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USAA Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have a checking account with USAA and they are honestly a great company. I have had problems with my debit card and they were able to fix the problem over the phone wi…

Reviewed by: @cparr89

Citibank Savings Plus Account Rate: 5

My family switched over to citibank when my father's company got acquired; I have never been happier with a savings account. All the employees at my branch are always ver…

Reviewed by: @JDonson84

Tennessee Members 1st Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with TN Member's First for over 10 years now, and they're amazing. I honestly couldn't ask for better customer service. Whenever there's a problem with my acc…

Reviewed by: @artman2251

USAA Bank Secure Checking Account Rate: 5

I have had a USAA checking account for nearly 10 years now and I have been very happy with it. My husband is in the United States Air Force and that is how we were first…

Reviewed by: @staceswim

PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 5

I am in LOVE with my PNC virtual wallet performance spend account. The account comes with 3 accounts linked together, 2 checking accounts and 1 savings account. The prima…

Reviewed by: @PAmomof2

GE Capital Bank Online Savings Account Rate: 5

The GE Capital Bank is a great place to have a savings account. They have excellent customer service, and there is no monthly fees or minimum balance needed to open an ac…

Reviewed by: @vector77

Wells Fargo Way2Save Checking Package Rate: 4

I have been banking with this company for over 6 years. The staff are always friendly and take care of my business efficiently. There was a point in time when they were g…

Reviewed by: @lp2244

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have only been with State Employees for about a year now. My current husband had it when we got together. We both love it. They are very helpful with many things. If yo…

Reviewed by: @pat_sarno

John J Weiner Review Rate: 5

John Weiner met with my wife and I on a Saturday, at our request. Many advisors won't do this. Any and all topics we wanted to learn about, he taught us, and made us feel…

Reviewed by: @rexplossom

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

Please focus your review on your overall customer experience, rather than things like interest rates, fees and credit limits, which are highly correlated to your income a…

Reviewed by: @Meesig

Highlands Union Bank Review Rate: 5

When I lived in North Carolina for college, I used Highlands Union Bank as my main bank for several years. Their customer service deserves the most praise out of everythi…

Reviewed by: @Bershwitzl

Citizens Bank Review Rate: 4

Overall, Citizens is a good bank. I have rarely had issues with them. They offer a checking account free of monthly maintenance fees if you receive one electronic auto de…

Reviewed by: @CBeason

Chase Review Rate: 3

I have been a Chase customer since 2000. I never had an issue with this bank until recently. They always had superior customer service and I had no complaints. Recently,…

Reviewed by: @mharrin1

Jeffrey MacKinnon Review Rate: 5

Evert time I have went to Jeff, he has been very educational. Jeff helps you understand what products you are purchasing and why you need or do not need the coverage's an…

Reviewed by: @alauffer

Steven Lewis Review Rate: 5

I always get great advice from Steven. He has helped me understand reasons why I did not have adequate car insurance when I first signed up for service. When I bought my…

Reviewed by: @kmcall

Craig Taylor Review Rate: 5

My experiences with The Horton Group have changed my perspective on insurance agencies. For a long time I really thought most of them were just strict scams and that they…

Reviewed by: @mikeh13

Ronnie Paulk Review Rate: 5

I use Ronnie Paulk & Associates, Benefit Planners Inc. to help me plan for my future by offering financial advice that would be beneficial should the unexpected happen. I…

Reviewed by: @Jsimmons7

Ken Lohman Review Rate: 5

Ken is a truthful and to the point agent. He has always been straight and honest with me and my needs. The people in his office are very helpful and very customer service…

Reviewed by: @fauss00

Michael Koman Review Rate: 5

My agent is good at making sure that my policy is up to date and he sometimes call just to say Hi.Frirndly person welcomes any questions with quick repones. Always answer…

Reviewed by: @skon123

Brian Andrews Review Rate: 5

When we moved to GA almost 3 years ago we had to search for new insurance. I called around to many places getting quotes. State Farm was very competitive and offered a…

