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Thomas L Workman Review Rate: 1

This dude had his license taken away, for a very real reason (not a technicality like he forgot to fill out a form, or was two days late paying for his license renewal).…

Reviewed by: @natalied1

Jeffrey D Fenske Review Rate: 1

This agent sucks !!!! I have filed complaints through the Better Business Bureau, The Office of Insurance regulations and the Department of Consumer Affairs. Anyone looki…

Reviewed by: @jefffenske

Elevations Credit Union Review Rate: 1

I recently bought a car for my daughter in April of 2015. Elevations was the chosen bank by the car dealer to finance our load. It has been my experience that most CUs…

Reviewed by: @teresat1

Synchrony Bank Review Rate: 1

At least Paypal doesn't punish it's users for giving them money Horrible card. They put a 7 day hold on "Large" payment transactions. This means if you are responsible a…

Reviewed by: @matthewd1

Bank of America Review Rate: 2

I've had my checking account with Bank of America for about five years now, and I wish I could say I am satisfied overall, but unfortunately that isn't the case. My overa…

Reviewed by: @michael5

Bank of America Review Rate: 5

I love using Bank of America for my checking account needs. BOA apps provide you with up to date information about account activity. It is very easy to transfer money on…

Reviewed by: @lakieshad1

USAA Bank Secure Checking Account Rate: 4

When opening my USAA checking account I was given a promotional offer for $300 if my account had 2 direct deposits within 3 months. The payment of the $300 was very delay…

Reviewed by: @stephenb

Chase Total Checking Rate: 3

Customer service was terrible when I needed them. They charged me for an overdraft that never happened, and I had to yell to get them to fix it. Other than that, everythi…

Reviewed by: @art

Y-12 Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I bank at the West Knoxville Branch of Y-12, I have to say I just love this place. Everyone there is just so nice, courteous and even know me by name. I think that is awe…

Reviewed by: @steveh1

Bank of America Rewards Money Market Savings Account Rate: 3

It's middle of the road. I started out with a student account. That was great because there was no fees and I didn't have to meet minimums. Once that ended I had to have…

Reviewed by: @evenStephen

TD Bank Simple Checking Rate: 4

Have enjoyed this account for years without any hassles. Interest rates are so low its not worth keeping money in an account just to earn such small interest its more of…

Reviewed by: @popgoiuuod

Bank of America Regular Savings Rate: 2

Had a terrible experience with this savings account. First, the "keep the change" feature is almost impossible to deactivate since you have to talk to customer service an…

Reviewed by: @nicolep1

BB&T Bright Banking Checking Rate: 2

I had been banking with BB&T for over ten years. I had opened a free checking account back in 2005 (my college only had the one ATM) and for over eight years it was a ver…

Reviewed by: @JonasMC15

GEICO Review Rate: 4

I have been with Geico for over 1 year, and I have been 100% pleased with my experience so far. I have not yet been able to find anything to complain about as they have b…

Reviewed by: @timh1

The Hartford Review Rate: 5

The Hartford is a fantastic insurance company to use! We have always received great customer service any time that we've had to call on our account. They are always rea…

Reviewed by: @janicem1

Liberty Mutual Review Rate: 5

After searching for an affordable car insurance online, my bank recommended Liberty Mutual. Since I trusted my bank to lead me in the right direction I decided to get a p…

Reviewed by: @Langston

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Review Rate: 5

So far so good. I have had Universal Property Insurance for my home and so far the relationship has been very positive. I got many discounts when I took out my policy, th…

Reviewed by: @mariac1

Bluebird Prepaid Card Rate: 2

Apparently many online merchants will not accept the Bluebird card as valid. Thus far I have attempted to pay two bills online with my new Bluebird card without success a…

Reviewed by: @alans1

Citibank Review Rate: 2

Citibank is not the bank I chose originally, but when my girlfriend and I combined finances, this is the institution she used. Putting me on her account was easy, until I…

