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PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend Rate: 4

In general I really like the Virtual Wallet, the only issue that I've had with it is the online banking. I find that it really doesn't work too well with Google Chrome.…

Reviewed by: @Conk03

SunTrust Bank Everyday Checking Rate: 5

I got my Suntrust checking account when I moved and started a new job at Wal-Mart, simply because it was there and convenient. I'm not in that city nor in that job, but I…

Reviewed by: @hhkingsley

Woodforest National Bank Checking Account Rate: 2

Woodforest wasn't the best experience for me, unfortunately. There were always little problems that we had to deal with, such as balances that weren't accurate, which led…

Reviewed by: @tsachs

Bank of America MyAccess Checking Rate: 3

I've had my checking account for about five years now and although it is slightly better than other accounts I've had, it's still a typical bank. Their method for dealing…

Reviewed by: @cherieish

Chase Review Rate: 5

I've had Chase College Checking for about 2 years now, and have been nothing but satisfied. I've had numerous charges go on my account that I did NOT make, and they took…

Reviewed by: @watchmesink

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 5

My wife and myself have had a Premium checking account with U.S. Bank since 2007. This came as part of a package because we have our home mortgage with them. As part of t…

Reviewed by: @deblin

Vahid Naziri Review Rate: 1

I am writing this review so potential clients can make an informed decision. Vahid Naziri is one of the worst, most incompetent attorneys.I hired him and paid a large re…

Reviewed by: @lisacarr

Members Alliance Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been with MACU for over 5 years and I am very happy with their services. They offer both fee and non-fee checking accounts, each with varying levels of benefits, b…

Reviewed by: @jazzyfish

Rabobank Review Rate: 2

Rabobank is nice if you only have to deal with your every day banning stuff IN the bank, but I have had some bad luck with their phone customer service. I have repeatidly…

Reviewed by: @alyssa_shabadabadingdong

Citizens Bank Review Rate: 3

While the service is generally O.K., I resented that whenever I went to a branch and used a teller they would try to sell me a service I didn't want to use. First it was…

Reviewed by: @ternqwest

Liberty Bank Review Rate: 4

My wife and I had taken a trip to Seattle. While in Seattle I used an automatic teller machine (ATM) at a competitor’s bank. At this particular bank there were two ATMs…

Reviewed by: @shiner

Firelands Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 2

For the most part, Firelands has been a great bank. Unfortunately, whenever I have to get a new debit card I seem to have problems. The very first time I got a debit card…

Reviewed by: @NovaStar13

Capital One Review Rate: 5

I have been banking with Capital One bank for over five years and the customer service has always been great. Recently, I have started my own business and needed to open…

Reviewed by: @Bcarter828

The Columbia Bank Review Rate: 5

I have had an account here for many, many years. The people at Columbia are friendly and incredibly helpful. They always solve the few problems that I have had over the…

Reviewed by: @danine_rydland

VyStar Credit Union Review Rate: 4

Vystar Credit Union was the bank I chose when I first started attending college. I got one of their secured credit cards in order to be able to build up some credit for m…

Reviewed by: @turkishkitty

SunTrust Bank Student Checking Account Rate: 5

The Suntrust Student Checking Account is an excellent option for students to manage their money. I have been using mine for two years and I never had a problem with any t…

Reviewed by: @djaoud

Chase Premier Plus Checking Rate: 5

I chose to start banking with Chase because I was so satisfied with their credit cards. The bank was offering a good promotion a couple of years ago, so I went for it, an…

Reviewed by: @Wilson1

Wright-Patt Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have loved every interaction I've had with WPCU. I have most of my banking through them, including my mortgage. Their staff is always friendly and they have very conv…

Reviewed by: @DaytonFlyers10

BMO Harris Bank Review Rate: 4

We had the same checking account for more than 10 years, through many changes of bank name/ownership. We finally went in to see if there was a better account available.…

Reviewed by: @Manitou

Bank of America Review Rate: 1

Had the mistake of opening multiple accounts with BofA in 2008. That bank is the WORST! They blocked my credit cards and froze my accounts when I was in Montreal on busin…

