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SunTrust Bank Everyday Checking Rate: 2

The only reason I have Suntrust is because FSU is affiliated with them, forcing students to open accounts with them to receive their financial aid refunds. The only conv…

Reviewed by: @alexisgutierrez93

Kerwin Lyon Review Rate: 5

Kerwin has made my family's dream of owning a house into a reality. He is very intelligent and experienced, he will go that extra mile to find that way to make his clie…

Reviewed by: @innak123

Veridian Credit Union Review Rate: 4

The most serious issue I have faced with Veridian Credit Union was that they didn't explain a lot about the savings account to me and I wasn't sure exactly what I had to…

Reviewed by: @yabs98

TD Bank Review Rate: 4

We first opened a business and then a personal checking account at TD Bank. I liked the hours, location, and turn around time for deposits. There was a point where we we…

Reviewed by: @wolffgang1

Henrico Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 2

This bank is only ok if you live really close to a branch or you are in one of the area highschools. Its supposed to be free for Henrico county residents but they were ch…

Reviewed by: @Kiing

Bank of the West Review Rate: 5

I recently had experience to open a business account with BOTW. The process was fairly simple, even dealing with another branch in another state to get it done. There was…

Reviewed by: @roger_saintvincent

First Neighbor Bank Review Rate: 4

I currently use an official branch of this bank for most of my financial needs. I ran into issues when first applying to this bank. Namely that I did not currently have…

Reviewed by: @Jamus

Citizens Bank Review Rate: 4

Overall I've had a great experience using Citizens bank as my primary bank over the past four years. The fees haven't been anything awful for both my checking and savings…

Reviewed by: @aeiou

Regions Bank Review Rate: 1

Regions started out to be a great bank, i can remember the application process was smooth and the short wait time and lines to deposit cash, however i do not have a good…

Reviewed by: @jose_ortega_9028194

HSBC Advance Online Savings Rate: 2

Over the past few years, HSBC continually lowered their savings account interest rate for their online savings accounts. While this is true for most, if not all, banks, H…

Reviewed by: @pbaldes

1st Bank Review Rate: 3

First Bank is a best place compared to other banks but to sum up about my past experience that i had with the bank. I would say the process involved in processing the mor…

Reviewed by: @cecilj

Granite State Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I would highly recommend Granite State Credit Union. The only issue I have with them are the limited physical locations, however their online banking system is so conven…

Reviewed by: @CLB03303

Santander Bank Review Rate: 4

I have had a very good experience banking with Santander bank for the last 7 years. Things have been smooth but the most serious issue is that my debit card has been comp…

Reviewed by: @stjacques.eric

Southeastern Ohio Credit Union Review Rate: 4

SEOCU is a great credit union. They have a few shortfalls however. While they are superior in customer service to any credit union or bank I've ever been a part of, they…

Reviewed by: @usakdev

University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

My husband and I needed a car loan and the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union offered the most competitive rates for us, so we opened an account with them. The…

Reviewed by: @kamber1788

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Deciding to switch to SchoolsFirst credit union was one of the best decisions I've made in regards to personal banking. I had been at major banks my entire life but the s…

Reviewed by: @oneill_danielle

State Farm Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

SFFCU is an excellent institution that truly cares about their customers. I was going through some tough financial times and the personal bankers were able to walk throug…

Reviewed by: @trentr89

UW Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Overall I haven't really had any issues with this credit union. I've only had the issue of being denied a few features because of my credit rating. The person who I work…

Reviewed by: @pauline8779

Capital One Review Rate: 4

Capital One has been a bank I have been using shortly after I started college. It was very easy to sign up for and up till this point my experience with it has been smoot…

Reviewed by: @nasagir1

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I love their basic Way2Save checking and savings account. I have also had my credit card through them for several years. I have never had any problems and have been very…

Reviewed by: @DanielD

Citibank Review Rate: 3

I used to be a customer of Citibank until recently they closed down all of their smaller, local branches and moved to one large branch that is several hours away. I had b…

Reviewed by: @christinaj1

Fidelity Bank Review Rate: 5

About 4 years ago, I had decided to move to a larger home, I chose Fidelity bank of Wichita to get my mortgage from. I had found the home I wanted already, it was a uni…

Reviewed by: @josephk1

New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

Overall, I am decently happy with NM Educators Federal Credit Union, however, they do some shady practices. For example, after using your debit card they charge you accou…

Reviewed by: @KHernan

Regions Bank Review Rate: 5

My experiences with Regions Bank go back to First American Bank, which was acquired by Amsouth Bank, which in turn was acquired by Regions. Though one would think that th…

Reviewed by: @cdtbn

Gateway Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Gateway Community Federal Credit Union is the most helpful, accommodating, personable credit union, or bank for that matter, that I’ve done business with. While banking…

Reviewed by: @jra3785

Lake Erie Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've definitely had a pleasant experience with Lake Erie Community Credit Union. They've been in business since for almost 70 years which, in my opinion, bolsters the con…

Reviewed by: @11713c

U.S. Bank Standard Savings Account Rate: 3

I have been using this account as my basic day to day savings account, and it is pretty standard. There are no outstanding features, though the ease and immediacy of tra…

Reviewed by: @kaisermikeb

UW Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I LOVE UW Credit Union. Since the day I opened my account almost eight years ago, I have had nothing but positive experiences. A great example was my experience trying…

Reviewed by: @bckelley

PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 2

I have the PNC Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend checking, but I'm here to talk about the growth (savings account). The interest rate is, like most accounts availabl…

Reviewed by: @DrewStephen

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I recently relocated to North Carolina from out of state and, after doing my research, decided to open an account with NC SECU. It was by far the easiest experience I've…

Reviewed by: @mnsmith049

First Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

After finishing college, moving to Oregon and joining Americorps I was not left with much money. Coming from a larger city I relied on public transportation, but as soon…

Reviewed by: @jesort

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Rate: 5

I opened my savings account with Ally a few months ago and so far everything has been excellent. Their site is easy to use and extremely user friendly. When I had to call…

Reviewed by: @samantha_grant_75

Ball State Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I signed up for BSFCU in my freshman year of college because of the convenience of location and no fees for opening up a checking account as well as no annual fee. What I…

Reviewed by: @evie_hiles

Alkeon Capital Management, LLC Review Rate: 1

As a former investor, I have seen that Alkeon has been so clearly underperforming as to be concerning. The returns, especially this year, have been well below benchmark.…

Reviewed by: @sprp2000

Turnkey Auto Group Inc Review Rate: 5

After researching online I contacted this company today and purchased an extended warranty. Myagents name was Michael and we was polite and took the time to make sure I u…

Reviewed by: @Becca42

The Huntington National Bank Review Rate: 5

I remember a particular day I got to the bank and it was completely busy with a line outside ready for when the bank opened its doors. I was frustrated thinking to myself…

Reviewed by: @waymj01

The Bancorp Bank Review Rate: 4

Where to start? The Bancorp Bank's prepaid Achieve Card is not only easy to apply for and receive, but also to use online. There are never any overdraft issues, as this…

Reviewed by: @cindy_shirar

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I have had nothing but positive experiences with the Wells Fargo branch my wife and I became members of once we got married. Following getting married we combined our acc…

Reviewed by: @brian_shaw_1460

Washington Federal Review Rate: 5

I always get friendly service when I go in. They are very helpful and they always want to help me with my problems. They also helped me download the mobile banking app fo…

Reviewed by: @ashley.marie