Reviewed by: @cpscraps

Denis Wilson Review Rate: 4

I had an ok experience dealing with Dennis Wilson. My transition from an apartment to a house was smooth when it came to their renter's insurance policy. My transition fr…

Reviewed by: @christinee

Bill Guthridge Review Rate: 5

The agent is extremely responsive and mindful of our various policies. In addition to guiding us with regard to car insurance options, including when our children moved…

Reviewed by: @TheAcsMan

BB&T Review Rate: 5

My husband and I chose BB&T when we moved down to Virginia and neither of our banks had branches in our new state. From the first time we went to our local branch about…

Reviewed by: @nancy_furey_michael

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 5

I've had this account for a couple years now and so far have been pleased. It's low cost, but it gets the job done for what I need. I do most of my banking online and the…

Reviewed by: @JamesJon

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

We love banking with USAA! They are so friendly and are always quick to solve our issues. My husband and I have been using them for over 7 years and I don't see us changi…

Reviewed by: @kerri_d_moller

First Commonwealth Bank HomeTown Checking Rate: 1

I have been a first commonwealth member for several years. I had some poor customer service experiences with one of the tellers at a local branch on several occasions, af…

Reviewed by: @jrast2

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

Bank of America is a great bank. I had been using Chase for years, but started to get tired of all these new fees they kept charging. I was paying almost $100/month in va…

Reviewed by: @dreadmime

MetaBank Review Rate: 5

I first had a western union prepaid card that was processed through Metabank and now a Netspend card through them. I used to have my company checks paid via direct deposi…

Reviewed by: @martin_williams_921230

Common Form Review Rate: 5

Most tax blogs are pretty boring. I like Common Form's because they write with some wit and when they have to get dry and "taxy" they get to the point without boring me w…

Reviewed by: @ryan_farley_378

KeyBank Review Rate: 2

Key bank was my first bank when I was in college. I had no idea what I was looking for so I just signed up at the closest branch I could find. I put up with the monthly m…

Reviewed by: @brazen33

Boeing Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

BECU is a great place to bank if you’re living in the Seattle area. After years of using commercial banks, I’m never going back. The customer service is better, the f…

Reviewed by: @TH5575

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 4

At first when I joined US BANK,I was not a true fan.I had transferred banks and did not really feel as if this bank had what it takes to make me feel comfortable and beco…

Reviewed by: @lisanyangau

Fifth Third Bank Review Rate: 1

I had a couple of bad experiences with this bank that resulted in me leaving them and never looking back. After setting up a mortgage through them and signing up for auto…

Reviewed by: @sofaslug

Regions Bank Review Rate: 5

Our local Regions Bank branch is full of friendly hometown people. I've been so impressed that the past few times that I have visited they have known my first name. In fa…

Reviewed by: @marthabhowell

Fifth Third Bank Review Rate: 4

Overall my experience has been rather pleasant with the customer service at Fifth Third Bank. They are definitely less crowded then other banks so I get right in and righ…

Reviewed by: @SJKTIGERS71

American Family Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have had this insurance policy since I was about 18 Company a real ease to work with. I recently could not pay the whole year at once agents staff very helpful with con…

Reviewed by: @annw1

Founders Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've been a member of Founders for about 5 years now. I first got a checking account because my mom banks there and said it was a good bank. Now I've gotten multiple loan…

Reviewed by: @nblackwell90

Cleveland-Bradley Cty Teacher Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Cleveland-Bradley County Teacher Federal Credit Union is a wonderful institution. The people are friendly and professional. They are open and willing to answer question…

Reviewed by: @bhicks2220

Financial Assurance Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

Overall an OK experience with FAFCU for my car loan. However, I have a suspicion that if I had experienced any issues it would have been quite a different case since the…

Reviewed by: @financefan333

Missouri Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Missouri Credit Union has been nothing short of fabulous for me and my husband. We have a home loan, auto loan, and line of credit through them. They have guided us throu…

Reviewed by: @cinkiss