Reviewed by: @EuroPer

Louis D Dworsky Review Rate: 1

My elderly parents had a very serious problem working with Mr. Dworsky. My dad had cancer in 2005. Mom and dad needed to liquidate their two IRAs and a "CAP Accoun…

Reviewed by: @cheryl_a_handy

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have been with farmers insurance for about 3 years now, and in that time they have been nothing but easy to work with. I bought a car and needed to put insurance on it,…

Reviewed by: @metalic53

U.S. Bank Review Rate: 5

I just called US Bank yesterday with an urgent problem with my account. The woman who I first spoke with was very nice and I felt like she really wanted to help resolve m…

Reviewed by: @mrsgoodnight

Green Dot Review Rate: 5

Recently while at the small store around the cornor from my house, I had a few purchases and was checking out when my debit card associated with my checking account came…

Reviewed by: @curtis

NetSpend Review Rate: 4

I love Netspend for the fact that they disburse funds as soon as they receive them. However, I am not a big fan of their customer service. It's not that the agents are ba…

Reviewed by: @AgustGonzo4620

Chase Review Rate: 3

I signed up for the Chase College checking account some time ago. It's pretty good for the most part. I enjoy how they make direct deposit easy. If you have an issue with…

Reviewed by: @jellytacosauce

Regions Bank LifeGreen Checking Rate: 5

My husband and I absolutely love Regions. They have been so good to us. We can always find an ATM around specific to Regions, so we almost never have to pay ATM fees for…

Reviewed by: @laura_mc_9619

Wells Fargo PMA Premier Checking Account Rate: 4

I have used Wells for approximately 5 years. Customer service has always been willing to discuss and help fix any issues I have encountered during that time. Never had an…

Reviewed by: @hobiejack

MetLife Review Rate: 5

I currently use Metlife for home, auto and life insurance. The bundle is very easy. I autopay each month, and my dec page is very clear on what my policy incudes. I have…

Reviewed by: @aubsdool

Alan P Mcintosh Review Rate: 5

Tosh (Alan), was a great help in showing me where I needed to focus my financial attention. His experience and understanding of long term planning, was just what our fami…

Reviewed by: @kevwb

TD Bank Review Rate: 3

.I have had a TD checking account for almost 7 years now, and there have been some good and bad moments. I love the convenience part of TD Bank; instant replacement of d…

Reviewed by: @diggem515

Umpqua Bank Everyday Checking Rate: 5

I moved to Portland and had to get a new bank account and heard great things about Umpqua. I have had this account for one month now and it is honestly the best bank I ha…

Reviewed by: @pizzalovers

Bank of America MyAccess Checking Rate: 5

Bank of America is the best bank I ever dealt with. The customer service is second to none. The customer service is always willing to listen to your problem and help you…

Reviewed by: @97dman

Happy State Bank Review Rate: 5

Happy State Bank has been amazing for my family and I. On one occasion I had a job interview to go to and had been very nervous. I was not completely ready for since I ha…

Reviewed by: @tabatha_frazier_5

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 3

I have been a member of Navy Federal Credit Union for over 10 years and they are a great day-to-day bank. I love their online banking. However, I have had two bad experie…

Reviewed by: @daniellelariviere0411

Chase Review Rate: 4

I've run into problems with my checking account several times. Because I have a College Checking Account, I should be exempt from monthly maintenance fees. However, at…

Reviewed by: @guo_caroline

Metrobank Review Rate: 2

While living in Illinois temporarily I wanted a good, honest bank that would not stick me with fees. Sadly this bank is not the bank for that. They have wonderful custo…

Reviewed by: @mariammichael

Capital One Review Rate: 4

I use Capital One for various services including banking and credit cards. Since I often go overseas to visit my husband's family, it is necessary that I be able to acce…

Reviewed by: @lambchop522

Regions Bank Review Rate: 5

We have been with Regions since 2006, and are very happy customers. We had some fradulent charges to our account in 2010 and they were very helpful with getting the money…

Reviewed by: @faith2782

Dollar Bank Review Rate: 5

Dollar Bank is fantastic. I just moved to the Pittsburgh area and wanted to avoid any of the big banks. Since I was new to the community a credit union really was not pos…

Reviewed by: @jsmith22