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Chase Savings Account Rate: 4

I don't have the best credit in the world and had issues at other banks getting a savings account. I figured I would give Chase a try as a last resort and I soon found ou…

Reviewed by: @faggertygolembowl

Capital One High Yield Checking Rate: 5

Hey guys! I'm not usually a reviews kind of guy, but I wanted to tell you about this experience. We were hit by one of those identity thieves. They managed to totally bre…

Reviewed by: @nickwilkinsonhansrote

Boeing Employees Credit Union Savings Account Rate: 5

I really like my BECU savings account. The best thing I like about my savings account is that on the first $500 dollars the interest rate is 6%. After that it goes down…

Reviewed by: @ericandstacynix

Tower Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First of all, I must say that I love this credit union! I have been a member for almost 14 years and have multiple accounts including a home mortgage. When I moved into t…

Reviewed by: @PapaCharlie57

SunTrust Bank Everyday Checking Rate: 5

I know most people would think a checking account is not that exciting, and I would be one of them. But when I went to Suntrust Bank to get a new account they made me fee…

Reviewed by: @BlogsEdie

U.S. Bank Student Checking Account Rate: 5

I really love this student checking account. It was my first checking account when I started college. The online portal in which you can view your transactions and hist…

Reviewed by: @lindsaympayne

Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

PFCU is great. I'm so glad I made the decision to distance myself from TD Bank and switch to a local federal credit union. I recently switched my workplace automatic paym…

Reviewed by: @sere_chao

Chase Review Rate: 5

I am totally pleased with Chase saving account. Chase staffs help you genuinely and appropriately toward your demands and disclose whatever you might need to know to open…

Reviewed by: @m.soltani

Delta Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I started using Delta Community Credit Union, five years ago. I had started a new job and I wanted to start saving money to purchase a new car. I met with a loan officer…

Reviewed by: @BlogsAngie

First Community Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I mainly opened my account to establish residency so I could travel for a year and keep in-state school fees. So for that, it's been excellent.rnrnHowever, my biggest pro…

Reviewed by: @vital

Esurance Review Rate: 5

I have had Esurance auto insurance for the longest time. WIth only a few incidents that I've had to rely on them to follow through and get repairs completed, but they wer…

Reviewed by: @ryan5081

Kemper Review Rate: 5

I was in an accident back in 2010, I had Kemper Insurance for at least 4 years at this point. The person who hit me, did not speak English, so my Kemper agent very quickl…

Reviewed by: @joshua_r_wilcox

Angel Insurance Agency Review Rate: 5

I had insurance with Angel Insurance some years ago. I must say there customer service is very good as compared to a lot of others I have dealt with. They were clear wi…

Reviewed by: @deserae_leach

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 1

Hello, Back about 10 years ago I was insured with Farmers insurance and got into an auto accident which was ruled not my fault in court, and by the police officers who sh…

Reviewed by: @thehealthnut42

Navy Federal Credit Union EveryDay Checking Rate: 5

Pretty much the best bank account I've ever had. My credit card information was stolen and someone had a good time in Yonkers, NY at my expense. I was able to reach a liv…

Reviewed by: @priscilla_derr

Safeco Insurance Review Rate: 4

Safeco has been a great company to do business with. They are very transaparent, and their customer suervice associates are always very nice and helpful. Fortanutely, I…

Reviewed by: @brian_ackroyd_3

Travis Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been a member of Travis credit union for years. They have been a great bank to me and my family. I would say the only serious issue I have had was when I had got m…

Reviewed by: @vanna_rizzo_7

Mutual First Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I think the biggest issue that faces Mutual First is the lack of locations. Their two locations are not the easiest to get to, one being way out west, and the other being…

Reviewed by: @M3Turker

BBVA Compass Review Rate: 4

Overall my experience with BBVA Compass was a positive one. I really appreciated that their customer service department was open late (until 11 PM), so that if I had a qu…

Reviewed by: @cupcakecakecup

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 5

This bank provides an excellent checking account service. The application process is extremely easy; I simply went into my local bank, applied, and left in about 30 minut…

