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NetSpend Review Rate: 2

Great company if you need a checking account quickly. They process deposits quickly but rob you in fees. Tricked me out of 100 dollars once and refused to fix it. Great i…

Reviewed by: @mnies

Arvest Bank Free Blue Checking Account Rate: 5

I am very happy to bank with Arvest and I have held an account with them for somewhere around 10 years or so. I have had no problems or seen any mistakes in that time as…

Reviewed by: @cynthia91286

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

I've used several local banks for my checking account and was skeptical to move to an online bank. However, the customer service at USAA and easily online website (and ap…

Reviewed by: @togetjessica14

Bank of America Core Checking Account Rate: 3

I have been with Bank of America for almost 10 years now and I love the convenience of it. I've not encountered a situation in which I was unable to use my debit card. Th…

Reviewed by: @caryl_anne_williams

Wescom Credit Union Review Rate: 2

I was a customer of Wescom Credit Union for about 10 or so years. I was signed up for the account by my mother when I was in high school. Things were fine for the majorit…

Reviewed by: @nndle5

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 5

I have a way to save account with Wells Fargo. After having it for 2 years I have saved more than I ever would have saved with a conventional bank account. It was alway…

Reviewed by: @cornelius_vanderwerff

Fifth Third Bank Essential Checking for Students Rate: 5

I've had Fifth Third Essential Checking since I graduated from college in 2011 (I previously had their student checking). I can honestly say I've had no complaints. I'm n…

Reviewed by: @canadianbearshavelearnedtoswim

Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings Rate: 4

I have a Way2Save savings account with Wells Fargo. I like it because with every transaction I make, it automatically takes $1 from my checking account and deposits it in…

Reviewed by: @ltlwing73

Chase College Checking Rate: 5

Great for a college student who has little income and keeps a low average balance. Not having to worry about fees means I can focus more on school and saving. The custome…

Reviewed by: @MJGeiger

First Atlantic Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

First Atlantic federal credit union is a great credit union. They have very low rates for loans and there are no crazy atm fees added. Also, there are so many ATM's in…

Reviewed by: @brady325

SIU Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had an account with SIU Credit Union for the last seven years and it has been a consistently great experience. The application process was easy and any problems we…

Reviewed by: @hexgnome13

American Airlines Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been with American Airlines Federal Credit Union for a little over a year now, and I could not be more pleased with the product. I have both a savings and checking…

Reviewed by: @aweber1

Partners Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I use Partners Federal Credit Union as my bank. I have visited several of the Orlando, FL area locations, and they are all great. The staff are by far the friendliest I h…

Reviewed by: @Emilyazon

David S Tucker Review Rate: 1

Where to begin? Look, if you have several million dollars, you probably aren't reading this. If you don't, you have no business being with a full-service broker. You wil…

Reviewed by: @dunhamb

Texas First Bank Rewards Checking Rate: 4

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Reviewed by: @jebin_joseph

Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency, LLC Review Rate: 5

Antalek & Moore has been my insurance broker for the past 3 years and I couldn't be happier with the professionalism, expertise, and service. They always answer my questi…

Reviewed by: @Mike1041

Liberty Mutual Review Rate: 5

Liberty Mutual is the best car insurance company I've ever worked with. They offer a ton of discounts - I get one simply for being a graduate from a certain college, and…

Reviewed by: @cahenderson

Roger Mangan Review Rate: 1

Despite never showing any interest in getting insurance from Roger Mangan I continually receive letters from his agency offering me car insurance. The letters started ove…

Reviewed by: @Pyrorat

Mercury Insurance Group Review Rate: 5

Mercury is the best car insurance I have used in last five years. I am a graduate student, so I am a little bit sensitive to cost. Compared with GEICO, I only pay around…

Reviewed by: @ericshi

New Jersey Casualty Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

I love New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. I was able to get in with them because I work for the State, and so did my parents. I understand not everyone is elig…

