husband and I have been customers of Community Financial since 2011. We currently have a joint checking and joint savings account through the credit union. The applica…

Reviewed by: @kaitlynw1

Educational Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I've had my savings account here for 4 years and at the start of this year I received a letter saying that unless a minimum amount was kept in the account, they would sta…

Reviewed by: @sharonphelps83

Riverfront Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have two savings accounts with Riverfront FCU, a standard dividends savings account and a vacation savings account.  Riverfront is a giving financial institution.  Si…

Reviewed by: @kellyr1

Apple Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I was in need of buying a car and wanted an older model Honda so I decided to apply for a personal loan through Apple Federal Credit Union. I felt comfortable the whole t…

Reviewed by: @kwill

U.S. Bank Easy Checking Rate: 4

We have had an Easy Checking account with U.S. Bank for 15+ years. It has been a good bank that does the job for us. We use it for our rental house and used to take the m…

Reviewed by: @MTcreekside

Chase Total Checking Rate: 4

I recently signed up for this checking account and have been using it for about two months now. Other members of my family use this account and they all recommended this…

Reviewed by: @agl1322

Wells Fargo Preferred Checking Package Rate: 3

I recently opened a Wells Fargo checking account and overall I am happy but I do have some issues. The fees are a little high especially the monthly fee. I think the va…

Reviewed by: @ericv

Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Rate: 2

I had Way 2 Save for a long time. Every time I swiped my card,it would deduct 1.00 from my checking into my savings: great for a family that makes adequate money, but I h…

Reviewed by: @tamzamonster

Summit Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Summit has been an incredible credit union in regards to helping me rebuild my finances after some previous issues. They were able to get me a credit card to get me resta…

Reviewed by: @buddyr1

TCF Free Checking Rate: 3

TCF is fine until you have an overdraft. The few times it's happened to me, they've taken out the smaller amounts first, so you overdraft more often, even though that was…

Reviewed by: @jennyoturkey82

Woodforest National Bank Review Rate: 4

I had a gym that was taking money out of my account after I had canceled my membership. I called into my back and talked to the local office clerk. She was super sweet, v…

Reviewed by: @ashleamull

PNC Review Rate: 5

I like PNC Bank. As long as you do all your banking via ATMs, there is no minimum balance or fees. Also, my internet provider made an unauthorized payment request while I…

Reviewed by: @andrewspader

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 4

This checking account is fine for basic checking. The interest checking would be nice but why keep that kind of balance level when the rates are pitiful? The most irrit…

Reviewed by: @jtw33

Nationwide Bank Review Rate: 4

I opened my Nationwide Bank savings account just over five years ago, and I have been please with the earnings on the account as well as the service I have received as a…

Reviewed by: @dg440

Scott Huntington Review Rate: 5

Scott - Thank you so much to you and your team for helping us get our house refinanced. It was a big challenge because it was hard to find other comps to support the val…

Reviewed by: @johnlibner

First Security Bank Review Rate: 5

We have had a bank account with First Security for around nine years. They have amazing employees that are so friendly and helpful. We recently moved and where we live,…

Reviewed by: @XxTiaraNicolexX

First Harrison Bank Review Rate: 5

I have had a checking account with First Harrison Bank for about six years. I have never had any problems with the bank or my account. Every time I have to go in to the b…

Reviewed by: @taylork1

TD Bank Review Rate: 5

We have been using TD Bank for several years now. I have always been pleased with their service, the tellers are friendly, our statements are accurate and I love to go th…

Reviewed by: @ckmaranville

Woodforest National Bank Review Rate: 4

I am recently divorced. Upon our separation, my husband overdrew our checking account. With fees and such, the account was so negative I was unable to afford to bring t…

Reviewed by: @loreyw1

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

We recently refinanced our mortgage through Wells Fargo. It was a smooth, easy process. Much easier than I had anticipated. The paperwork was quickly sent to us, and w…

Reviewed by: @jellybean1887

Ally Bank Review Rate: 4

I have had several auto loans with Ally Bank, as well as an online checking account. I find that their auto loans are straightforward and hassle free. I recently had to…

Reviewed by: @aj.campbell

SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 5

I have had a checking account with Sun Trust bank for over 5 years now. They are a very good bank. No crazy fees or anything like that. Great service when you go into the…

Reviewed by: @jimmyd10

H&R Block Bank Review Rate: 3

This past tax season I had my taxes done by H&R Block and took advantage of their Emerald Card offer since I didn't have a current bank account and wanted the convenience…

Reviewed by: @jeniferb1

Chase Review Rate: 4

I have been using Chase bank for a number of years, they are fast and friendly whenever I have to go into the branch, the app leaves some room for improvement, it seems t…

Reviewed by: @melindac1

FSGBANK Review Rate: 5

This is a great bank, with great customer service. One of the only banks around that still offer a completely free bank account with no fees associated with some of them…

Reviewed by: @ajj1214

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

My wife and I have been with Navy Federal for several years. We have never had an issue and never run into any problems. Their customer service is fantastic and eager to…

Reviewed by: @quiksilver895

Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a customer with Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union for my entire life. I have both a savings and checking account. I've also taken out a car loan and a Cer…

Reviewed by: @jessicab1

Ronan Sramek Review Rate: 5

Ronan was very prompt in reviewing our application and keeping us updated. He communicated with us via email primarily, which was our preference. He explained the loan pr…

Reviewed by: @chachmeister

TD Bank Review Rate: 5

I first found TD Bank through my TD Ameritrade investing account. I was kind of shocked that they had a bank branch but this became a pleasant surprise. TD Bank is a legi…

Reviewed by: @kylethexian