Reviewed by: @niless

BMI Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I opened my checking and savings accounts with BMI back in December of 2003, so almost 11 years now. I've been very satisfied. There are very few fees, even if you mainta…

Reviewed by: @anniej

Chase Review Rate: 3

I have been banking with Chase now for about 5 years. For the most part their checking is pretty straight forward. I do however have some issues. I get paid via person…

Reviewed by: @jessmmcculloch

Capital One 360 Checking Account Rate: 5

I have had my Capital One 360 checking account for almost a year now. I love it, because it does not charge me any fees. I get a debit card with the account and I can dep…

Reviewed by: @starfish1004

Bank of America Core Checking Account Rate: 4

I have been with Bank of America for almost 10 years now and have not experienced any issues with them. Since opening the account the customer service reps have been ver…

Reviewed by: @sunflowerladi

Vantage West Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I've had a checking account at Vantage West since I was 18 years old due to their affiliation with the military where I live (my dad is retired Air Force). I've rarely ha…

Reviewed by: @jaynesmonsters

OSU Federal Review Rate: 5

I have had nothing but great experiences with OSU Credit Union. I recently needed to take a trip out of state to see a friend but realized there was no way i could afford…

Reviewed by: @ati2ude

Branch Wealth Strategies Review Rate: 1

My experience with the principle Mr. Jack Branch was very difficult and uncomfortable. He seemed to be a ver angry person and only interested in recommending investments…

Reviewed by: @Learner

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I initially switched to Nationwide Insurance at the beginning of the year only because their rates were the cheapest I could find following a problem with my previous com…

Reviewed by: @acsmommyof1

The General Insurance Review Rate: 5

Purchased auto insurance from The General in 2009 after switching from Progressive. My rates with General were almost half of what I was paying with Progressive for the s…

Reviewed by: @jclasvegas01

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 2

I've been with Nationwide for several years, and filed a few claims. One of the worst experiences I've ever had with them involved a Comprehensive claim where my vehicle…

Reviewed by: @david_harkey_5

AAA Insurance Review Rate: 4

I have been with AAA car insurance for about a year and a half. They are a really good company and it is great dealing with my local office. Every time I walk in there I…

Reviewed by: @kwell

Mutual of Omaha Bank Review Rate: 3

I have maintained a checking account with Mutual of Omaha Bank for about two years now. Customer service at my local branch has been exceptional. However, the online cust…

Reviewed by: @hmariaperry

Bank of America Interest Checking Rate: 1

The interest rate Bank of America offers on their checking accounts is about as low you can find. They literally offer .03 percent on the almost 20,000 dollars that I kee…

Reviewed by: @engadget_hd

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 4

Overall, I have had a good experience with Wells Fargo. I will say, however that I do not like that I signed up for Over Draft protection (to move money from my savings t…

Reviewed by: @christy_romine

PNC Review Rate: 4

The biggest problem I've encountered with PNC Bank is trying to get a small personal loan for 1000 dollars. I understand my credit isn't the best, which I immediately bro…

Reviewed by: @intoobscurity84

NetSpend® Prepaid Card - Pay-As-You-Go Rate: 5

This is a very basic account, there is a $5.00 monthly fee. That $5.00 will not be deducted unless there is money in your account so you do not have to worry about compan…

Reviewed by: @alexis_p_baylor

Tom Thuss Review Rate: 1

We have had bad experiences with Tom on 2 different deals now. The first he had us pay out $4000 to get our debt down and then turn around and couldnt get us refinanced.…

Reviewed by: @NCTitan85

Test Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

Please focus your review on your overall customer experience, rather than things like interest rates, fees and credit limits, which are highly correlated to your income a…

Reviewed by: @micheal1234

Stephen P Jenson Review Rate: 5

Went to Steve right in 2009 during the crash, he immediately went to work moving my super hard hit assets around. They IMMEDiATELY turned around, regained all losses in j…

Reviewed by: @Rndiadem

Arbella Insurance Review Rate: 5

I remember getting into my first car accident in 2010; I was rear-ended and the car was essentially totaled and I unfortunately suffered major whiplash and damage to both…

Reviewed by: @gcole85