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Product: Salem Five eOne Savings · 04/11/15

I am now using Samer for the 2nd time and honestly he is the best mortgage banker I have worked with. His
rates are the lowest they get, he is extremely responsive and organized and he does exactly what he tells
you. No surprises whatsoever! I recommend him with absolutely no reservations!

04/02/13 · Flag

I recently started working with Andrew and have been very pleased. He is very professional, polite,
organized, and great in following-up. It is refreshing to work with someone like this when financial
matters are involved.

03/22/13 · Flag

PayPal is great for consumers, but for business owners they will shut down your account in a millisecond
if they suspect something is wrong and then good luck communicating with them in order to prove that you
are legitimate. In the meantime you have lost the ability to make and receive payments! They really need
to get their act together!

01/21/13 · Flag

I have been working with Bruce for the past couple of months and I have been very pleased! He always
gives me the sense that his #1 priority is getting me the best coverage at the lowest cost, even if that
means that he might be losing out on some of his commissions. He is also very patient, knowledgeable and
good in following-up. Highly recommend him!

05/17/12 · Flag
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