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About Wallet Hub – The Web’s Best Personal Finance Resource

Evolution Finance launched Wallet Hub in February 2012 as a one-stop destination for all the tools and information consumers and small business owners need to make better financial decisions and save money. Wallet Hub is leading the industry thanks to a unique combination of social features, expert insights, and a vast amount of constantly-updating information. More specifically, Wallet Hub enables you to do three primary things: 1) search, compare and review financial products, professionals and companies; 2) share with and learn from a diverse community of individuals and companies as well as organize around your favorite financial topics; and 3) customize your financial news from blogs, major news outlets, and experts.

Search, Compare & Review

Whether you are in the market for financial products or services, Wallet Hub has all the information needed to make an educated decision. You can search for financial products ranging from credit cards to savings accounts to home loans as well as financial professionals and institutions, including attorneys, financial advisors, insurance brokers, banks and credit unions. Once you have narrowed down your search, compare and contrast your remaining options based not only on product features, but also on things like price, location, credentials and customer reviews. Finally, you yourself have a wealth of information to offer the personal finance community, so share your experiences in order to steer others in the right direction and create a healthier economic environment.

Organize, Share & Learn
The best personal finance advice often comes from like-minded individuals who have goals or experiences similar to yours, as they might have tips for the best products, companies and strategies or even some entertaining anecdotes to share. Either way, Wallet Hub not only enables you to tap into the shared knowledge of community members, but also to help others by answering questions. In addition, the community’s know-how is supplemented by a comprehensive selection of educational resources and guides written by industry experts.

Customize News

The face of media has changed in recent years, with blogs and other forms of online journalism joining print, radio and television as news providers. What’s more, modern technology enables any individual to be a valuable source for tips and smart money strategies. Keeping up with it all can be difficult, which is why Wallet Hub allows you to completely customize the news that you see on your profile page. For example, you may be interested in local daily deals posted by a blogger, budgeting tips from a renowned financial advisor, and market news from CNN Money. Wallet Hub allows you to aggregate these disparate information sources and view them all in one place: your Wallet News.

The Wallet Hub Promise

We promise all users of Wallet Hub:
• Expert Insights
• Innovative and unique tools
• An interactive and customizable user experience
• Product suggestions based on individual needs

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to optimize your financial products, learn, share or review, use Wallet Hub and your wallet will thank you!