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WalletHub is the only site with free credit reports that are updated on a daily basis. With the latest credit report info, you’ll be able to spot errors, signs of fraud and money-saving opportunities as soon as they appear. You can also get free credit reports on the go with the WalletHub app.

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Only WalletHub gives you both your full credit report and a summary of important changes. That way, you can easily stay on top of your credit report and never be surprised.


“If credit reports are the foundation for credit scores, which they are, then WalletHub’s free daily credit reports are the basis for low-cost credit improvement.”
“I know that checking my credit report is a great habit to get into, but I lose momentum when I have to wait a year to get one of my free reports from the government program. That’s where WalletHub is really useful.”
“Thanks to WalletHub, I found an error on my credit report, which I successfully disputed. This gave me a big credit score bump.”


What is a credit report?

A credit report lists information about your loans, lines of credit and collection accounts. It also includes biographical information such as your name and address as well as certain public records – bankruptcy and unpaid child support, for example. It is imperative that this information is accurate, as it may be used by lenders, landlords, insurers and employers.

More information can be found in WalletHub's guides on what's included in credit reports and what's left out.

How often is my credit report updated?

WalletHub is the first and only service that updates your free credit report on a daily basis. This doesn't necessarily mean the contents will change from day to day. That depends on when your creditors report new information. But it does mean you'll see important credit report changes sooner than you would otherwise. And that will help you avoid making important financial decisions based on outdated information, which will in turn save you more money.

To learn what else sets WalletHub apart, check out this comparison of the top free credit report providers.

What is my SSN used for?

The last four digits of your Social Security number help WalletHub locate your credit report and ensure that no one else gets access to your information. We take data security very seriously at WalletHub, and we only collect private information when absolutely necessary.

You can learn more about WalletHub's security practices here.

Will checking my credit report hurt my credit?

Not in the slightest. Checking your own credit report never hurts your credit score because it is considered a “soft” inquiry. On the other hand, applying for a loan or line of credit results in a “hard” inquiry, which can temporarily damage your score.

So you can check your free credit report on WalletHub as much as you'd like without doing any harm to your score. In fact, checking your report on WalletHub and following the personalized advice that comes with your free account will only help you improve your score.

Why is WalletHub the best credit report site?

WalletHub is the best credit report service because it is the only one that provides free daily updates.

Best Free Credit Report Sites
Website Free Credit Report? Update Frequency Free Credit Monitoring?
WalletHub Yes Daily Yes
Credit Karma Yes Weekly Yes
Credit Sesame Yes Weekly Yes Yes Monthly Yes
Mint Yes Quarterly Yes Yes Annually No

How often should you check your credit report?

A lot depends on personal preference and your upcoming borrowing plans, but it's generally a good idea to check your credit report on a regular basis – once a month or every couple of months, for example. However, the beauty of using WalletHub is that you can check your report for new information as often as every day if you'd like, without wasting your time. No other free credit report provider refreshes your file on a daily basis. So you'll always know you're seeing the latest information when you review your credit report on WalletHub.

Plus, in the period between your credit report checks, you can be confident that you'll find out about important changes immediately, thanks to WalletHub's free 24/7 credit monitoring service. For more information about what you'll see when you check your credit report on WalletHub, you can check out our guides on what is included on a credit report and what's left out.

Is getting a free credit report safe?

Yes, getting a free credit report is safe. WalletHub uses an “https” web address and 128-bit encryption (just like banks) to protect your personal information. And we don’t share your information with anyone. You can also enable two-factor authentication for added security, from your account’s settings page.

When you think about it, not getting a free credit report is really what’s dangerous. Roughly 1 in 4 credit reports contain an error, according to the FTC. A credit report might also be the first place you’d spot signs of fraud. And it’s pretty difficult to improve your credit score if you don’t know what’s on your credit report.

How do you get a detailed credit report?

WalletHub gives you both a full, detailed credit report and a summary of important changes, for your convenience. We also update this information on a daily basis. And it’s all free. You won’t find that anywhere else.

2018 Credit Report Complexity Survey

People have all sorts of excuses for not checking their credit reports more often. Some say they just don’t have time. Others are afraid to see what’s on there. But two things are abundantly clear: 1) Credit reports are among the most important documents in our financial lives; and 2) We’d review them far more frequently if they were simpler.

That’s why WalletHub gives you free credit reports, updated daily, plus a timeline highlighting important changes. And to get a sense of just how much this type of simpler option could help people, WalletHub conducted a nationally representative survey on the subject of credit report complexity. The survey was done online from July 24 to July 31. You can check out the findings below.