Reviewed by: @kayleighj1

Capital One Review Rate: 4

Opening a capital one 360 account has been by far one of the best decisions I made since enrolling into direct deposit. The customer service is super friendly and accommo…

Reviewed by: @mo

SunTrust Bank Review Rate: 3

I have been with SunTrust for about a year now. I have have a few problems with them that have left me wanting to find a new bank. The most recent was when a payment went…

Reviewed by: @dlemory8224

USAA Bank Review Rate: 5

I used to have an account at a big bank and for the most part it was alright, that is until I had an issue with them. I realized they didn't care at all about their custo…

Reviewed by: @trevor

Test Insurance Company Review Rate: 1

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Reviewed by: @nenad

Eron Epstein Review Rate: 4

I contacted this attorney concerning debt collectors for a slew of medical bills from an auto accident years ago that I could not satisfy. I was told by the attorney that…

Reviewed by: @kennethl1

First Niagara Bank Review Rate: 1

First Niagra Bank is more of a criminal enterprise than bank. They use every trick imaginable in order to collect as many overdraft fees as possible. They hold deposits…

Reviewed by: @jamiem

Department Stores National Bank Review Rate: 1

I opened a Bloomingdale's card back in 2011. It was never explained to me that the card was also an AMEX card through DSNB. Used the card to make a small purchase outside…

Reviewed by: @laurenstere

San Diego County Credit Union Review Rate: 5

My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with SDCCU! We were interested in lowering our car loans, and also in taking out a loan. We were both fairly inexperience…

Reviewed by: @katherine

United Teletech Financial Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

I obtained a car loan approximately May 7, 2015. There was money in my account after the loan from which loan payments to were to of been made. On July 31, 2015 I receive…

Reviewed by: @richardk1

Suncoast Credit Union Review Rate: 5

Suncoast Credit Union is a Federally Insured State Chartered Credit Union with 42 branches, assets of $10,574,070,150 and is headquartered in Tukwila, WA. BECU is a membe…

Reviewed by: @joan

Canyon State Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a Canyon State Credit Union member for over 20 years and have been through some major changes with this institution! Overall, I love the direction they have…

Reviewed by: @demetriae1

Thomas P Dennig Review Rate: 1

I wanted to transfer money out of my retirement account after accepting a job in a different state. He told me the wrong information. He didn't know State of Florida Rule…

Reviewed by: @gokhan

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 1

Can't create an account if you're not in a state the bank is in. You comply with legal requirements and they make you jump through more hoops. They do not comply with Sec…

Reviewed by: @jasonm1

Electric Insurance Company Review Rate: 1

We had Electric Insurance on our cars for 13 years, and were enrolled in autopayments through our insurance agency. Around the time of my mother's passing, apparently th…

Reviewed by: @jeff1

Eglin Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 4

My banking experience with Eglin Federal Credit Union for the most part was great! Signing up with them was very easy, as long as you are a current military member, or re…

Reviewed by: @kristin1

State Employees' Credit Union Review Rate: 4

The state employees credit union is the best bank around. They have the best customer service of any finance institution out there. There rates are competitive and they…

Reviewed by: @ericr1

TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I got my first car loan through TruStone when they were still Teacher's Federal. At the time I had fair to poor credit, but they were still able to get me a loan with a r…

Reviewed by: @matthews1

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

I have been a NFCU member now since 2009. I was able to join through a family member's account and since then my son has also joined. We have checking, savings, credit c…

Reviewed by: @areteturker

Navy Federal Credit Union Review Rate: 5

We had a wonderful experience applying for and switching our car loan to Navy Federal. When I purchased my first new car I was not familiar with the process and admittedl…

Reviewed by: @cmullins6987

Windhaven Insurance Review Rate: 1

This is the worst insurance company in the US. I had one of their clients run into me and had to chase Windhaven day after day, month after month. They avoid calls, the…

Reviewed by: @natie

Synchrony Bank Review Rate: 4

I have just recently obtained several store credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank. I must say they are willing to provide me various amounts of credit when other major or…

Reviewed by: @tarshaw1