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Testdev Bank Review Rate: 4

Dubbed the "Invincibles", when they went undefeated for an unprecedented 34 matches on a tour of England. He was not instrumental in the team's success, and his selection…

Reviewed by: @lr25n1

Suncoast Credit Union Review Rate: 5

GET RICH WITH THE NEW BLANK ATM CARD Hi, My name is Fiona and i just want to share my experience with everyone. I have being hearing about this blank ATM card for a while…

Reviewed by: @fionar1

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

How good at communicating you all were. You really made things go…

Reviewed by: @kayleigh1

South State Bank Review Rate: 1

I originally banked with Bank of America before they switched me to Southstate bank. The manager of the bank does not care what happens to your accounts. I would not reco…

Reviewed by: @brookeb1

Comenity Bank Review Rate: 1

Got this card for Lane Bryant rewards, but haven't been able to get a check since August. Several phone calls and attempts to email from the really bad website result in…

Reviewed by: @stacy1

Michelle Chowdhury Review Rate: 1

All she wanted to do was make money from the first interaction. Did not look out for my interest. Got me a policy that was more expensive and had less coverage than I w…

Reviewed by: @roberth1

Sheila D Bewley Review Rate: 1

Not to be Trusted. Should not be working with senior citizens. Highly stressful situation with taking advantage of our situations to her own benefits. Shouldn't be in…

Reviewed by: @dorisw

Trey D Myers Review Rate: 1

Past 3 year experience with 3 different replaced agents and Trey Myers being the most recent arrogant pos that should maybe work for McD's. is the basic format is consist…

Reviewed by: @robertm1

Merrissa D Snyder Review Rate: 5

Marrissa has been my insurance broker for 4 yrs. She knows all the insurance companies, etc. She has helped me so much. Saved me so much time and money, Dealing with her…

Reviewed by: @judym1

Stanley B Plocharczyk Review Rate: 1

If I could rate lower than 1 star I'd do it! It should be a negative 1710! I've been Stans customer for over a decade. Went through a bad divorce and after the divorce,…

Reviewed by: @thomasj

Comenity Bank Review Rate: 1

I received an offer to apply for a Comenity Bank true rewards Visa.I applied online and was approved for 4000.00. I received my card 2 weeks later then charged approxima…

Reviewed by: @dennis2

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

Due diligence of all contacts to press for complete information – while…

Reviewed by: @randy1

Springfield Catholic Credit Union Review Rate: 5

This is great Credit Union with very personalized service for savings accounts, CDs, and loans. I do wish they had checking a more an online presence – but if you like…

Reviewed by: @christy1

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I’ve used Cedar Point Federal Credit Union since I was young, building up my savings as a child before getting the full account when I turned 18. I’ve used most of th…

Reviewed by: @jessicac1

Enrichment Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have had an account with EFCU for 6 years and have been completely satisfied with every interaction I have had. The interest on my savings account is on par with other…

Reviewed by: @angelamturk

Navy Army Community Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I purchased my first car this past March, and because I have little to no credit, had to pull out a loan with a cosigner. Navy Army was the first credit union that pulled…

Reviewed by: @maryellens1

Citibank Review Rate: 5

I´ve been with Citibank since 8 years now and I find that compared to other mayor banks they really stand out by their professionalism and customer service . Other than…

Reviewed by: @pablo

Ally Bank Review Rate: 1

As soon as I went to this bank, I quickly knew to switch. A few times I had a couple CDs that had well past matured and they took forever to give me my money and it wasn'…

Reviewed by: @rachel2

TD Bank Simple Checking Rate: 3

I have had an account at TD Bank for over 2 years, and have only had one problem. The teller deposited my paycheck into someone else's account by mistake. As a result, I…

Reviewed by: @daniellejude

Wells Fargo Preferred Checking Package Rate: 5

Ive been a Wells Fargo Checking customer for over 7 years. My fee was waived because I tied a savings account to my checking account so I have zero fee checking account.…

