KeyBank 50000 HELOC

KeyBank 50000 HELOC  
Offered by: KeyBank
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Info about the KeyBank 50000 HELOC has been collected by WalletHub to help consumers better compare home equity loans. The financial institution did not provide the details.

KeyBank 50000 HELOC Type & Fees

  • LOAN AMOUNT $50,000
  • LOAN TYPE Variable Rate Home Equity Line Of Credit
  • APR 7.500%
  • APPLICATION FEE Info Not Found
  • ANNUAL FEE $50
  • CLOSING FEES Closing fee up to $400 may apply if closing is performed by a closing agent
  • To receive the 0.25% interest rate discount, borrower or members of borrower's household must have an eligible checking AND savings account with KeyBank.
  • A fee of $50.00 applies if a Fixed Rate Option is unlocked.
  • For home equity lines of credit, the 0.25% interest rate discount will be applied to the margin, thereby reducing the applicable variable annual percentage rate (consisting of applicable index plus margin) for the duration of the line of credit. Interest rate discount may not be available for all products.

KeyBank 50000 HELOC Interest Rate Tracker

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