Reviewed by: @ShadyBento

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 2

I had this company for a little while a few years back when I lived in PA. I don't have much good to say about them. 1st issue: I was told by my insurance agent once "it…

Reviewed by: @wamcblain

Santander Bank Review Rate: 4

Started with a student account years ago. No fees, no incoming wire fees. Great for high school kids and college students. Recently switched to a different account type a…

Reviewed by: @Nikovaolg

Chase Review Rate: 1

Worst experience possible for foreigners arriving in the country : they took the check I gave, took the money and blocked my account because the check was "suspicious" (…

Reviewed by: @vincent_leclr

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 4

I switched to Farmers Insurance when I purchased a new car about 6 months ago. I got a great rate and was very happy with my insurance, until all of a sudden my rates dou…

Reviewed by: @jennifer_barkman_3

AAA Insurance Review Rate: 5

AAA Insurance has always had our backs. Unbeatable customer service, good incentives, and low premiums make for a fantastic Insurance company. A year ago we had a drive…

Reviewed by: @TSmith

Umpqua Bank Review Rate: 4

I have been a customer of Umpqua Bank (Formerly Sterling Savings Bank and then just Sterling Bank) for many, many years. It has always had a small town bank feel with ver…

Reviewed by: @brittainy

State Farm Review Rate: 4

I have been with State Farm for my car insurance for about 10 years. I am satisfied with the price of the rates and even when I added my 16 year old to the policy the ra…

Reviewed by: @mlittleton3

Gilbert M Sabatka Review Rate: 1

Did not provide appropriate information and/or documentation prior to requesting a signature on a contract. Later provided out of date materials and used them to lie abou…

Reviewed by: @Truthful

State Farm Review Rate: 1

We had worked with them for over 7 years. They continuously were rude about several situations for claims that were not even our fault. The police record even showed it.…

Reviewed by: @StateFarmCrazy

American Modern Insurance Group Review Rate: 4

I have had American Modern for my home insurance for the last five years. Although I have never had to file a claim, their pricing and billing process is convenient and c…

Reviewed by: @dean_dillon_9

Elephant Insurance Company Review Rate: 3

The application process is super easy, and they're really pretty cheap. The customer service representatives are friendly, and they help you out as much as they possibly…

Reviewed by: @sammerson

USF Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Love, love, love this credit union! No matter what the problem, they always come through with an answer. They are so thorough with explaining the fine print on things, es…

Reviewed by: @mrowjohn

Amica Insurance Review Rate: 5

I switched to my husband's Amica policy when we got married last year, and I was impressed from the start! First off, getting the quote and making the switch were incredi…

Reviewed by: @DevonEllery

School Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I've been a member for fourteen years now, through living in 4 different states and two countries. These guys are the best--great rates, low fees, the best international…

Reviewed by: @sewfun

GEICO Review Rate: 5

I have been a customer of geico for over two years. I have enjoyed the easy online bill pay and printing out my proof of insurance. They have wonderful customer service a…

Reviewed by: @Customer

Northland Area Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

If you're a resident of Northern Michigan, look no further. This is the perfect credit union. Signing up with them is very easy, they're extremely friendly and personabl…

Reviewed by: @JPeral242

White Sands Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

Terrible customer service. They will not mail me the title for a car I financed through them and paid off. Paid off the auto loan in August and I am still waiting for t…

Reviewed by: @whitecrx

Capital One Review Rate: 5

Capital one has been a great tool in my financial life. The ease of having two bank locations within ten miles of my home and work has been wonderful. The customer servic…

Reviewed by: @greenkeen420

Woodforest National Bank Checking Account Rate: 3

This is a pretty decent bank. It is conveniently located in a major retailer, and it is also open on Sundays which is rare. There are fees associated with this account, b…

Reviewed by: @camejoh

Bank of America Interest Checking Rate: 3

I've had my B of A checking account for more than ten years. This bank is great about protecting its customers from fraud, but I do wish that the monthly fees were smalle…

Reviewed by: @poorsuperman