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Simple Checking  
Offered by: The Bancorp Bank
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Simple Checking Rates

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Simple Checking Fees

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Simple Checking ATM & Debit Card Usage


Simple Checking Additional Info

  • ONLINE BILL PAY FEE $0 per month
  • No Overdraft Service
  • All other ATMs: No fee from Simple, but there might be a fee assessed by that ATM operator
  • Over 40,000 in-network ATMs are provided fee-free to Simple customers

Simple Checking Interest Rate Tracker

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Can I overdraft my Simple Checking account? Reply 1

Photo of sydneygarth
Sydney Garth

You cannot overdraft your Simple Checking account. The account is designed to minimize overdrafts, so any transaction greater than your balance will typically be declined. Overdraft fees are also not charged.

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Is there any way to access my account in real time without my card? Reply 1

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Yes, you can enroll in the bank’s online banking service. Please visit the following link to find the steps you need to take in order to enroll:

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Simple Checking Reviews

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    Photo of jed8763

    Simple is simply terrible. No bill pay. Can't do practically anything with it. The interface looks modern but offers next to no functionality. The only thing they've done in the past couple of years is remove functionality from their website. I had a scammer take over $150. I created a dispute. They made me supply endless documentation to prove I was in the right. I was the victim. I lost $150!!! Don't chance it. Use another bank. PS. They aren't even a real bank.. they use the same "bank" as Chime and all the rest. Customer support at simple is terrible and rude. I'm done with them.

    September 16, 2020 · Report Abuse
    Photo of ben1b

    Simple Bank is fast, free, easy and FUN. No branches? No problem! The network of no-fee ATM service is vast, Direct Transfers from External Accounts is easy (and fast) and they do (of course) have Direct Deposit.

    The APP is sleek, simple and easy to follow & use. The website / interface is also sleek, simple, easy to navigate (and fun). Even the Debit Card is "simple", a stark, clean white card. It arrives in a beautiful little package.

    As an added bonus, they don't do a hard credit pull when you apply (I don't think they even run Chexsystems). In my case, NO DING. I seriously recommend this Bank.

    May 2, 2018 · Report Abuse
    Photo of admin222

    Have been calling all week and their support team just tells me it's not their job to help me with my missing money their associated people have lost.. they didn't lose just my check they lost a lot of people's checks and they are doing nothing about it.

    November 30, 2017 · Report Abuse
    Photo of dany20mh

    Their banking system was great around 1-2 years ago but recently they are getting worst every day, if you contact them and send them message, they use to be answer you right away, but not it take 3-5 days until they reach you back.

    Not to mention compare to other online bank such Ally, Capital One 360, they don't offer you any interest.

    At least on Capital One 360 let you deposit money from ATM, they don't do anything to help you.

    August 24, 2016 · Report Abuse
    Photo of brantelyd

    I currently have an account with Simple Bank. They are an internet only bank but have many great features that make them my favorite above traditional banks. They have no fees first of all. Second, you can just take a picture of your check and it will upload right away. There is a downfall of no cash deposits. To solve this, you can just purchase a money order and take a picture of it. Transfers are fast and they have great customer support. There is never a worry that I will not get help. They also include a cool money clip rubber band device when you get your card.

    August 18, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of Ralph64

    I had some trepidation about using an all-online bank for checking. The validation process took a day or so, and the check card took almost two weeks to arrive. Sort of understandable, since the only way they make money is if you have money sitting in your account, racking up interest. No fees so far, even with the piddling balance I keep in there. The interface is friendly, and modern-looking, very different from other banks. Very much mobile-friendly, along the lines of ExpressCoin. Simple Checking is a keeper. Chase who?

    July 28, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of joelc1

    I have loved Simple Checking. They have been super-quick on resolving issues, and their online interface is very easy to use. I love the goal setting aspect of long-term savings, and the ability to set money aside painlessly. Their bill pay service is simple to use, and it is easy to send money to friends and family without too much pain.

