Free Credit Monitoring

We'll watch your TransUnion credit report 24/7 and let you know if anything changes. It won’t hurt your credit or cost you a thing. But it will help you catch mistakes quicker and stop identity theft in its tracks. You can also set up text message alerts and download the free WalletHub mobile app to make sure you see credit monitoring notifications as soon as possible.

Get started now! Enrolling in WalletHub’s free credit monitoring service only takes a minute. You can also learn more about how credit monitoring works below.


Your Free Credit Monitoring Comes With…


Know your score so you’ll never overpay again.


We strive to save, not cost, you money. So we don’t charge for anything.


Find errors or signs of fraud that might be holding you back.

Updates Daily

WalletHub has the freshest credit data you can get for free.

Improve Your Credit

Get personalized advice that will take your score to the next level.


Checking your own credit through WalletHub will do absolutely no harm.


“I don’t have time to pour through my monthly credit card statements or review my credit reports on a regular basis. I don’t like wasting money either. That’s why I love WalletHub. It’s free, and it makes keeping tabs on my credit very easy.”
“If you live in a bad neighborhood, you should probably get a surveillance system. Everyone lives in a bad neighborhood when it comes to identity theft and fraud, so it’s a good idea to sign up for credit monitoring. WalletHub is the best free option I’ve found.”
“Identity theft scares the heck out of me, but I'm less concerned with WalletHub on my side. They’ll even send you a text for urgent alerts.”


Why is WalletHub the best credit monitoring site?

WalletHub is the best free credit monitoring service because it’s the only one that lets you enable SMS credit alerts, in addition to standard email notifications. WalletHub also is the only site with free credit reports and scores that are updated on a daily basis. So you’ll always have the latest info about your wallet’s wellbeing.

2018’s Best Credit Monitoring Service
Service Email Alerts SMS Notifications Free Daily Credit Reports Free Daily Credit Scores
WalletHub Yes Yes Yes Yes
Credit Karma Yes No No No Yes No No No
CreditWise Yes No No No
LendingTree Yes No No No
MyBankrate Yes No No No

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What does credit monitoring do?

WalletHub's 24/7 credit monitoring service will alert you when information on your TransUnion credit report changes. This allows you to review each change, determine whether it’s accurate and make sure it’s not a sign of identity theft. In other words, WalletHub’s free credit monitoring helps keep your wallet safe by keeping you informed. And in addition to providing peace of mind, the ability to keep tabs on your credit information without the typical time commitment or hassle frees you up to take other steps toward top WalletFitness®.

Why is credit monitoring important?

Credit monitoring is important because it’s physically impossible to keep ‘round-the-clock watch on our own credit reports. Reviewing notifications, on the other hand, is easy. And knowing what’s on your credit report is essential, given how frequently data breaches occur and how much a lack of attentiveness can cost you. So if there’s a free service that can perform a necessary task that you can’t do yourself, you might as well embrace it, right?

In particular, credit monitoring can help in two ways: 1) making it easier to identify and correct credit report mistakes and 2) serving as an early warning system for signs of identity theft. Roughly 1 in 4 credit reports contains an error, according to the FTC. And there were 18 million cases of identity theft in 2015, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In short, it’s a scary world out there, but free credit monitoring can help.

Why is my SSN needed?

We can't locate your credit report or ensure that other people are prevented from accessing your information without your SSN. The good news is that we should be able to do all of that with just the last four digits.

Will 24/7 credit monitoring hurt my credit?

No, credit monitoring will not hurt your credit because there is no hard inquiry involved. This service was actually designed specifically to help prevent credit score damage and otherwise protect your personal information. In other words, credit monitoring itself poses no threat, and we'll do our best to tell you about any changes to your credit report which could.

How will I get credit monitoring alerts?

WalletHub will immediately notify you about important changes to your credit report via email. If you’re worried about missing notifications, you can also enable text message alerts in the Settings section of your WalletHub account.

Learning about credit report changes as soon as possible is extremely important because it allows you to take action, if necessary, before any problems can get out of hand. For example, you might respond to one credit monitoring alert by simply confirming that you recognize the change. But another alert might warrant notifying creditors about potential fraud or putting a freeze on your credit reports.

For more information about credit monitoring and its benefits, check out this WalletHub guide.

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