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Citibank Review Rate: 4

I've just recently been doing business with Citibank and I had a pretty good experience there. For someone like me who's never really had a credit card, they were able to…

Reviewed by: @laurent_tshisekedi

FirstMerit Bank Review Rate: 1

I have used First Merit for around 6 months now. I personally had no problems with it but my girlfriend recently had an unauthorized charge appear on her banking statemen…

Reviewed by: @chrisf

First State Bank Review Rate: 4

My wife and I bought our first house several years ago, and got our mortgage through First State Bank. We had previously opened checking and savings accounts with them a…

Reviewed by: @BigBL87

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

Everyone was very pleasant to speak with and very helpful to a lot of paperwork and gathering of items but will sure make me never do this again. Really liked the fact t…

Reviewed by: @keitac

Simple Checking Rate: 5

I had some trepidation about using an all-online bank for checking. The validation process took a day or so, and the check card took almost two weeks to arrive. Sort of u…

Reviewed by: @Ralph64

Associated Bank Checking Rate: 4

When I moved to Madison, WI, I signed up for Associated Bank. I have been using them as my main checking account for four years now and I have few complaints. There are n…

Reviewed by: @heyayeh

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account Rate: 5

I have enjoyed using Ally Bank. My favorite is being able to chat with someone at any time. They have always answered my questions even when they are probably pretty easy…

Reviewed by: @katlyn_d

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 3

I've had a checking account here for at least six years. I've never had any major problems and so have never needed any serious customer service support to resolve major…

Reviewed by: @davidw

Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Abilene Teachers FCU is great. They offer awesome APR's for vehicle loans regardless of credit. They work very well with their customers and always go out of their way to…

Reviewed by: @Danielle.basham

Teachers Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had an account with them since the summer of 2012 since they were the only credit union or bank located on my campus. When I stepped in, they were all friendly and…

Reviewed by: @ryeganeh

Alaska Usa Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Alaska USA for over 25 years. Their service both in person and online I find second to none. Their App features I find really convenient. You can…

Reviewed by: @heathertaylor1

GTE Financial Review Rate: 5

This bank has offered me so many things that I would have never had before I found it. I hhave life insurance now that I am able to afford at a very low price. I was very…

Reviewed by: @maegank

Credit Sesame Review Rate: 5

I have been pleased with Credit Sesame's services. I didn't know that you could get a free credit score really. I knew you could get the annual reports free but not the c…

Reviewed by: @1carfamily

Equifax Review Rate: 4

This is without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to review your credit score. I also feel that my information and security is kept very safe when they check my score.…

Reviewed by: @mlines001

Wise Piggy Review Rate: 4

Not a bad website. However, the disclosures leaves a lot to be desired, The application process is smooth, and customer service is pretty good. I really didn't have a pro…

Reviewed by: @jhardy4447

Credit Sesame Review Rate: 4

I think that Credit Sesame is a great website to get your credit score and associated information. The only issue I have had with them is their customer service. It vir…

Reviewed by: @kevinr1

Equifax Review Rate: 4

I have had success using Equifax in the past. The credit score was comprehensive and very detailed. It went into detail to point out what comprised my score. My only nega…

Reviewed by: @johnmanuele

NEFCU Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of this bank for almost 10 years now. I have never had a negative experience with them. They have a mobile app that lets me deposit checks on the fly…

Reviewed by: @Pulschen

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

After switching to PSECU from my Pittsburgh based bank a few years ago I have been nothing but happy. When I recently applied for a Mortgage things only got better. Were…

Reviewed by: @badguy55

Niagara's Choice Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had an account with Niagara Choice for the last five years. I originally joined with them when I took out a loan through them for a vehicle I wished to purchase.…

Reviewed by: @freeburg

Day Air Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I can't say enough great things about this credit union. I have been a member since 1989 and have had great customer service. The process for any type of loan is very eas…

Reviewed by: @hoho13

FreeCreditScore Review Rate: 2

It's a great website. What really pisses me off is that you have to CALL to cancel your subscription. So they entice you with "free if you sign up!" and then you put in y…

Reviewed by: @Whalen

Capital One High Yield Checking Rate: 4

Capital One is a great company. They've always been more than helpful whenever I've called with questions or concerns. I don't feel like I am on hold forever waiting for…

Reviewed by: @Ilovemoney

Northeast Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've used NECU to service a car loan since 2013. They have been exceptional in customer service and ease of use. They're auto pay functionality has worked perfectly and t…

Reviewed by: @jamesj1

Woodforest National Bank Review Rate: 5

I have two checking accounts at Woodforest National Bank. When my husband and I opened our first account there, the staff was very helpful. Any time I have a question or…

Reviewed by: @kjred1022

Bank of America Core Checking Rate: 1

One time I tried to make a purchase while money was in transit from savings to checking. Since the transfer wasn't complete, my checking account overdrafted and tried to…

Reviewed by: @thisisricksemail

KEMBA Financial Credit Union Review Rate: 4

All in all, I have enjoyed banking with Kemba Financial Credit Union, which is why I choose to continue to maintain an account there. The only criticism I have is with th…

Reviewed by: @bethanyv

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

Very thorough , great response time from Justin. Michael made the court appearance much more comfortable…

Reviewed by: @donaldc

Colorado State Bank and Trust Review Rate: 3

The Colorado State Bank and Trust Savings Account is decent if you are first starting out with one. This is my first savings account ever and with them the process was ea…

Reviewed by: @bade2010

Chase Savings Account Rate: 5

I have banked with Chase for almost ten years now, and opened my first savings account with them about three years ago. I have never had any complaints, which I think is…

Reviewed by: @kellies

Chase Review Rate: 4

This was my first CD that I opened. I figured it would be hard to do or I would get overwhelmed because I don't know anything about Savings or CDs but Chase made it easy.…

Reviewed by: @amesa

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

I felt like you cared about your client and tried to work out the best plan for them. You listened and explained everything simply.…

Reviewed by: @sues

Bank of America Review Rate: 4

Signed with Bank of America in 2013. Seemed like a great deal, especially with the monthly fee being waived since I was a student. My favorite part about BoA was student…

Reviewed by: @dineh

Envista Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with this company since it used to be called Kansas Super Chief Credit Union. I have always enjoyed my experience here and find it easy to use their service o…

Reviewed by: @andreac2

Texas Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Upon walking in the building, everyone was so very helpful, and for a bonus, they even had free cookies that day. The line wasn't too long, and the lady who helped me out…

Reviewed by: @katjoy

Citizens Equity First Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had nothing but excellent experiences while banking with CEFCU. I switched to CEFCU from PNC while I was still in college and established my checking and savings…

Reviewed by: @mgunter

McCoy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

McCoy Federal Credit Union is an excellent credit union. I have been banking with them for over 20 years. I have a checking, savings, and car loan through them. I have al…

Reviewed by: @baseballmom13

One Nevada Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I have been a member of One Nevada Credit Union since 2010. I have been pleased with no fee e-checking, basic savings, and the cash back perks, as little as they are. How…

Reviewed by: @melsue80

Credit Union of America Review Rate: 4

Credit Union of America is such a great banking option! After over 10 years at another bank, I finally decided to switch my dedications and Credit Union of America made i…

Reviewed by: @lesbestoners

Butler Armco Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

The Butler Armco Employees Credit Union has been my primary financial institution my whole life. They offer a wider variety of services at amazingly low rates. The Staff…

Reviewed by: @marks1