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Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

After not being able to afford a new car, I was concerned about how long I was gong to be able to keep my 2005 Toyota on the road before I started to have trouble with it…

Reviewed by: @sandyp1

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

I very rarely get online and write reviews but I felt like I had to after an experience I had. I purchased a contract from them back in February for my 08 Honda Accord an…

Reviewed by: @AmyMadison341

Amy Huellmantel Review Rate: 5

An amazing person first and foremost...Extremely intelligent and always seemingly has her client's best interest at heart...Because at the end of the day, we all want eth…

Reviewed by: @Jdavis

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

I was researching all my options before I made a purchased, and I am really pleased that I choose TurnKey Auto Group. They saved me a bundle on my auto repairs! I highly…

Reviewed by: @doug1234

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

I bought a policy from one of their administrators EFG. I only had one calm since and must say it was paid immediately but what was real cool was the roadside and rental…

Reviewed by: @puldoggy14

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

Turnkey auto group definately helped me out with my 02 mercedes benz. I knew when i bought the car that it was time to start seeing problems because it had 130k miles. I…

Reviewed by: @traviswilson24

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

Turnkey Auto Group is one of only 11 companies in the United States that is a certified member of the Vehicle Protection Association. Turnkey is Also an accredited member…

Reviewed by: @johnd1

South Jersey Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I began using this credit union through work using them for a savings account only. After using them for a year and wanting to switch from my (td) bank (where my checking…

Reviewed by: @donna_decinque

SAFE Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have had SAFE since I was 14 years old, I have been banking with them for 12 years now. Even though I no longer live near a branch I refuse to close my account with the…

Reviewed by: @jmguiry

American Heritage Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've been a member of AMHFCU for about three years now. I switched to the credit union after dealing with multiple banks and their fees for too long. What I like most abo…

Reviewed by: @BreannaT

Wells Fargo College Combo Checking Rate: 4

I wish they had the feature to create sub-accounts to help you save for certain goals like some of their competitors do. I have several different goals that I save for an…

Reviewed by: @carriewillis

BCU Review Rate: 5

I have been a member for a number of years now and have nothing but great things to say. Every interaction that I have had over the years has been top notch with a great…

Reviewed by: @akc927

Municipal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I've been a member since 2003 and it has been nothing but a positive experience. The have representatives visit the hospital I work for monthly and they are always helpfu…

Reviewed by: @workisforlames

Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of this credit union for close to 17 years and have also gotten my son started because of the ease and value of service offered. I have multiple acco…

Reviewed by: @rayodeluna926

Guardian Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Excellent customer service. Always helpful by phone & in person. I especially love the ease of online banking. I can check my balances, pay loans & complete tr…

Reviewed by: @theresonlyus

Bank of America MyAccess Checking Rate: 5

I enjoy the MyAccess checking because I do 99% of by banking through direct deposit, online, or at an ATM. We can use a teller if needed, but generally it's never requir…

Reviewed by: @missy_eisenstein

Bangor Savings Bank Business Complete Checking Rate: 5

This Is one of the better banks out there in my opinion, good service, convenience and friendly customer service. However, I will say that some of the fees are not on par…

Reviewed by: @svea_elaine

Jax Metro Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I am very appreciative of Jax Metro and their wonderful staff. I went through a break-up about six months ago and my ex and I were joint signers on a large truck loan.…

Reviewed by: @jaime_thompson_338

Kevin T. Williams Review Rate: 5

Mr. Williams was so helpful to both myself and my neighbor. He helped my neighbor with her bankruptcy and made the whole experience so positive. Who would have thought…

Reviewed by: @Gerigirl

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 3

I recently started shopping for new car insurance when I moved and out of the area where my old insurance company operated. I’m disappointed Nodak Mutual (From North Da…

Reviewed by: @dustinhuber

Esurance Review Rate: 4

I have had Esurance for a little over a year now and I love it. The price is great for the quality of insurance. The only thing I would change (if I had to choose) would…

