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OnPoint Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have a checking account with onpoint and have had it for over ten years. In that time I have had zero negative experiences. I once had an issue with a merchant that cha…

Reviewed by: @maddeline

Chase Total Checking Rate: 4

When I moved to this area, I opened a checking account at the branch on Trenton and McColl. The staff there is very professional and courteous. Even though I went durin…

Reviewed by: @GrubbsNikki

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had an account with PSECU for more than five years now. I opened it with my daughter in college as a quick way to get money to her. PSECU had absolutely the best…

Reviewed by: @paworkingmom

Napoleon A Aponte Review Rate: 3

En busqueda de mi papa di con tu nombre.. tu padre era mi padre biologico mi correo es calzadillanapoleon@gmail.com comunicate conmigo por favor quiero saber cosas de el…

Reviewed by: @napoleon_briceno

Capital One 360 Savings Account Rate: 5

I have had a Capital One 360 savings account for many years and I have not had any problems at all. I manage my account entirely online. I love the interest rate and that…

Reviewed by: @Trobin

TD Bank Premier Checking Account Rate: 4

I've been using TD's checking/Debit account for over 10 years. Initially I chose them because they were the only bank open late and on Sundays. They still have great ho…

Reviewed by: @pi3r0

Eastern Utah Community Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Eastern Utah Community Credit Union has been my main financial institution for the last nine years. They have always been helpful with any concerns or problems I have bro…

Reviewed by: @kq2076

Washington Federal Simple Checking Rate: 5

Personally I couldn't be more satisfied with checking through Washington Federal. I've had my account for over two years and I have yet to be hit with any kind of fee. Th…

Reviewed by: @Gregory

Fifth Third Bank Review Rate: 5

My savings account is connected to my parents savings account by default. The bank has never seemed to correct this issue, but since I do not often store money in my savi…

Reviewed by: @ajacobs1991

Michigan One Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Michigan One Community Credit Union for over 10 years. I have had a checking, savings, and several vehicle loans. I have always found them to be…

Reviewed by: @tanyadouglas73

North Country Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I was a NCFCU member 10 years ago and had a great deal of difficulty with hidden fees. So, I was reluctant to join again. However, I needed a checking account at a bank s…

Reviewed by: @malihow

Nationwide Bank Direct Checking Rate: 4

I have been a member of Nationwide bank (grandfathered in from my mother working there) for about 4 years now. I have not paid any annual fees ever. They're very cordial…

Reviewed by: @subterraneansunnyd

Northwest Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I love this place. There is never a waiting line and staff has always been helpful. I was having problem accessing my account online and they were able to fix it withou…

Reviewed by: @missab

Farmers Insurance Review Rate: 4

I personally didn't have auto insurance with Farmers but however, I got into a accident with someone who had insurance through them. They were very punctual and professi…

Reviewed by: @mkuhn4

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

I have had a Nationwide Insurance auto policy for over twenty years. My rates have always been reasonable, and my agent works to find me discounts that help my overall co…

Reviewed by: @aletha_roach

Ameriprise Financial Review Rate: 5

We have loved our years long relationship with Ameriprise for our auto insurance. We have been through them with 8 moves, and three different cars. They are always quick…

Reviewed by: @austrianett

Nationwide Insurance Review Rate: 5

Nationwide is really easy to deal with when you have questions. The customer service people always take their time to make sure they answered all your questions, you feel…

Reviewed by: @zachary_rivers_5

Erie Insurance Review Rate: 4

I've been with Erie Insurance for several years now. They have been a wonderful company to work with in insuring my car. Although I haven't needed their services yet in f…

Reviewed by: @matherson76

Esurance Insurance Services Inc. Review Rate: 2

I have been with Esurance for over a year now. The reason that I switched was to save money. The first six months my husband and I were only paying about $60 for two ca…

Reviewed by: @melodyb1

Allstate Insurance Review Rate: 5

Back in February I decided to get renter’s insurance from Allstate. Best decision I have made this year. My car broken into at my work and (although I didn't know it at…

