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SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 4

I was recommended to SunTrust by a friend, who stated that they did banking "the old-fashioned" way. She was right! The day I went in to open my checking acco…

Reviewed by: @ANDIL2006

Jaymee C Breitwieser Review Rate: 1

I spoke to Mrs. Breitwieser regarding issues with the title and she was the most ignorant, rude, and condescending person I have ever dealt with. She is a person I can sa…

Reviewed by: @Anon212

Ally Bank Review Rate: 5

I use this bank for savings and I would love to open a checking account! Their savings accounts have no annual fees and give 87% interest… PER MONTH! Ally is the best o…

Reviewed by: @yorkerbubble

Wells Fargo College Combo Checking Rate: 5

This is the bank I've chosen because specifically as long as your qualifying for the no monthly service fee's and the convenience of the ATM's and branches they provide f…

Reviewed by: @Rawb09

TCF Bank Review Rate: 1

This bank is predatory. I opened a free business checking account here and signed an "opt out" form which states that if there are no funds available, the debit…

Reviewed by: @1dayatatime

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 5

I have had nothing but great experiences with US Bank. The one that stands out the most was recently when I went in to cash my paper US Savings Bonds. The gentleman who h…

Reviewed by: @brandy_jankowski

Boeing Employees Credit Union Checking Account Rate: 5

I have been with BECU now for about 2 years and love their service. I move around the country quite a bit and am still able to use their services no matter where I am. I…

Reviewed by: @Fitzsplitz

Space Coast Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've had Space Coast Credit Union for a few years now and I've always been impressed with the quality of service. All of my friends and family use SCCU, so word of mouth…

Reviewed by: @Ciggabuzz

Capital One Review Rate: 4

I love this bank! I signed up for it years ago for their 1% interest guarantee for a year. I put in my college money and let it sit while I was waiting to go to college.…

Reviewed by: @dgeyer2

M&T Bank Review Rate: 5

M&T Bank was the first and only bank I have had a checking account with. I have been an M&T Bank customer now for 12 years. In all of that time I have never had a…

Reviewed by: @marcus_pinoponto

Nevada State Bank Review Rate: 4

This was my first bank I signed up with growing up and being on my own. I just have to say that it's not perfect or the best experience I went through. It did serve a pro…

Reviewed by: @aznboihoy03

Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Smart Checking Rate: 5

I've been with Suncoast for almost five years now. Their mobile app is really easy to use, logging in is a breeze, and the mobile check deposit system has really improved…

Reviewed by: @ashlieeexoxo

Wells Fargo Value Checking Rate: 3

I've had Wells Fargo for some time now. Like any bank, they're hit or miss. I lost my job recently and haven't been able to keep the minimum balance, so I could do withou…

Reviewed by: @M0rningrise

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 5

US bank is a reliable, wonderful bank. I have almost never had any problems with them except a few rude employees, but I do not think it is fair to judge the company over…

Reviewed by: @SSlaven5683

Bank of America MyAccess Checking Rate: 5

My experience was outstanding. Every time I go in they are always so helpful. I like to go in and get two dollar bills and although this is not a typical request, they go…

Reviewed by: @david_e_junkmail

SunTrust Bank Savings Account Rate: 4

I've been with Sun Trust for more than 5 years and have no plans to leave. I love going into any branch and having them greet me as if they already know me. Everyone is…

Reviewed by: @kimchen1

Cyprus Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I love Cyprus Credit Union. My husband and I are trying to get debt free and we started talking to Cyprus about how we can achieve this. They told us the best way is to g…

Reviewed by: @cgivens0410

Charles Schwab Bank Review Rate: 3

I had Schwab when I worked for an institutional money manager who had a relationship with Schwab and I got GREAT customer service due to the special accounts they gave th…

Reviewed by: @kadysun

South Shore Savings Bank Review Rate: 4

South Shore Bank is local to Massachusetts which I like, especially since in Massachusetts we have good financial institution regulations. I use the Rewards checking, whi…