Reviewed by: @candice_griffin_336

OSU Federal Review Rate: 5

My experience with OSU Federal Credit Union has been excellent. I've had an account with them since I was a child. On the one occasion I overdrew my account (I withdrew m…

Reviewed by: @pcmbrown

Bank of America MyAccess Checking Rate: 4

I have had my Bank of America, MyAccess Checking Account for about 8 years now. I enjoy the account and am happy with the service on the account. The only thing that I…

Reviewed by: @lauren_brown_9235199

Members 1st Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been a member of Members 1st FCU since I opened a bank account. After getting married, my husband also became a member. I have been please with my service and th…

Reviewed by: @skiermose

Bank of America Interest Checking Rate: 5

After doing business with this branch for nearly 20 years now, I have come to trust and respect Bank of America for all my banking needs. The customer service is polite a…

Reviewed by: @ams421

Esurance Review Rate: 4

About a year and a half ago we switched from Progressive to Esurance because their rates were significantly lower. We had to file a couple claims with Progressive and it…

Reviewed by: @AMANDA0615

Jacques Nazaire Review Rate: 1

Jacques Nazaire has extorted $10,000. from my mother and is attempting to extort thousands more. My mother is currently residing in a nursing home- recovering from major…

Reviewed by: @DivineC

Citizens Bank Review Rate: 3

Charter one has excellent customer service, but is lacking in available ATMs and banking spots. When traveling around the US I have had a great amount of trouble finding…

Reviewed by: @chloelogan

TD Bank Review Rate: 1

My wife and I have a savings/checking account at TD Bank (which we will be closing shortly). The experience has made us want to never do business with this bank again! We…

Reviewed by: @spinner410

ORNL Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I am very pleased with ORNLFCU. I have been a member of this bank for over 10 years now. I do not have many complaints about this financial institution to be honest. I…

Reviewed by: @bailey92481

Windhaven Insurance Review Rate: 1

I got in an accident on June 18 th and Windhaven just now sent me a check and guess what , they did not send me the full amount of the quote that I had sent to them , ne…

Reviewed by: @tubesteak

Desmond Brivik Review Rate: 5

I know Desmond retired many years back but he did invest and manage all our family's wealth back in Kansas City when we were employed as executives with Sprint. He was re…

Reviewed by: @Investor1

Tennessee Farmers Assurance Company Review Rate: 5

I have used Farm Bureau for many many years. They have been a phenomenal company to provide car insurance. The one time I had to file a claim, it was done very quickly an…

Reviewed by: @tsnie

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

I have Bank of America checking account for 7 years and have never wanted to switch banks. I began with a student checking account and have worked up to add credit lines…

Reviewed by: @magstar09

Delta Community Credit Union Review Rate: 4

In general, they are a rather user-friendly Credit Union. I had an issue with my password, however, which made me feel pretty bad about their online presence. In order…

Reviewed by: @SurveyLuis

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company Review Rate: 2

I have been a member for many years with Pioneer. We had a house fire, and came to learn the hard way that we did not know what was in our policy. Our house is over 100…

Reviewed by: @kas1965

People's Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I had a wonderful experience at People’s Credit Union. After shopping around banks and online for some time I was growing frustrated at the difficulty of securing a sma…

Reviewed by: @ReiderM

Chase Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Chase Banking for several years now. They are always professional and very helpful. When I decided to switch banks, Chase convinced me the very fi…

Reviewed by: @briand1

Delta Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have a savings account with DCCU and was looking for a loan. I've heard MANY horror stories from various people about applying for loans, so I was a bit weary about sta…

Reviewed by: @isabel2587

Capital One Review Rate: 5

I jumped onto the internet banking band wagon in the late 90's. At that time, ING Direct offered all the products I needed including checking, savings, & CDs. A coup…

Reviewed by: @LAV358