Reviewed by: @bnorman

Donigan Insurance Agency Review Rate: 5

This is probably some of the best insurance you can get for your money. While the signup process was a little bit confusing, the service is more than worth it and the cov…

Reviewed by: @jerryl1

Fifth Third Bank Essential Checking for Students Rate: 5

I love my student checking account with 5/3. Recently they added 2 free withdrawals from any ATM per month, which makes their service that much better! Aside from not hav…

Reviewed by: @bskblla995

HAPO Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had accounts with HAPO since I was in high school. I have always thought their customer service was top notch and never felt like "just a number." When I moved awa…

Reviewed by: @kpedz

James F Landers Review Rate: 1

If this company is managed by the same James Landers who was involved with Roofing EMT or Building EMT Residential out of Greer, SC, then beware. They scammed and ripped…

Reviewed by: @rrahl

AllCom Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Truly an amazing local credit union for all that it's worth. Has all the same services a regular "big bank" would offer, without the "big bank" cost and attitude. Incredi…

Reviewed by: @nickbrayy4

TD Bank Review Rate: 5

I opened up the student checking account and had a great experience doing so. It was a really easy and fast set up. All I needed was my license and my student ID. There a…

Reviewed by: @le12boro

New Peoples Bank Review Rate: 5

I have been with New Peoples Bank for over a year now and have been completely satisfied. The company doesn't charge any fees to open a checking or savings account. I als…

Reviewed by: @clinen11

Chase Review Rate: 5

I should say my experience with Chase Bank's savings account is excellent. Interest rates are above the national average and can easily transfer to a checking account if…

Reviewed by: @primat

VyStar Credit Union Review Rate: 5

VyStar is definitely the best bank because first and foremost, they charge no fees for transactions, as well as monthly or annual fees. These fees are definitely what att…

Reviewed by: @alexandriaaa904

Commerce Bank Review Rate: 4

Commerce Bank has been my favorite bank for many years. I began using them as a child because they had the best rates for interest on savings accounts. I have continued t…

Reviewed by: @bigben7

Chase Review Rate: 5

Overall Chase has been a great banking experience for our family. We have been customers there for several years and have been impressed with their friendliness, excelle…

Reviewed by: @bkell77

First Tech Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

One of the bigger challenges for immigrants, even if one has a well paying job in the tech industry, is to establish a credit history. When I was a young postdoc a friend…

Reviewed by: @kaspar27

SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 1

I applied for a checking account last year with Suntrust in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, and it was a really awkward experience. The representative I talked to was repu…

Reviewed by: @bryanfine8

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I've been affiliated with Navy Federal Credit Union since 2000. If I've ever had a problem acquiring a loan, they've been very transparent with their reasoning, and I fin…

Reviewed by: @fiddlesticks

Citibank Review Rate: 3

The application process takes a long time. It takes nearly 2 to 3 hours to just set up a checking account. When I have problem, and I call customer service over the phone…

Reviewed by: @gl099598

MVB Mortgage Review Rate: 1

Mortgage company should look after all customer there or not jay Richardson should be looked at ethical reasons title issues I know because its happen to me NMLS ID 45552…

Reviewed by: @tom12king

Denver Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a member of Denver Community Credit union since I was old enough to start working, almost 10 years. Since then, I have opened a savings and checking account a…

Reviewed by: @spottay212

GEICO Review Rate: 4

I have been with Geico for a while perhaps a few years. Since then my quote hasn't gone down at all. I have only the minimum insurance, but still with being there for a f…

Reviewed by: @SecretMae

Kentucky Farm Bureau Review Rate: 3

Kentucky Farm Bureau was my first insurance company after being under them with my parents. I never had a problem with making my payments or receiving information concern…

Reviewed by: @qwtjlive

Esurance Review Rate: 5

Esurance was the simplest insurance to obtain, had the best rates, and coverage for my personal needs. The application process was the fastest. I was able to keep all my…

Reviewed by: @pamela_whilden_7