    June 19, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of trishd1

    I have had some issues with other banks and their checking accounts in the past, their fault and my own, so when a friend of mine told me about Simple Checking from the Bancorp Bank, I thought it sounded way too good to be true! Turns out that I actually had one of the Bancorp Bank's prepaid debit cards, so I knew that it was a respectable bank. It's never done me wrong and it continues to delight me and make up for all those others banks from the past! I praise God for Simple Checking from The Bancorp Bank!

    May 26, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of rcadams2

    Simple bank is my newest checking account and by far the best yet. I really like it because it's name speaks for my experience with them; everything is really simple. My checking account is clear and easy to read, it's a free account with no hidden fees, and I have been able to transfer money to and from my savings account with no fees. Also, when transferring money from another financial institution, the longest that I ever had to wait was 2 days. I have Wells Fargo and Woodforest bank as well and Simple beats both banks in my opinion. The only downside to Simple is that it is only online so there are no branches to go to.

    May 8, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of jobie919

    After hearing about simple I was a little skeptical if it was actually a real thing. But more or less I have not been upset with them at all. The people who work there are always helpful. I also like the mobile application how much simpler it is in regards to having to go to a bank and deal with that hassle. One major thing is the fees there is none. Having no fee is what brought me to simple and I am going to continue using them.

    April 17, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of onetallcanary

    After being frustrated with constant fees from Chase for simply not having a million dollars on hand at all times, I switched to Simple in hopes that I could trade in convenience for free checking. Turns out, I didn't have to trade in for "free" at all! If anything, using Simple has been more convenient than any prior banking experience. The Mobile App is available on many platforms, it's easy to use, and the customer service response time is unprecedented. Not only did my one fraudulent purchase get immediately removed, card cancelled & new one shipped over CHRISTMAS, but the agent working with me responded to my gratitude with an Adventure Time .gif. That's just clever, and really bodes well for a young company appealing to the Internet Age demographic. I've used it for many applications now, and have yet to come across an issue. Now for them to open up a savings option with accrued interest, I'd be golden.

    April 2, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of victorduruy

    I love Simple. Everything about them is amazing. They have an awesome mobile app, real people to call, and great tech support through the app. You can block and unblock your card, without having to order a new one. So if you lose and then find the card, you can just reactivate it in the app.

    The only major issue I’ve ever had with them was when my card number was stolen, and I had to order a new card to my new address. I had to send a bunch of verifying documents to them through the app, but they were awesome about getting everything taken care of, and even though the process was annoying, I felt good knowing that they took verifying my identity seriously.

    February 11, 2015 · Report Abuse
    Photo of neonpirate

    I've been using this bank since about July '14 and I really like it. I never have to visit a branch, my pay checks are direct deposited and my money is available with no effort on my part. There is a photo check deposit feature for putting paper checks and payments into your account.
    The only down side is, if you wish to put cold hard cash into your account you have to purchase a money order and deposit it with the photo feature as they're an online bank. I still love them and this has never made me want to go to a new bank as I rarely have plain cash to deposit. I use this account to send money, receive my checks and payments, and for bills/recurring payments. I have another account elsewhere for my "spending" anyway.

    December 23, 2014 · Report Abuse
    Photo of haneds

    I opened a Simple account a few months ago (after switching from Key Bank) and I am extremely pleased with my decision! A Simple account is a combined checking and savings account, that allows you to save your money by setting up "goals". Every day, simple will set aside an appropriate amount of money for you to reach your goal (for example, I have a goal every month for 'rent' and Simple will set aside $30 each day into that makes life way easier).

    In order to obtain one of these accounts, you need a smart phone. To deposit checks, you simply take a picture of the check's front and back and Simple deposits it into your account. Simple has free ATM's all over the country for easy cash withdrawal, which I have had no trouble finding.

    The debit card is beautiful and people comment on it all the time!

    The only downside to this account is you cannot deposit cash since it's an online bank. Instead, you have to take out a money order and deposit that. I never deposit cash, so I haven't had any issue with this.

    February 14, 2014 · Report Abuse
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