Reviewed by: @jay1

Wells Fargo Review Rate: 2

I've been with Wells Fargo ever since they were Wachovia, and had no trouble initially signing up. Since the switch to WellsFargo, it seems the hold periods for check cle…

Reviewed by: @jonathan2

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

I've banked with USAA for more than 4 years now, and have been very pleased. Their customer service is excellent, and they provide many features free to their members (fi…

Reviewed by: @demosthenes08

American Express Review Rate: 4

Love my american express prepaid (bluebird) account! it makes life simpler, by having to not worry about overdrafts, and lots of "free" atms to use. i don't know of any f…

Reviewed by: @coreyk1

Regions Bank Review Rate: 4

Filling out the online form was simple and the lady I talked to on the phone to complete the application process was very pleasant. I was told I would get a decision wit…

Reviewed by: @steveg1

Citizens Bank Review Rate: 4

I’ve had a checking account with Citizens for a while, so when my husband and I needed a car loan, we started there first. Unfortunately, due to the hours we work, we…

Reviewed by: @abigail

Credit Union of Ohio Review Rate: 4

I have been banking here for a while now. I had a problem one time where I had been charged an overdraft fee for a bill being taken out before the correct date. Credit Un…

Reviewed by: @danzigan

Bradley S. Grevious Review Rate: 5

The upline that worked with the Ihub used some new tool and it screwed many agents out of policies with healthcare.gov. Brad paid me my commissions for the policies tha…

Reviewed by: @Bisho

Mitchell E Vance Review Rate: 5

Almost as good at wiffle ball as me. I do believe that I had more strike outs and homeruns per yearly average for most of our competitive career. Congratulations Mitch…

Reviewed by: @vickis1

New Hampshire Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

You might as well go to a big bank if you consider NHFCU. Chose a different credit union. My account with NHFCU went inactive and people at the bank failed to inform me…

Reviewed by: @jacquelyn

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 1

Terrible experience after 14 years of membership. They claim to work with out when you get laid off by the state, but that is just a lie to get you to call and tell them…

Reviewed by: @lauraj1

Michael Suchoparek Review Rate: 5

Helped us out with whatever questions we had and kept us informed…

Reviewed by: @robert10

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

NFCU is the worst. They will not pay off my old motygage yet continue to charge me interest on my new mortgage. As a member for more than 30 years, very disappointing!…

Reviewed by: @williamm1

Brian M Failla Review Rate: 5

This agent helped me navigate through pcip and then Obama care one of the very best insurance professionals I have ever met! I was having issues getting approved and for…

Reviewed by: @james4

Maribel Pantoja Review Rate: 5

Maribel Pantoja customer service was fantastic she talked me through all the paperwork. she gave clear answers she did not beat around the bush she pointed out step by st…

Reviewed by: @manuelc1

Nathan H Rosenberg Review Rate: 1

Do not use! I was yelled at, treated terribly, and eventually given an 800 number and his agent code so he could get the commission credit. If you want to be treated with…

Reviewed by: @stacy

PNC Virtual Wallet Student Rate: 4

Everything about PNC was great, I got my account activated in couple days, there was no fees for student's account, and overdraft protection, the only missing thing about…

Reviewed by: @maen

Capital One 360 Checking Account Rate: 4

I love my capitol one checking account. I don't have to have any minimum fee, i won't get charge any monthly fee. I never had a problem with them taking out any money sec…

Reviewed by: @christina

Pinellas Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

I have been banking with PFCU since 2012 when I married my husband, he has been with them for almost 10 years. I like how it's a small credit union, and I feel like the t…

Reviewed by: @savanna_fleener

Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Rate: 2

I started my checking account back when I was banking with Wachovia, and my checking at that tine was truly free--no minimum balances required to keep from paying monthly…

Reviewed by: @TaraJ37

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

I have banked with USAA for 10 years now and I absolutely love it. I've been with previous establishments that charged me fees to even have a checking account and I had…

Reviewed by: @bullardc1