Reviewed by: @sherrieann_noble

Chase Review Rate: 5

I personally have been with chase since they switch all the Washington mutual customers over. What I like most about chase is that they give me the benefit of the doubt…

Reviewed by: @benjaminzzs

Chase Total Checking Rate: 5

I've had different Chase checking accounts through the years, but closed them out due to low interest rates. Last year, they offered $100 to open a new checking account (…

Reviewed by: @laoqinglong

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have banked with Navy Federal for over a year now and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. It was super fast and easy to sign up for an account. I love the overd…

Reviewed by: @jennbuzbee

Woodforest National Bank Checking Account Rate: 5

I love this bank. I started out with not so good credit, and they helped me get my good credit back by opening an account. Every experience I have had with them has been…

Reviewed by: @belle_starr_391

Great Western Bank Review Rate: 4

My husband and I moved from Florida to Nebraska and were looking for a free checking account. We were referred by a friend to Great Western Bank. We were very impressed…

Reviewed by: @jennifer_knightemahizer

U.S. Bank Premium Checking Account Rate: 5

I've used US Bank Premium Checking for the past 7 years, and overall have had nothing but exceptional experiences. There was one occasion where I had fraudulent charges…

Reviewed by: @deliriumtremens

Peter Huffman Review Rate: 5

As a senior executive of a local San Diego company, I have been exposed to a variety of investment professionals throughout my career. My wife and I were referred to The…

Reviewed by: @jstrackner

University Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

When my debit card suddenly stopped working, I was in a panic! I called ufcu right away and they told me my card number had been used to make purchases across the country…

Reviewed by: @ivegottheitis

Eglin Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First, I want to say Eglin Federal Credit Union is amazing. I will start by saying I currently live in Georgia do to a military move. I tried to apply for a car loan onli…

Reviewed by: @dbojoey

Niu Employees Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been a part of the Niu Employees Federal Credit Union since I was 13 years old. My mom worked at NIU so we were able to get savings accounts through her. I love i…

Reviewed by: @shloft

Wauna Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Wauna for a couple years now, I switched from Bank of America and am very happy that I did! I love the local branches, the bankers are always fri…

Reviewed by: @thatratgirl

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First of all, let me just say WOW! I have never seen a credit union more reliable, and safe with your money with not only low interest rates but extremely wonderful custo…

Reviewed by: @tylaaa69

MEFCU Review Rate: 5

I had never banked with a credit union prior to signing up with MEFCU and, after joining, I can't believe I waited this long! I have used many different banks througho…

Reviewed by: @MatthewB2

Boeing Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) has been a great credit union to deal with. The people at the bank could not be any nicer or more helpful. My branch is right up the…

Reviewed by: @abraham_tov

American First Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I was in a really big bind and American First Credit Union came through quickly for me! I needed a car loan immediately and I applied for the car loan through American Fi…

Reviewed by: @mel_pearson_31

Holy Name Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have never had any real serious problems with HNCU. I always receive prompt and courteous service. The only time I've really had any trouble would be when I e-mail them…

Reviewed by: @tesunshine

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of this credit union for over five years. Through them, I have a credit card and a car loan. I also used them to consolidate my credit card bills. I…

Reviewed by: @Missy.Callahan

Teachers Credit Union Review Rate: 3

While this is one of the best Credit Unions I've been with, I do have a serious problem with employees and customer service. Calling into any bank should be fairly quick…

Reviewed by: @dillonwthomas

Partners Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I work at Disney in Orlando, FL and Partners has been my savior ever since I started banking with them. They always are able to assist me on time and my biggest problem…

Reviewed by: @SuperCutie

Central Insurance Companies Review Rate: 5

My wife and I insure our home with Central Insurance, but I have to disclose that they were not our first choice. We tried Allstate, who was very encrypted about what was…

Reviewed by: @glenn.davisiii

American Modern Insurance Group Review Rate: 1

When I first signed up with American Modern their prices were great for home insurance, my house was out of state and was a rental, very easy to sign up and pay very help…

Reviewed by: @sinmas19